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Subject: Comments on Heather Lee
Date sent: 28 Nov 1996 13:57:22 GMT
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This may be a little long, and not of interest to everyone, but based on prior experiences, I know there are several folks out there interested in the work of Heather Lee. Listed below of some of my favorite scenes of Heather. Any thoughts, comments and feedback are welcomed.

Pussyman # ? Heather plays a maid trying to get into the Pyssyman movies. After getting rebuffed by Pussyman, she takes on Tony V in a poolside romp. Heather looks great here, and the camera work is excellent.

Rim Job Rita, paired with TT Boy. Gotta love a girl that appears in a movie with a title like that. Heather starts out in a great leather dress, and is fucked, sucked, and ass fucked in a garage. Heather really looks great getting out of that dress, and ready for work.

Intense Perversions, with Sledge Hammer. The best thing about this scene is the dress that heather starts out in. The zipper is pulled down the front, letting her tits spill out. Heather really looks great in this scene, and Sledge gives her a great helping of dark meat.

With Jake Steed on a couch, title unknown. Heather seems to have done a lot of work with Jake. One fault I have with Jake is that he doesn t fuck his partner for extended periods of time - he s always pulling out and slapping his dick on the lady. Probably because he wants to cum, and is trying to hold off. But its distracting to see the lady in the process of getting a good fuck, only to be constantly interrupted. Anyway, the camera work is great, with excellent close-ups of the oral and missionary action.

Hot Tight Asses # ? with TTY Boy and Jake Steed. Heather starts out in a tight t-shirt and shorts, and looks great. Best part is the long look Heather gives the camera while sucking TT s cock. GREAT eye contact, something I think we could use more of in porn; after all, the lady is doing it for us

Rosebud ??? works with mark Wallace on a ottoman. Heather looks extremely excellent in this scene however, she keeps her halter top on so that it covers the possible scars from her implants.

Gang Bang Face Bath, with Peter North, TT Boy, and Tom Byron. Great title, great action. Again, Heather keeps the halter top on, covering her scar. Tits still look great. Heather gives all three cocks a home at the same time, and the facial is pretty good.

Title unknown, but Heather plays a hotel maid trying to get Tony Tedeshi to give her a good rating. Heather looks great in the maid outfit. Best part is the blowjob sequence. They are in a 69, with Heather on top. The camera is positioned below the blowjob action, so it looks up into Heather s lovely face. Watching her cheeks puff out while sucking . Whoever directed and filled this part of the scene - Great Work!!!

Probably my favorite Heather scene so far (hope she keeps working, and a new favorite is forthcoming) is with Peter North in Lips. Heather is in her cornrow hairdo, and her makeup is great. She delivers a fantastic cock sucking, and the Peter lays her on a table and gives her a good vag & ass fucking. When Heather is laying on her back, with Peter fucking away, her tits do a great "titty-fuck-dance" Unfortunately, the facial is a little disappointing, considering that peter North is the provider. However, in a Loads of Fun tape, there is a behind the scene segment from Lips, wherein we see the setup for the cum shot. Heather is on her knees, Peter is stroking his cock right in front of her face, Heather has a beautiful, expectant look on her face, and the crew is running around, adjusting the lights and camera angle. All the while Heather continues to kneel there, providing Peter with his target.

Heather has gone through a few changes in her career. She started out with boobs that were just above average, and long brownish hair. She then got a boob job, and changed her hair to black. I think after the boob job Heather became more sexual, and projected a lustier image. She then went into a cornrow hairdo for awhile. I think she looks best as she currently does, with shorter hair, sometimes a lighter color. She has also added nipple rings.

In some of her most recent work Heather appears to be wearing a wedding band. IS she now married, or is this just jewelry? If she is married, I want to know why I wasn t invited to her bachelor party <g>? I find it stimulating to think that her husband is off to the side of the set during a shoot, watching his wife get fucked for all the world to see.

If Heather is married, and she happens to read this, I offer this: I hope he is treating you right, that you are happy together, and that he supports your porn career.


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