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Subject: Ty Fox sidebar from "OUT" article on ex-gay porn actors
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 97 21:39:15
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Here's the sidebar from the "OUT" magazine article on ex-gay porn success stories. You know, I don't hate Ty Fox. But I'm sick of his goddamn lies. And I'm sick of everyone portraying him as a saint. Author Winecoff had better go back to journalism school, because he's a horrible journalist.

Let's begin with Winecoff's lurid story about how Fox's wife, Melanie, found out that her husband was a gay porn star. Winecoff has her sneaking into the gay section of a video store and fleeing in tears...her marriage a charade a disaster. Yeah, right. A more reputable source is the "Washington Post", which cited Ms. Bruton: "In a document in Loudoun County Circuit Court, she said a friend told her that her husband was pictured in a pornographic magazine. She discovered that the photo was in an advertisement for the video 'Hot Day in L.A.' She purchased the video and saw that it showed her husband in sex acts with other men, which she cites as grounds for the divorce."

That's not the same as going into a goddamn video store.

Next, Winecoff portrays Wet as having female strippers. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a fucking GAY NUDE STRIP CLUB. It's not open afternoons, and it does NOT have female strippers. JESUS! I doubt Winecoff even conducted an interview there! (In point of fact, the photo of Fox that runs with the sidebar is NOT from any bar in DC.)

Winecoff then says Fox is telling his side of the story for the first time. Uh.... what about all those OTHER interviews, such as the one in "Metro Weekly"??????

Fox claims in his "Metro Weekly" interview that he did porn to earn money for school. Yet, here in "OUT", he claims he did it to pay off credit card bills! Which is it????

Next, Fox essentially slanders all gay men. (Well, ok, not true, but I'm pissed at what he does say...) Winecoff says Fox was able to live out fantasies he'd "suppressed" in high school. Yet, in his MW interview, Fox says he had sex with another guy in college--hardly repression. Fox then says that porn made coming out easier; I dunno, but this strikes me as damning with faint praise the coming experiences the rest of us have (well, those of us NOT in gay porn :/ ). Winecoff slanders ALL American men when he declares Fox "compartmentalized his emotional life to a dangerous degree." BULL-shit!!!!! And gee, doesn't that REALLY mean that Ty Fox fucked up by not coming to terms with his feelings? Oh wait, Winecoff blames "society" rather than force an individual to take responsibility for his actions.

Fox then claims he did his videos during summer break. Of course--how did he explain THESE absences to his wife????? And why didn't she ask him for copies of the "modelling work" he was doing all the time? Was she DENSE???? Hardly. In fact, I think that the untold story is probably true as told by Fox's own agent in San Diego's "4Front" magazine shortly after the scandal broke. In "4Front," the agent claims that Melanie Bruton knew of her husband's gay porn activities and that it was only after she caught him fucking another woman did she file for divorce.

Finally, Fox claims he did nothing illegal. HELLO??????????? Didn't his lawyer explain to him the licensing laws of Virginia? Much as I disagree with those laws, he DID do something illegal. Not morally wrong. But still illegal. And although I wish he could do gay porn AND teach, let's stop denying reality here. SHEESH!

Anyway, now on to the article.

See ya...
Tim #1

"Fox on the Run," by Charles Winecoff. "OUT", July, 1997, p. 66.

In June of last year, Melanie Bruton, a curious Virginia housewife and mother, tipped off by local gossip, ventured into the gay section of a nearby triple-X video store. There, on the cover of HOT DAY IN L.A., she found a photo of her hunky husband, Jeffrey Dion Bruton, a middle school phys ed teacher and high school coach. Melanie bolted from the store and filed for divorce. A month later, Bruton's double life as "Ty Fox," beefy blond star of about a dozen gay pornographic videos, made the front page of the "Washington Post's" Metro section. Bruton's career as a Loudon [sic] County teacher was quickly in ruins.

"Actually, the video was first spotted by another teacher," Bruton now recalls. "It was a man, who was also married. So I'm like, 'What was he doing in the gay section?' " Bruton relaxes in the windowless gloom of The Edge/Wet nightclub in Washington, D.C., not far from the Capitol. It's early afternoon, and friendly female strippers are gyrating for a couple of lonely businessmen. But several nights a week, "Ty Fox, Adult Film Star" as he's billed, dances and tends bar for an all-male crowd. The star of FOX'S LAIR, WHITEFIRE, and TY GOES DOWN ON IT is impossible to miss, even in the dim light: He's huge and glowing like a cartoon superhero come to life. But his strength failed him after the "Post" article and his divorce. He fell into a deep, five-month depression. "All I did was sleep and think about taking pills or shooting myself or hanging myself," he says without self-pity. He surrendered his state teaching license and left town. "I just wanted it all to go away."

For the first time, Bruton is talking about what propelled him to become Ty Fox in the first place. During his last six months at Georgia Southern University in 1992, he says, "I had a little credit card problem"; he did "about three videos" while still a student, engaged to be married. But Bruton concedes that doing gay porn offered him a more personal gain as well: "The movies allowed me to explore that part of my life and to fulfill some of my fantasies," he says--fantasies he'd suppressed while growing up in Falls Church, Virginia. "It would have been much harder [coming out] without them."

After his marriage, he explains, "I didn't look at it as cheating. I looked at it as a job." Most of Ty Fox's films were shot during the summer break, but Bruton would occasionally take a day off and fly to the West Coast on a Friday for what he told Melanie were weekend "modeling" assignments. Like many American men with scant emotional options open to them, Bruton had compartmentalized his life to a dangerous degree. "I guess to my wife that was cheating," he reflects in retrospect. "My mistake was being dishonest with her. But, you know, I did it for *my* satisfaction. I just couldn't let her in."

A year after the clash of his two lives, Bruton--who answers to either "Dion" or "Ty"--says he's on good terms with his ex-wife and happy to live close to Loudoun county to watch his year-old daughter grow up. He now considers himself "gay to bisexual" and hopes one day to return to teaching. "If I had to do it all again, I think I might try to fight back. Nothing I did broke the law. I mean, it's OK for another teacher to go in there and get videos to watch with his wife or lover or whatever, but I get blamed for being in them and having 'bad morals.' Teaching and helping kids was very important to me. It was the one job I had where I felt like I mattered as a person."

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