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A special thank you to those who have provided data for this posting. Thanks - you know who you are...

Kandi Barbour was, in my humble opinion, one of the loveliest women to ever do hard-core. She had a sweet face, nice hair, but oh, that body. If you like Puffy Nipples, she is a goddess. Of course, no one is perfect, and she couldn't act her way out of a paper bag. She was in the business but a few years, from early 1979 to 1983 or thereabouts by my estimation, but as you can see below, was very busy during those years. For some time after, her visage graced magazine ads.

AKA Kandi. Candi Barber, Barbeau

Her real name was Linda Jean Smith, from the town of Shawnee, Kansas. I have held off on publishing her full name until I saw that it was published on a web site detailing her early years in San Francisco. This and more of her early biography is from a fellow who's Nome de net is Archbishop Jim. Kandi evidently lived with him on and off for several years, both before and during her Porn years. For more from this source, the URL is:


Other details:

Appeared Circa 1981 on the Robin Byrd show, a cable access program.

Evidently worked in the phone sex industry for a while, according to reports.

According to Cinema Blue (March 1986) She moved from New York to Hawaii sometime after late 1983 / early 1984, dancing from time to time there. She was said to have fallen on "hard times" Someone emailed me that during this time she appeared on the TV series Magnum PI in a small role, but I have no confirmation of that..

An article in Adult Cinema Review at about that times states that she was living in Manhattan, on the East side with a musician. The pics with the article shows that she has gained 30 - 50 pounds since her prime days, also had what looked like a tattoo of a rose on her left breast.

For a current list of her available movies, you can also check Excalibur's Porn Star Mall, where you can also see a picture of her. She is also featured quite a bit in the newsgroup alt.binaries.erotica.puffies.


Movies ( Original list courtesy of The Bio Keeper - Thanks!)

Ratings for movies I have seen (One to Five Stars on the Kandi Content Scale)

  • All the Loving Couples(NUDITY ONLY) (1976)
  • Blowing Your Mind (1984)
  • Blue Vanities Tape 17 (Loop) "The Bath" ***, Super Rod***
  • Blue Vanities Tape 37 "The Picnic"***
  • Blue Vanities Tape 50
  • Blue Vanities Tape 63 "Picnic Passion" (May be the same as # 37)
  • Blue Vanities Tape 65(LOOP) (1988)
  • Blue Vanities Tape 121 "Tricky Dick" ***
  • Blue Vanities Tape 276 "Hide and Seek" ***
  • Blue Vanities Tape S-560 (Lesbian) "Virgin Lesbian" **
  • Blue Vanities(LOOP) (1988)
  • Bon Appetite (1980) *
  • The Budding of Brie (1980) ***
  • California Gigolo(NONSEX) (1979)
  • Centerfold Fever (1981) **
  • Champagne for Breakfast (1980) ****
  • Chopstix (1979)
  • Classic Swedish Erotica Volume 22(LOOP) (1986)
  • Classic Swedish Erotica Volume 27(LOOP) (1987)
  • Classic Swedish Erotica Volume 31(LOOP) (1987)
  • Come Get Me (1983) *** (She is heavy in this film)
  • Creme D'Femme #2(LOOP) (1981)
  • Cum Shot Revue: Volume II(LOOP) (1985)
  • Extremes (1981)
  • F (1980) ** (But a great film anyway...)
  • Goodbye Girls (1980) ***
  • Kate and the Indians (1978) ***
  • The Love-In Arrangement (1981)
  • Mrs. Rodgers Neighborhood(CLIP) (1987)
  • Nanci Blue (1979) *****
  • Neon Nights (1981) **** (And a good film otherwise as well)
  • Odds and Ends(LOOP) (1981) **** (Taking a bath in a clear bathtub)
  • Pandora's Mirror (1981) *** (A classic film, but not enough Kandi !)
  • The Party Part 1 & 2(LOOP) (1979)
  • The Pink Ladies (1980) **
  • Platinum Paradise (1981) ****
  • Rolls Royce Volume 1(LOOP) (1980) *** (She plays a maid in a three way)
  • Screwples (1979)
  • Sex Boat (1980) **
  • Sizzle (1980)
  • Small Town Girls (1979) (In the print that I saw, she was barely in the movie)
  • Snow Honeys(LOOP) (1980) (2 Loops, both Superman takeoffs; one a three way with
  • Seka)
  • Stranger In Town(NONSEX) (1978)
  • Swedish Erotica Volume 14(LOOP) (1979)
  • Swedish Erotica #283 - "Sisters of Lust"
  • Swedish Erotica #287 - "Hide & Seek"
  • Sweet Cheeks (1980)
  • That Lucky Stiff (1980)
  • Twilight Pink (1981)
  • Ultra Flesh (1980) (Again, barely in movie)
  • Young Wild and Wonderful (1980) ***** (Well worth getting)


