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Subject: Guide to Anal Porn: Black Chicks
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 98 02:22:42
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Ah, the fantasy of fucking a fine black woman up the ass...

Though this is considered a minority taste, the porn industry has made an attempt to cater to our dark desires. Amongst the countless thousands of sex scenes being shot annually are dozens of assfucking black chicks. Most of these scenes are none too good, but over the years some classics have been recorded -


There can be no discussion of this topic without immediate acknowledgement of Janet Jacme, the baddest woman the industry has yet seen. She set a standard for enthusiastic and athletic assfucking (and death cranium and bomb pussy) all the other chicks are still trying to live up to. The Michael Jordan of porn "actresses."

But not 90s, champion every year Mike. Unfortunately, more like 80s Mike, when the Bulls sucked and Mike was the uncrowned champion, bursting with brilliance yet destined for defeat because of inferior teammates. Much of her best work was done for Heatwave, and their directors didn't shoot the scenes properly, and ultimately used a small percentage of hardcore shots mixed with far too copious amounts of reaction shots and facial closeups. Plus they, like it seems most directors of anal scenes, very much overused the reverse cowgirl position for the assfucking. Thus, you rarely got the full effect of her performance in these flicks. Some of them are still worth watching, though.

Janet's must-see scenes include one with Peter North in Booty Mistress, with Sean Michaels in Nasty Nymphos 8 and My Baby Got Back 4, and with Julian St Jox in Booty Sister. Many others are nice. Tom Byron tags that ass in Anal Delinquent and Up & Cummers 2.

Let there be no doubt: Janet Jacme is the Queen. Fuck Latifah and that old bitch in Britain.


Midori is also a bad muhfucka, even though she ruined her tits. The sister of nonsinging Jody Whatley, she came on the scene in 1996 and set about trying to fulfill the Janet Jacme legacy, taking it up the ass dutifully in many Rosebud flicks and for a variety of other producers as well. She doesn't like it nearly as much as Janet, though.

Midori's best scene so far is with Mark Davis in Asses Galore No Remorse No Repent. Tommy tagged that ass well in Lady Sterling Takes It Up the Ass and I'm So Horny Baby. TT Boy assfucks her in the rest of her Rosebud flicks, some are shot well enough. I thought her scene in Up n Cummers 35 was pretty good, even though it was with Randy West. Julian tags her in Black Cheerleaders 6 but it's kinda brief. Regular rame poster Mike South does her in one of his Southern Belle series; the main thing i remember about that one was Mike holding on to his noodle-like dick trying to squeeze it into Midori's willing asshole.

Midori signed an exclusive contract with Video Team in 1997, so we may never see another good anal scene from her. Still she gets her props...


Apparently, this sister has done some other would-be "classy" fuck flicks as Brooke Harlow. She was only around for a minute or two in 1996, as far as i can tell. But while she was doing it, she did two classic scenes with Tom Byron, one a candidate for all-time best. That would be that fantastic assfuck they did in Seymore Butts' Monkey Business. A truly awesome, almost sacred bit of videotape, folks. See it.

Also see those two go at it in Black Cheerleaders 2. Not quite in the class of Monkey Business, but quite excellent nonetheless. This woman had a nice phat chocolate ass, and loved getting assfucked, maybe as much as Janet.


Another from the class of 1996 (maybe 97), she too has signed exclusively with Video Team and thus is unlikely to shoot another good assfuck scene anytime soon. (I'll get to a fuller dismissal of Video Team flicks a little later.)

Monique has done some good scenes. Her best is with Julian in Black Cheerleaders 11. She sits on that dick facing him and rides that pole with her tight round ass, and the cameraman actually captures a good bit of it. The view, my dears, is positively divine.

She also does Tommy in Cheerleaders 12 and a couple of Rosebuds. Mocha Honey Tunnel was not the best of that bunch.


It seems that this fine, phat-ass sister contracted HIV sometime in late 97, or at least that's what was said on this NG. Now that's a fuckin' tragedy.

She first surfaced in porn around 1994, playing it conservative, never getting that ass fucked. Then she was gone. In 1997 she reappeared and was being very generous with her tight butthole. Jake Steed got it in Black Street Hookers 5. The odious Marc Wallice got it in Asses Galore 7. Sean Michaels enjoyed that ass in Gluteous to the Maximus. Tommy fucked her in Musical Tushies, and in what i'm remembering as the best of the bunch, hammered that ass wide open in Black Cheerleaders 11. And then she was gone...


What's listed above is the best of the bumch according to that great sage of anal porn, me. There's other stuff out there, and sisters who did some OK work, as well as others who got potential. Like INDIA, a beautiful brownskin and relative newcomer who i just saw take it up the ass in Whack Attack 2. She's been in a number of low budget black flicks where all the guys have soft dicks, like Bootie Nights and others of similar ilk. She gives up the ass in these but those noodle dicks waste the whole thing. OBSESSION takes a real good assfucking from the ironically named Dave Hardman in Chocolate Covered Cherry Poppers 3, probably the best scene of the entire series. She did a couple of Rosebuds as well as Fashion Sluts 5, but nothing to write home to Ma about. MOCHA got assfucked by Tommy in Blk Cheerleaders 18 or 19, but i hear she signed with Video Team, so... that's the end of her useful assfucking on film career. DEE BAKER looks like she could do some good work, but first she'll have to break her vow to only assfuck her soft-dick husband Rob. His shit is weak, and thus her assfuck scenes are worthless.


