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From: jed693@aol.comnospam (Jed693)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Subject: In Praise Of Janine
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 99 23:48:37

While reading through the "best of" posts-most beautiful, most influential, best of attitude plus beauty, who launched most loads, etc. I've noticed a shocking lack of Janine Lindemulder. While I hold the standard reservations about Vivid (motto: Why Break A Sweat) and especially Paul "more dialog less sex" Thomas, I like Janine.

First I'll acknowledge that most Ramers are aghast at her No Guy policy. A rule that, for better or worse, she never disguised. Personally I've never felt shortchanged that I didn't see Grandpa West, The Hedgehog, or Tony Tedesci hunched over Lindemulder. In light of the antics of the HIV twins, Wallice and Montana, it looks like a smart move. Plus a cursory trip across the web unearths at least four b/Janine photo shoots. The Janine/ Vince home movie can be picked up at any Tower Records. This tape also shows that Janine does do women in her private life as opposed to some of her LWP (lesbos when paid) colleagues.

What has Janine done? Many anal scenes, self administered and otherwise. Sex with a African-American women. DP's. Candle wax showers, one she did to herself, one by a gang of women who relentlessly covered every sensitive area while she gasped and urged them on. Pulled a dildo out of Julia Ann's ass, gave it a good licking, and shoved it back in. Grunted through a flogging by Roxanne Hall. She stripped naked on a public rooftop in broad daylight. Anal tongue baths. French kissed Nikki Tyler on national television. Stuck three fingers up her own butt. Was spanked till her ass was red. And posed for pictures pouring her own piss into her mouth. Even if this was faked it's still a pretty nasty image to send out into the world.

This is besides the obvious fact of her beauty and enthusiasm. Others have posted positive reviews of her strip club appearances. While Ramers are quick to urge women to hang it up, Janine actually did. Plus she retired without the usual delusions that she was going to become a rock star or "legitimate" actress. Lindemulder went for the security of a contract with Vivid as opposed to the scatterbrained financial ramblings of your typical porn star. While everyone expected her to cash in and do a legitimate b/g movie, she did not.

It's obvious that tastes vary. I'd rather do the hokey-pokey in a tank of piranha then watch Ed Powers, but I do concede that he exists. I thought that an interest in porno would indicate an open mind. Janine Lindemulder was one of the most successful performers in the history of adult entertainment. At least acknowledge her existence.

I will now crawl into the trunk they yanked Rae Carruth out of, shut the lid, and prepare for the flames to come.



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