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From: bifratedx@aol.com (Shane Tyler)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Subject: Bruce Seven: A Final "Fuck You"!
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2000 02:36:47

With all of our tears already spared, I was very happy to be amongst the countless friends of porn/bondage legend Bruce Seven for a farewell reception in his honor last night @ The Sportsman's Lodge in Studio City.

The evening was titled "A Celebration of Bruce Seven" and brought together a small but close-knit group of us who were in some way "touched" by Bruce. No Tears!, Only Laughs! was the theme for the evening, and it was great to hear some of the amazing & hilarious stories people had to tell of Bruce's extensive career in the XXX biz (all while standing at a podium next to a big picture of Bruce sitting on his couch while "shootin' a bird"!).

Patrick Collins, Michael Cates, Ron Sullivan, John Stagliano & Ed Powers all spoke and added some new insight to Bruce's life that I would have never known otherwise. Misty Rain and Christi Lake also spoke, and Vivid's Paul Thomas stepped-up and said that he needs to look into Bruce's past work and try and find-out what he [Paul] has been doing wrong! (laugh)

Randy West, Joey Silvera, Luc Wylder, Dave Cummings, Alexandra Silk, Felecia and even porn super-agent (very big laugh) Jim South were also in attendance, along with a few others (sorry I can't remember names) plus D.J.X & myself.

Bianca (Bruce's wife of many years) seemed sincerely touched by the out-pouring of gratitude for both Bruce and his body of work [although the AVN cameras really didn't need to be in her face while she was speaking], and overall I'd say the night went exactly as I'm sure Bruce would have hoped for .. Well, except there were no large dildoes and leather bondage straps at the reception.

After everyone had a chance to speak, we ended the evening by toasting a final "Fuck You!" to Bruce and continued to tell stories amongst ourselves for the rest of the evening.

Just thought I'd share the info on this get together with his fans.

My thoughts are with you Bruce ... I really do miss you a lot!

S.T. ("Little Miss Dangerous")

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