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From: Mayor Tommy <ally@inforamp.net>
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Subject: Re: Watching movies online
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 10:22:29

You are going to have a hard time getting what you want Byron. Most streaming adult video on the Web is done at slower speeds which yields a shitty picture for two reasons - 1) most surfers still only have dialup modem connections and 2) the bandwidth costs to stream better quality movies are still high.

The big move right now in the adulty industry is to try to get the Internet pay for view broadband streaming business going. Gamelink has a pretty good selection of porn flicks, VividonDemand.com has almost a thousand of their movies available, SinCity also has their own pay per view, aebn.net has a ton of niche, fetish vids from smaller companies available for on demand streaming. BUT the drawback is that they all cost $$$, 6.99 to 9.99 PER movie.

I have seen the Wicked broadband streams on many sites. It's not bad quality. The reason you see a limited number of flicks is that webmasters who lease those movies would go broke if they made too many movies available as members with cable or DSL would watch probably a flick a day. Bandwidth alone costs about 60 cents to a dollar to stream a full movie at 300kps which does give a really nice full screen picture.

I do have some decent recommendations to get the biggest bang for your buck if you only want to pay a monthly charge for broadband porno. SinCityFilms.com has a decent selection of their movies at broadband speed. They add new ones on a regular basis. Probably not enough to keep you happy by the sounds of it but if you watched those same movies from Gamelink or Dreamzotic Pay per View it would cost well over a hundred bucks.

This is my tip for anybody who wants to watch good quality streaming porn online at a reasonable price. There's a website http://www.strapon.com that I have no affiliation with by the way that has made a deal with a Gamelink to use their broadband movies for their members. They have a large selection of full length high speed flicks, probably about 200 titles, many good ones. Most aren't strapon videos.

Here is the catch tho..........you are only allowed to 'rent' ONE video title per day. But that is by far the best deal on the Web for this kind of thing. A membership to strapon.com is I think 30 bucks. You can watch 30 broadband movies 'free' that means. If you went to Gamelink and watched the same 30 movies you'd be charged over 200 dollars.

Last thing you can do is hunt down the movie message boards where people give out links to big fat mpegs and streaming video sites. You gotta go through a lot of shit tho to get what you want because people who do this have to find places to store these big files and free web hosting places have a file size limit. So that means they have to cut up the movies into smaller pieces and then it's a major hassle downloading them all and rejoing them.

Sometimes on these messageboards you can find some real treasures. Vivid's pay per view site had an amazingly stupid security hole where anybody could figure out how to watch all 800 of their ppv movies for free. They fixed it but there's still a guy over at http://www.phatforums.com/Fiona who sometimes posts backdoor addresses to shit like that.

Hustler Online also runs a website called broadcastsex.com that has broadband streaming videos. Never been inside but I think it is comparable to Wicked and SinCity's membership sites. Actually SinCity is much better video quality than Wicked, when I checked out Wicked their broadband speed was only 100k, SinCity movies are I think up to 450kbps.

Strapon.com is your best deal. But since you only get one movie a day make sure you surf over to Gamelink first and check out who's in the movie and what it's about before you make your selection. The first day I joined that site I went for a flick immediately titled Latin something or other because I love Latinas..............imagine my disappointment when the movie started and I discovered it was a gay video and a really poor quality one at that! Had to wait 24 hours to check out another one. I recommend the Behind the Scenes video from Seymore Butts they have on there, the one with Taylor Hayes. I had no idea a woman that pretty could be that fucking nasty. I have watched almost no porn since the mid nineties. Can't believe how far they've pushed the envelope of taste and legality in the last decade.

Byron wrote:
> I am looking for a porn site that offers a large selection of porn movies
> that you can view online with your computer. I prefer online viewing because
> of the convenience of being able to choose "my masturbation material"
> quickly without the hassle of going into the video store. I have DSL so
> speed should not be a problem. I tried vividvideo.com. They have huge
> collection (527 movies to choose from with $39.99 monthly fee).I don't like
> it because the screen size is too small and if you enlarge it, it become
> ugly. The one I currently subscribe is wickedweb.com. Their movie size is
> twice as big and the video quality when it is enlarged is acceptable but the
> problem is they don't have large collection (only about 12 updated daily).
> So, I am looking for porn sites that:
> 1. Offer huge selection of porn movies available for viewing online in its
> entirety 2. Large screen size with good video quality
> 3. Flat rate
> 4. Not too expensive


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