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From: "Matt" <nomorals@email.msn.com>
Subject: Alpha Blue Archives compared to Something Weird Video
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 99 23:51:44

This week is turning out to be one hell of a start to the holiday season! Monday I received the newest mailing featuring the new double features from Alpha Blue Archives AND also Something Weird's Blue Book #2 - "Sloppy Seconds" finally arrived after a lengthy delay. SWV's new triple XXX catalog was well worth the wait though for the lengthy descriptions for each movie and some old pictures of posters from the old days. And SWV does have a very cool sale with the cheapest being 5 videos for $82.95 which includes shipping and also includes a free mystery gift from their "vault of tresures". They are also selling out of their T-shirts (except for company logo ones) completely in December so act fast if you want those.

Here's a couple comparisons though for each company with Alpha Blue having a slight advantage IMO overall for my tastes.


ABA ships xxx movies to PO boxes.
SWV does not


ABA ships within 2 to 3 weeks
SWV ships within 4 to 6 weeks


ABA only tapes in NTSC (USA format)
SWV tapes in NTSC, PAL, or any other international formats now for no additional charge


ABA mostly $20 a piece with no discounts except for really big orders occasionally.
SWV all at $20 a piece with really nice discount packages usually ongoing with shipping included.


ABA is in newsletter format and is more amateur like but does have some boxart.
SWV is in a magazine format (color front and back cover) with more insight into the classic biz with more articles, star list index and easier to read with less text wraparound.


ABA has only black and white boxcovers(I might be wrong on this one so someone correct me if so), but they do not sell to stores and in their age statement/disclaimer they make you sign to that fact. SWV has full color boxcovers which is very displayable and is fully endorsed by them to sell commercially in stores.

MOVIES- (The most important area IMO)

ABA has more balls to put it simply with titles like "History of Rape" - a compilation of rape scenes, and they carry lots of classic "teeny" titles with no hesitation in the descriptions to mention portrayed ages. They also carry a HUGE selection of very WELL KNOWN rape classics like Waterpower, Sex Wish and Forced Entry. And the complete AVON collection is definately a big aquisition.

SWV does have movies with rape and incest themes but not many well known ones and they don't have rape compilations. Over the past year they have retitled and/or mostly removed all "teeny" titles including non xxx ones. One such I noted in the new Blue Book was that "Teenage (sex) Fantasies" starring Rene Bond. They have retitled that movie to "Rene Bond's Sex Fantasies". They proclaimed in big bold letters "Back By Popular Demand" above that movie. That is absolutely pathetic as I have mentioned in the past. I sure hope Mike Vraney (the owner of SWV) notices the current revitilized trend in recent months in regards to "teeny' themed movies. Larry Flynt Productions (Barely Legal), Sin City (Barely 18, Just 18, etc.), Extreme Associates (Extreme Teen), JM reinstating the "Young and Anal part instead of just YA in their series, in addition to the re-release of the original Cherry Poppers by Zane and the Hardcore Schoolgirls series by Max Hardcore shows that the two year panic has mellowed out as long as you put forth more prominenty that the girls are over 18. And last but not least the enormous amount of new "teeny" mags on magazine shelfs this past year. I would love to see a "Back by Popular Demand" catalog supplement putting those deleted titles from their catalog back into circulation, but I won't hold by breath. I got more important things to hold or have held for me :-)

I already sent in my ABA order for 6 tapes and most likely will order some from SWV since they still do have some I want. They sure could get a huge order from me, especially with the very freindly deals currently, if they re-released the aforementioned movies.



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