There are several sisters who look like they could give a good performance, but they appear to be stuck in the low rent district of black anal porn. Unfortunately, there is as of yet no such thing as a good quality all black anal video or series. Simply no such animal exists. What does exist, besides the largely softcore pretenses of Video Team's Baby Got Back series, are poorly shot, poorly lit, poorly reproduced flicks with desultory performances and the most inferior cocksmanship, such as would seem to call into question the vaunted black male sexual superpowers. Rule of thumb: if the cast list includes Byron Long, Tony Eveready, Hercules, and/or Marc Anthony, expect soft dicks in abundance. The only one of that crew to offer crdeible cocksmanship is Weed, who, unlike the others, does not have to constantly hod on to his dick to get it nto those asses. If you see the names JM Productions, Me Mo nasty, Franko Poko, Cool Breeze G as producer or director, know that you are in a soft dick ghetto. Unfortunately, this is 'bout the only place you will find Miss MENAJA TROIS, where she wastes her video assfucking life away with the likes of Long and others with even softer dicks. She did do a couple of inferior Rosebuds (particularly avoid Black Hosebag), as well as a couple of good-to-decent scenes in Asses Galore No Remorse No Repent and another in that series. LIL ASSS also did a couple of Rosebuds in 1997, Suzi's Wild Anal Ride and another which escapes me. Butt for the most part she toils in the slums of JM Productions and the like, getting fucked by all manner of noodle dick. KIRA, who is an anal queen from the old school, reappeared on the scene in recent years and is still participating in cheap black anal flicks. All these sisters could do god work if they were in quality productions.


Video Team, producers of the MY BABY GOT BACK series, clearly have their eyes on the cable and softcore markets. They make the kind of hardcore flicks that without too much tinkering can be converted to softcore. What that means or the hardcore fan is a minimum of hardcore footage, and that being almost exclusively anonymous closeups. Instead, you get mostly reaction shots and probably stunt butts as well. The earlier volumes are better than the later ones: the first six have JANET JACME, and check #4 as noted above. BOOTYLICIOUS is one of those cheap ass JM Productions series, so it's crap by and large. I should tell you that i do like one scene from the edition called "Hoochie Hos." And JANET JACME is in one called EZ Street.

CHOCOLATE COVERED CHERRY POPPERS is up to four volumes now, each containing four scenes, almost all of the fucking done by Dave Hardman. In #1 Steve Hatcher gets to fuck two; likewise for Tony Eveready in #4. Other than OBSESSION in #3, no truly standout performances, but there is some decent assfucking of some sisters in this series. In #4 Hardman and Eveready wear a condom for one scene each. A sister named PORSCHE does a nice job getting slamfucked up the ass in the doggy position by Eveready's rubberclad if not rubbery cock. VIVICA also gets reamed adequately in this one.

INNER CITY BLACK CHEERLEADERS is not an anal series; however, sprinkled among these flicks are some decent-to-good assfucks. CHASTITY gets it from Tommy in #1, nothing exceptional. TERI ELLIS in #2 a killer; #4 a couple of soso scenes with Amber and Erotica; #6 with MIDORI; #10 has TERRY and LUSCIOUS getting it, Terry especially notable; #11 with JORDAN MCKNIGHT and MONIQUE; #12 with MONIQUE; #13 with Tommy fucking MEKA; #14 with FOXY and MARY JANE; #17 with INDIA, but it's not that good. Heatwave, which recycles its stuff under other names including Shockwave, Tidalwave, and Dark X-treme, had the black anal porn market all to itself in the early mid-90s, with titles such as RUMPSHAKER, MO' BOOTY, and WHAT'S BUTT GOT TO DO WITH IT? In those days, PERSIA, KIRA, AND JANET JACME were the mainstays. See my comments about Janet above for my take on these flicks.


There are a lot of black women who've taken it up the ass on camera who have not been mentioned. There is a lot more that could be said. DEELICIOUS MILANO got it good in Cumback Pussy 5. SINAMMMON did a couple of good assfucks with her skinny butt, but was largely ghettoized. RACHEL ST. MARIE had some nice ones. JEANNIE PEPPER took an assfuck as smooth as warm butter, but with no heat, so i got nothing else to say about her. Neither LANA SANDS nor TABITHA is black, so nothing on them here. NYROBI KNIGHT has plenty assfucks to her credit, none i recall as sufficently compelling to remember specifically. DOMONIQUE SIMONE didn't like it too much from what i saw: the odious Marc Wallice got in that ass briefly in Freak Dat Booty and Anal Sluts & Sweethearts; Sean Michaels tried but failed in Baby Got Back 6.

In the final analysis, one fact remains true, and that simple truth is this: JANET JACME RULES!!!


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