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From: jimgunn@jimgunn.com (Jim Gunn)
Subject: Re: How to distinguish similar names of [Jessie James]?
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 97 19:17:10
Organization: MindSpring Enterprises, Inc.

K-Square <k-square@ix.netcom.com> wrote:

would someone with a minute or two be kind enough to e-mail me and tell me which one of the following actresses are the same and which are different? And if you can, how might I tell the difference?

I know two of the following women personally, so I feel qualified to explain away the confusion. This should probably go into the FAQ's judging by the number of posts I've seen about this- Jeff are you listening? :-)

Jessie James

An attractive twenty-something brunette from Florida [medium sized breast implants; does good sex scenes] that has appeared in a few dozen amateur and pro movies in the last few years. Still active- see boxcovers Strap-On Sally 8 and East Coast Sluts 7.

Also: Her imposter with the SAME EXACT spelling- a mediocre looking dark haired feature dancer with HUGE breast implants. No porn movies at all but mostly known for big-tit magazine spreads and her stripping career.

Jessica James

A blonde porn star from the mid-west that appeared in scores of adult movies between 1993-1996; started with natural 34-C's then went to much biger implants. See front cover of 'Streets Of New York 2'. Still dancing; probably will return to porn any minute now.

Jessie St. James

An old-time porn actress from the late 70's and early 80's that was quite popular. Long retired.

Jessica St. James

I believe that there's at least two minor league strippers that call themselves this name at any given time. No one really nationally known.

Jim Gunn

And because it never ends... :-)

From: L Thurston (lthur@lightspeed.net)
Subject: Jessie James confusion ONTOP
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 97 15:57:30
Organization: none

K-Square asked how to tell the following apart:

  • Jessie James
  • Jessica James
  • Jessie St. James
  • Jessica St. James

Jim Gunn and Patrick Riley covered it very well, but I actually can add a couple of tidbits...

Jim Gunn and Dirty Bob mentioned the Jessie James that is the dark haired dancer with humongo implants...well, she is going by Casey James these days. So that at least helps a bit with the confusion.

One other thing to keep in mind, I've seen tapes and ads listing Jessica James, which turned out to be the Floridian Jessie James. Just more examples of mis-identifying performers by the companies.

Jeff...did you get this? :)

And another note, Jessie James (the Floridian), did several tapes pre-implants. One was Randy West's "Up N' Cummers 9".



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