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From: franksimns@aol.com (Frank Simmons)
Subject: Re: how about the most overrated actors and actress in pornos?
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 01:46:32 EDT

>From: ewjl ewhj@nonebussiness.com

>Tracy Lords

It's Traci - of course, with the below, you're batting .000 for accuracy

>Cum-dodger with the best,

  • "Aroused" - facial from Tom Byron
  • "Battle of the Stars" - facial (with Mai Lin) form Steve Drake
  • "Beverly Hills Copulator" - scoops Steve Drake's cum off her belly and eats it. Drinks Roco Balboa's from a wineglass.
  • "Country Girl" - facial from Tom Byron
  • "Dirty Pictures" - facial from Tom Byron
  • "Educating Mandy" - facial from Harry Reems, facial from Peter North
  • "Erotic Zones #1" - facial from John Leslie
  • "Grafenberg Spot" - facial from Rick Savage
  • "It's My Body" - facial from Peter North
  • "Jean Genie" - Steve Drake cums in her mouth
  • "Just Another Pretty Face" - facial from John Stagliano
  • "Kinky Business" - facial from Tom Byron
  • "Ladies in Lace" - facial from Billy Dee
  • "Lust in the Fast Lane" - facial (with Ginger Lynn) from Peter North
  • "Miss Passion" - facial from Steve Drake
  • "Passion Pit" - facial from Billy Dee, facial from Dan T. Mann
  • "Peek-A-Boo Gang" - Alan Royce cums in her mouth
  • "Perfect Fit" - facial from Tom Byron
  • "Portrait of Lust" - facial from Eric Edwards
  • "Sex Shoot" - facial from Tom Byron
  • "Sister Dearest" - Greg Rome cums on her tits and she licks it off
  • "Sizzling Suburbia" - facial from Peter North
  • "Suzie Superstar II" - Joey Silvera cums in her mouth
  • "Swedish Erotica 56" - she licks up Marc Wallice's cum
  • "Swedish Erotica 60" - facial from Tom Byron
  • "Talk Dirty To Me III" - facial from John Leslie
  • "Those Young Girls" - facial from Harry Reems
  • "Tracie Lords" - facial from Herschel Savage, facial from Paul Thomas, she licks off Tom Byron's dick
  • "Traci Lords' Fantasies" - facial from John Leslie (two of them)
  • "Traci Takes Tokyo" - she licks the cum of a Japanese actor off her tits
  • "Tracy in Heaven" - she licks Tom Byron's cum off of Christy Canyon's tits
  • "Two Timing Traci" - facial from Kevin James
  • "We Love to Tease" - she licks off Peter North's dick
  • "Young and Restless II" - she takes a facial from an unknown male during the orgy scene

Yes - quite the cum dodger…

>lousy blow job

Gee, according to most of her fans, as well as the recipients of said blow jobs, she was always considered one of the best.

>anything other then
>missionary was exotic.

About the only position she didn't do (if you can call it a "position") is anal

  • and anal was fairly uncommon during her era.

I'll let Stan deal with your comment about Christy.


  • Traci, Ginger, Christy, Amber, Angel, Angel W., Candy; Those Were The Days **


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