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Supreme Leader of RAME,

I was just in the reading room and noted a selection on Peter North that is just a little bit outdated. Here is an up to date version.





Peter North Gay Movies
Peter North as Matt Ramsey


  • Backstrokes
  • Below the Belt
  • The Bigger the Better
  • Blow Bi Blow
  • Boys of West Hollywood
  • The Company We Keep
  • Cousins
  • Euromen
  • Getting It
  • Hot Off the Press
  • Interview #1
  • Like A Horse
  • Master of Discipline
  • A Matter of Size
  • More Mind Games
  • Sizing Up
  • Switch Hitters 3
  • Two Handsful
  • Young Gladiators



Ramsey/North was a versatile bottom and top. I have not seen him suck cock, but if you have then please share the information. He currently does hetero porn. He is known for large cum shots both in gay and hetero porn.

Concerning whether or not North/Ramsey gives head to Brad Phillips in "The Company We Keep":

"Fast forwarded through "The Company We Keep" and he doesn't go down on Brad Phillips (damn!)." -Alan Neilson

This is an excerpt from an interview North did with Gary Sage of Adam Film World Guide (volume 10, number 2, page 64):

What about the stuff you did for the gay market?

All that was, was some jail videos, I did some bisexual videos but I was with Samantha Strong. It was all blown out of proportion, there was never really anything to it. Like one movie I did called "A Matter of Size", a gay porn film, if people want to check out that movie that will explain it. All I did was masturbate and there were some other guys but they were some distance away from me. It should not have been an issue from the start. Like there are a couple of actors in the business who were in gay magazines and people thought they were gay. People always try to dig up dirt on someone just because they are well known, to make it worse that it really is.

So who is Matt Ramsey?

That is the name they threw on me. I try to leave out that name. Nothing against homosexuals, to each his own, but that's not what I'm about. I don't have a problem with doing some jail videos, and you play to the cameras. Who buys it doesn't matter to me. It's not like I had a career in it, it's like give me a break! I did two things that some people consider was crossing the line. And other people are saying that I started my career with it, that's ridiculous.

Did you ever have a relationship with any of the female stars you were with?

No. I've always showed them respect and we were always friends. I did have a crush on Ginger Lynn for a while there, but that was it. I went back to Orange County and nothing ever happened.


To borrow the words of Tim Evanson: "Demonstrably untrue." Check out Cousins, or any other film on the above list.


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