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From: ridley99@aol.com (Ridley99)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Subject: 5 reasons1999: great year for porn
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 99 14:01:14

5 reasons 1999 was a great year for porn. Personally 1999 was a great year for me in regards to pornography i went from a buyer to a renter. This increased my porn watching potential 10 fold. I discovered 3 excellent rental stores and made the most of my opportunities. and here are my 5 reasons why 1999 was a great year for porn.

# 5 Cocksucking Championship.

This little ditty starring Shanna McCullogh and Inari Vachs was a classic. high art in the blow job medium. Inari literraly tries to suck the life out of the dicks placed in front of her. But its when the sperm flies, thats when this vido really takes off. To see Inari grab a surprised Shanna and spit a mouth full of drool/cum into Shannas mouth. And then to see the indescribable nasty look on Inari's face is to be in porn watchers Nirvana. Inari seems to literrally get drunk on cum. She makes a mess out of poor Shanna.

I don't know where to find this video , i was lucky enough to cum across it at my favorite video-store it seems to be # 1 in a series.But try to find it, It succeeds not because of great direction or even a great idea, it succeeds because Inari is allowed to run wild, the camera loves Inari. She is the next big thing.

#4 Dr Fellatio 16-19.

I always thought the Dr Fellatio series was dullsville but something has happened to this old fuddy duddy it has gotten hip in a heartbeat. The girls are nasty and they look into the camera with nasty sneers and call you a pervert--" you like that don't you ,you little pervert " and since the girl then proceeds to suck that dick like her life depended on it i say YES. Dr Fellatio # 19 features some really good cock sucking and a lot of nasty ,drooling,spitting,cum-eating bitches, i especially like the scenes that feature 2 girls on one Dorkel. The girls really work well together, and the camera catches the reactions of one girl looking at the other suck the dick. Whoever is directing these Dr Fellatios he sure knows what the fuck he's doing.

# 3 Rodney Moore.

Either Rodney Moore is on Viagra or his dick just magically got a lot harder ,whatever,he is getting better. He has produced some pretty nice videos in 1999. With PRETTY GIRLS thats right pretty girls. Drool Planet has some nice scenes. But my favorite scene in that video does not feature Rodney or for that matter Drool. there is a scene with A SEXY " tiny " blonde with one of the sweetest asses i have scene in a long time,she and slutty brunette double team a black guy . This Black guy would give Lexington Steele a run for his money dick wise. My favorite part about this scene is when the two girls are giving the dude head, the brunnette is sucking on top while the Blonde is down between his legs. The Brunete says " shit i almost let go of your dick it would have knocked her out" there it something so nasty about that,that it gets me off everytime.Maybe its because its true. the guys dick is so big and shes so small-- it would have knocked her out if dropped on top of her head.

#2 Lexington Steele.

This cross between Mr Marcus and Sean Michaels is tearing up the girls like few have ever done it before. His dick is long,thick and always as hard asl--STEEL. He goes about his work with a lust and enjoyment we haven't seen in a while. The reason is his dick is always hard, he doesnt have to worry about keeping wood, so he can just about do anything he wants with his dick. No ass-hole or pussy or position is out of his league. His scene with Aspen Brock where he fucks her in the ass and makes her cry in " Gangbang Auditions 3 " was one of the high-lights of the year. " should he pull out' the director asks " no,no once your in don't pull out." Aspen says through the tears. finally the girls are getting a fuckin they deserve. To see Lexinton plow his dick in to the hilt and to hear the girls yelp, is what its all about BABY.

#1 American Bukkake.

Beautiful girls plastered by cum. 50-100 guys going Peter North style on the faces of quivering females is spectacle we haven't scene since the days of the Romans. Harley Ranes was the prettiest but others have been drenched better.One girl had about 2 pounds of sperm on her face most of it in her eyes at the same time she is holding a bowl full of cum which she tries to drink down in the finale.

Each video features 3 scenes. The first is usually the lamest, the 2nd is pretty good and the third anchors the video, its here where the girls really get blown up. There is this wierd dude in these video's he has a dick that looks like a roll of baloney. His Foreskin is as thick as burlap and when he comes it's like a combination of Rodney Moore and Peter North. He squeeze the cum out of his dick so vigourously its funny and perverse. They save him for last and he kind of pushes the girls over the edge. His cum must be real hot or something because they all jump out of their skin when he lets loose.

So 1999 was a great year for porn.Gonzo rules and stories are a thing of the past and thats a good thing. The Max- Hardcores and Robert Blacks seem to have moved to the back of the pack. And other directors and producers have emerged,they have proven you can be nasty and still have fun. Pornography should not be a gynecological exam or a circus act it should be hot,fun and nasty. HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN.....


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