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Loudoun Coach Allegedly Starred in Sex Videos

By Victoria Benning
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, July 19 1996; Page D01
The Washington Post

A Loudoun County teacher and coach led a double life as a star in gay pornographic videos, and school officials say they will seek his resignation and revocation of his state teaching license if their investigation confirms allegations against him.

Jeffrey Dion Bruton had a job teaching health and physical education at Farmwell Station Middle School in Ashburn and as an assistant coach for boys football, baseball and wrestling teams at Park View High School in Sterling. Bruton, who is about 30, has a wife and a 6-week-old daughter.

But as school officials and his wife of two years recently began to suspect, Bruton -- who also had taught at Sterling and Seneca Ridge middle schools in Loudoun -- also was somebody else.

In the world of gay pornography, Bruton is known as Ty Fox, the muscular blond star of at least six hard-core videos such as "Fox's Lair" and "Whitefire." His photo was featured on the cover of a pornographic magazine, and promotions for his videos are widely listed on the Internet, including postings from Europe.

Word about Bruton's other life began to spread when his wife, Melanie L. Bruton, filed for divorce June 19. In a document in Loudoun County Circuit Court, she said a friend told her that her husband was pictured in a pornographic magazine. She discovered that the photo was in an advertisement for the video "Hot Day in L.A." She purchased the video and saw that it showed her husband in sex acts with other men, which she cites as grounds for the divorce.

Loudoun School Superintendent Edgar B. Hatrick III said that school officials are investigating the allegations and that if they are confirmed, they would be grounds for Bruton's dismissal. He also said school officials would then ask the state to revoke Bruton's teaching license.

He said school administrators have been trying to reach Bruton for about 10 days but have been unable to locate him. A telephone number that had been listed for him has been disconnected. An agent for Bruton, who confirmed that he made the videos, said Bruton planned to resign.

"We believe that teachers, as people who are chosen to be instructors as well as leaders of our young people, should be exemplary in their professional as well as personal lives," Hatrick said. "What we have here is an allegation of a lifestyle that is not in keeping with that. If the allegations are true, that is not conduct befitting a teacher."

Teacher contracts in most school districts contain clauses related to morals. In addition, Virginia state law allows for the revocation of a teaching license for "conduct such as immorality, or personal condition detrimental to the health, welfare, discipline, or morale of students."

Hatrick said school officials have been unable to obtain copies of the movie or magazine mentioned in Bruton's divorce papers. Washington Post reporters viewed two movies featuring Ty Fox and compared them with photos of Bruton. It appeared to be the same person.

Repeated attempts to contact Bruton through his agent and attorney were unsuccessful. His attorney in the divorce case, Burke F. McCahill, of Leesburg, did not return several telephone calls. Bruton's wife declined to comment through her attorney. Bruton's mother, who lives in Fredericksburg, Va., also would not comment.

Bruton's agent, Steve Thompson, said Bruton has done "legitimate" modeling of swimwear and athletic clothing for catalogues and calendars for "a couple of years."

Thompson declined to discuss details of Bruton's videos but confirmed that Bruton had performed in "gay pornographic movies." Thompson said Bruton told family members of his other life Wednesday night after learning that The Post was preparing to publish a story about the allegations.

"The last thing Dion wants to do is harm anybody," Thompson said. "He is heartbroken.

"He's going to resign, he's ruined, he'll never teach again. Whether it's fair or not -- and I don't think it is -- I don't think he has any choice."

Bruton was hired by the school district in 1993 and taught health and physical education at Sterling and Seneca Ridge middle schools during the 1993-94 and 1994-95 school years. He was assigned to Farmwell Station last year, and his contract was renewed for this fall. In addition to teaching, he coached at Park View.

Bruton entered Georgia Southern University in Statesboro in September 1984 and graduated in December 1992 with a bachelor's degree in education, officials there said. Students said he told them he was sidelined with a serious knee injury during part of his college career.

News of Bruton's activities surprised parents, students and School Board members. Bruton, who spent long hours in the gym toning his body, was admired for his heavily muscled physique. He was well liked by students and parents.

"He's an excellent coach, and he did a great job with the kids. The kids really seem to enjoy him," said John Booher, of Sterling, whose son was on the freshman football team coached by Bruton last year.

Booher said that he was "absolutely amazed" to learn of Bruton's other life but that he couldn't judge him for what he does outside the classroom.

"I can only pass judgment on what I have seen, and from what I've seen, he is an enthusiastic coach who really seemed to take a lot of enjoyment out of seeing the kids succeed," Booher said.

Pat Bour, of Sterling, whose daughter attended Seneca Ridge while Bruton taught there, said what people do in their private lives is their own business -- unless they are teachers.

"I want our teachers to have the highest moral fiber," Bour said. "I'm not comfortable with him doing both simultaneously."

Farmwell parent Tara Canton, of Ashburn, agreed that teachers should be held to a higher standard than other citizens.

"People should have their own privacy, but if they are in the public trust taking care of children, they should be held responsible for such actions," said Canton, whose son is a seventh-grader. "I don't think it's appropriate for someone who is teaching children to be working in something like that."

School Board member Ellen D. Oliver said she was "shocked and appalled" by the allegations.

"I'm not one of those people who says live and let live," said Oliver (Broad Run). "Here we have a teacher in a middle school working with children who are at that age where they are struggling with their influence and identify. This is obviously a person who has made bad choices. To give someone like this access to children at that stage of development would be irresponsible of us."

School Board Vice Chairman Edward J. Kiley (Mercer) expressed concern about the allegations but said it would be inappropriate for members to draw any conclusions before the investigation is complete.

"Certainly as a School Board member I'm concerned, and as a parent of school-age children I'm concerned," Kiley said. "At the same time, this is an individual employee of the school system, and under the contract and Virginia state law he has certain rights."

A response filed by Bruton's attorney to the divorce petition does not specifically deny his wife's allegations but says the petition includes no evidence that the acts occurred during the marriage.

In the complaint, Melanie Bruton alleges that her husband used steroids and states that sheriff's deputies visited the couple's Sterling home in February inquiring about a package of steroids addressed to Bruton mailed from outside the continental United States. However, Loudoun County Sheriff's Department officials said yesterday that they could find no evidence of any such visit and had no record of any criminal investigation or charges involving Bruton.

Staff writer Peter Pae contributed to this report.


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