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From: "Dave Cummings" <dave@davecummings.com>
Subject: Re: Dave Cummings
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Thu, 07 Sep 2000 20:09:32

Noelfr <noelfr@aol.com> wrote in message news:rame.968342411p1168@bash... > Dave:
> How much time do you need to recover between sex scenes?

Forgive me for such a long and detailed answer, but perhaps it'll be of interest to you and others(?). When I shoot for my "Sex Fun" or "Sugardaddy" series, with few exceptions I hire the girl to do two scenes, one a "quickie" scene, and the other a regular-length boy/girl scene; and, I guarantee her that it will take less than four hours from the time she walks in the door until we're done and she's walking out the door (unless, of course, we're delayed by her constantly stopping for too many smoke breaks, telephone calls, etc). I'm always up front with the girls about every aspect of the shoot and what I'll need them to do--after I explain everything, then we negiotate a talent fee--I never try to add more requirements once we're agreed to things.

Now for my "sorta-secret", which basically entails the sequencing of how/when we do "what" on my sets. Upon her arrival, we inspect each other's HIV certificates, complete the Model Release forms, and make fax-zerox/photograph/videograph copies of ID's; she then applies VERY light and realistic make-up, does the "girlie thing" (douche/enema/etc), and we do a quick 30-90 second set-up followed by anywhere's from 9-15 minutes of sex; then, we "cut" PRIOR to a cum shot; after that, we clean up, have a soda, etc and go into a different room or location for a different 60-120 second set-up and a totally different 30-40 minutes of sex WITH a cum shot; then, we take another break while she dresses for the "pretty girl" photos (this roll of film is what we use on the front of the box-----also, throughout the sex, we stop for still photos of the positions we are doing, including the oral stuff and the cum shot (as long as it doesn't interrupt the video--indeed, I feel that the video is the first priority, especially if I'm doing something like pulling out of her pussy, cumming on her clit, re-inserting back into her pussy for 10-20 more thrusts, and then pulling out while she slides down and sucks my dick---I insist that the camera stay on the entire action WITHOUT interruption! Many of the girls who are on the birth control pill will allow this, especially since we have the added protection of me having had a Vasectomy (plus my age as another safeguard against me impregnating a girl); some other girls will do the facial and re-insert of my cock back into their mouths. Almost all my 26 releases have at least one scene with a re-insert either into the pussy, mouth, or rectum.) Now, after I get a 15-25 minutes "rest" while the girls does the "pretty girl" stills, we go back into the location where we were originally shooting the "quickie" scene and I then do the cum shot for that scene. In essence, I've gotten almost a half-hour "break" between the cum shots--AND, more importantly, all the hard core sex was completed while I was still relatively "strong" with good wood, i.e,. prior to the first cum shot. Admittedly, my cum shots are those of a 60-year old, especially the second one which ends up being a dribble of sorts. No girl ever worries about me shooting a load into their eye(s)!!!

The "quickie" scene will end up being as little as a 5-minute scene, and as much as a 15-minute scene, depending upon the quality and quantity of the footage. The "regular-length" scene, which is NEVER in the same video as the "quickie", is a TOTALLY different set-up, sex, and cum shot (with the exception that if the girl is doing anal and can only do her "favorite" anal position comfortably, we duplicate that position but in a different location like a bed or floor different from the other scene) will usually end up being as little as 10 minutes and as much as 16 minutes in length.

Since, I'm bothering you with so much detail, here's some more. I strive to show reality sex, and us having fun, rather than just running through the motions. After the final cum shot, I give the girl a check--if she wants cash, she can turn the check over and sign it whereupon I will cash the check on the spot for her. Depending upon what time it is, her schedule, etc, I'll take her and the cameraman out for lunch/dinner. Sometimes, the girls stay here overnight instead of taking the 2-3 hour drive back to LA---when this happens, she gets her own private room and near-by bathroom, and I NEVER hit on them (though, admittedly, some of them want to do the snuggling/cuddling/etc thing, and yes, sometimes sex is involved IF they want it--I refuse to pressure them for it). Sometimes, the next day, we'll go to breakfast near the ocean before they drive home; or, they'll go scuba diving or to the Zoo, or Seaworld, etc.

All of the above comments apply to my sets. When I'm on someone else's set and am doing a second scene, I usually get a few hours off while they film a separate scene after my first one. Sometimes, I'll get two scenes (approx 5-8 hours) to rest up. Usually though, we all do just one scene in each video. Many of the younger guys do two or more scenes on some/many days!

I prefer to have a day off between shoots, but I often do shoots on consecutive days--frankly, a day off helps an old guy build up more cum.

Hours? Days? Just
> asking since they make it seem like they will cram taping in as little
time as

> possible.
> Also, what do you eat/drink to help you with your energy in between

Nothing in particular, usually just water and a cookie or bagel! I avoid beer/alcohol the day prior to shoots. My stamina seems helped by running 3-6 miles 4-6 times a week. I am NOT anything special; rather, I'm just like the many viewers who enjoy seeing young girls in porn--thankfully, some viewers don't mind seeing an old guy like me with the young starlets (in fact, some say it's easier for them to fantasize that if (old/ugly/fat/bald/average) Dave Cummings can have sex with the girl, then certainly THEY have a chance with the girl, too! Remember, we guys are merely props--it's the girls that "sell" the video. We guys can't fake an erection or a cum shot, while some girls might do some "acting", but overall the video is dependent upon the girl's looks and performance.

> Are there trade practices?

I see some guys taking protein shakes.

Again, sorry for so much detail:-)

Dave Cummings

> "Yeah, Baby." (Austin Powers)
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