Magazines / Books (Hard-core)

Sex Stars Favorite Positions
1980, Palm Springs, Merchandise for Mailers Publishing

(This is a 5" X 8" book, with a blue cover and pictures of Desiree Cousteau, Leslie Bovee and many more on the cover; still widely available)

Horny Tawny - Star of X-rated Video
No date - Swedish Erotica Very nice magazine that shows Kandi wearing a Blue stripped top by a pool.

No date - Connoisseur Series A very nice magazine, shows Kandi with a pink dress on - for a while!

Hot Cheeks
No date, but from the price ($5) I would guess 1979 or so - a mostly black and white magazine with some shots of Kandi as part of a three way

Sweet and Sexy - Feast your eyes on this gorgeous brunette!
No date - Swedish Erotica (Cover price $17.50) Excellent magazine - if you own only one Kandi hard-core this would be it. She starts off wearing a red dress with blue and yellow stripes across the front just below shoulder - even includes so posed solo shots.

Out Takes from Caballero Videos
No date, (Cover price $45.00) Better than average film book on the Swedish Erotica loops; Kandi is in two, # 283 and # 287

The Best of Pretty Girls Photo Revue Magazine - Volume 5
No date (Cover price $35.00) Kandi is on the cover of this magazine; very worthwhile, but similar to the more common title below. Goes by the name Camille

Hard Sex - Number 1
No date (but recently reprinted around 1994 or so, cover price $20) Kandi is on the cover of this magazine, from the same session as the above title, but every shot is slightly different. Also has a small Nancy Suiter layout. Worth Getting.

Unknown hard-core magazine
No other info on this layout, which is titled Picnic Lessons - Film # 67. Kandi is wearing a very nice summer dress at first.

One of the early issues, perhaps 5 or 6, a layout titled "Nightcap", with photography by Ed Seeman (!)


Softcore Magazines

February 1980 Volume 24 # 2 As Kandi - features a nice layout and scenes from Nanci Blue

Adult Cinema
November 198(2 or 3) Titled "Sugar Coated Kandi"

Adult Cinema Review - date unknown - layout shows K. getting tattoo on breast

Adult Cinema Review
November 1982 "A chunk of Kandi" By this time she had started to put on the extra pounds

Big Boobs - mag - 1982 - "Kandi is for Sucking" photo layout

November 1979 - "Happy Landings" set in an airplane hanger in the 1930s - very good.+

Cinema X
May 1980 As Kandi, nice pictures but rotten print quality - photography by Ed Seeman

Cones Volume One Number One
No date Parliament Publications (cover price $6) a mostly black and white magazine, a couple of color pictures of Kandi.

April 1979 - Cover and feature in this motorcycle magazine

Eros Porn Stars
Eros # 14, 1981 6 page layout titled The Three faces of Kandi - she is wearing three different outfits - nice

February 1981

Expose - year unknown - "T&A Times" - Kandi Barbour and "Hawaiian" Girlfriend

Expose - year unknown - "Candi Porn's Sweet Wet Dream Takes A Powder" (last photoshoot)

1981 or 1982 As "Judy" nice layout.

Game - March 1979 - Cover and photo layout "Flare for Fashion" (K. and ersatz photographer)

Date Unknown, probably 1981, as "Colleen", similar to Swank layouts

High Society
June 1982 Porn Star of the Month nice pics, some interesting information about her - supposedly did a part in 1982 on a TV Soap "Search for tomorrow"

Juggs - year unknown - "Apple Nipples" photo layout

July 1979 layout "Texas Ranger" - very cute almost wearing a cowboy outfit

No date - published by Stag. Typical shots, story

1981 - 1983 She is in many consecutive issues during this period, fronting for the letters column, first as "Nora Kuddeluv", and after at least May 82 as Kandi - some of her nicest pictures appear this way - worth looking for.

March 1979 as Darla, on cover and centerfold, different layout than below. She looks very sweet in this feature.

August 1979 as Darla, on cover and centerfold. Also appears in the Best of Swank, Winter 1981


Improve this document - please post any other information that you have for Kandi Barbour.

Now, put together something for your favorite star!



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