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From: Atomic <Atomic@ApexMail.Com>
Subject: Re: Best Max Hardcore Video
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2000 06:57:40

Max tends to be formulaic, so if you like his formula, you'll like nearly any of his tapes. However, if you don't like his formula...

One variation of his formula: the "little girl" theme. I don't care for this aspect of Max's work, and if you think you won't either then steer clear of Cherry Poppers and Hardcore Schoolgirls series. Furthermore, whatever the series, avoid scenes with Kimi Gee, Anastasia Blue, and Little Cinderella (among others). Although those scenes rate extremely high on the nasty scale, these girls almost always end up playing the 'teen fucktoy'.

In the hopes of simplifying the process of selecting a vid you might like I'll just provide the names of a number of actresses, and loosely rate their appearance(s) with Max. If you see someone you like go to the IAFD ( http://www.iafd.com/ ), enter the performer's name, then look for a vid listing in one of Max's series. To familiarize yourself with Max's series search the IAFD for Max Hardcore and browse through the titles. Series include: MAX, Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore, Anal Auditions, Max World, Casting Couch, Hitchhiker, and several others.

Some of my favorite Max regulars, all of whom have done very nasty scenes with Max, and don't always appear as the 'teencunt' (although some in the list, on occasion, have played that role)

Anna Malle *
Sally Layd *

China Lee               *
`               `

Davia Ardell
Barbi Angel
Brooke Dunn (Dunne) *
Monique DeMoan *
Candy Hill *
Nikki Brantz *
Vanessa Chase
Tammi Ann
Sophia Ferrari *
Marilynn Martin *
Stephaine Swift *

  • = highly reccomend: very nasty every time

Other notables that are, I think, one shots:

Marilynn Starr
Raquel Devine
Tami Monroe (not terribly nasty, but still interesting if you're a Tami fan)


Candy Connor
Kim Chambers (I'm a big fan of Kim's but never cared for her Max stuff)

A traditional favorite of some in the group, and a pretty good (though relatively old) Max vid: "Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore" series #3: "Between the Lines" starring Francesca Le and Tiffany Mynx

Two of my fave scenes:

Anna Malle in one of the nastiest ever: "MAX" series volume #1: "Anal Holocaust"

Veronica Lane in "MAX" series volume #4: "The Harder They Come" Not sure why I like this one so much....

|> What's the best Max Hardcore video? I'm thinking of ordering one and I wanna
|> get a good one.




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