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From: daikaijusex@aol.communist (Kawaii Shinji)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Subject: Some Guild Members who do/did porn
Date: Wed, 16 May 2001 22:21:40

I referenced a post where a poster reprinted a piece about an adult starlet who was trying to get SAG credentials through her work in the industry. I also wrote somethign I didn't see posted in regards to the ONLY WGA member I know of who wrote porn while they were a member and admits to it:

It's interesting that our Canadian friend re-posted that article about the actress.

The actor's guild had a clause that enabled actors to work on adult films without having to deal with guild b. s. It initialy started with any film that was being made with the sole purpose of being rated "X" (remember those days?).

The late, great (and criminally underrated) character actor, Joe Spinell, had mentioned this in an interview he did before he died in the early 90s. MANIAC (1980, from former porn director William Lustig, and softcore producing maverick Andrew Garrone, - oh, and featuring Sharon Kane!) was a 16mm, non-guild/non-union production (and a seminal horror classic of the era) that Spinell was able to do because it was made with the sole intention of forgoing a rating. This, in turn, enabled Spinell to work far below scale on a project he believed in (and he's terrorifically menacing as the character the title refers to).

I believe Aldo Ray and Neville Brand had appeared in an adult film (obvious acting and not "performing") under such a clause, but can't thnk of the name of the production; and James Hong (CHINATOWN) was able to do this on more than a few films. Brother Theodore as well. (all are guild members).

As for Gary Busey, I can't comment on the merits of the lass he was poking fun at, but when has he done a good film since leaving brain on the sidewalk? I like the guy, but let's be honest - don't write a check your rump can't cash.

The only SAG member who wrote porn and legit work was "Herbert W. Day," aka Jerry Stahl. I think he was writing for MOONLIGHTING or ALF when he wrote NIGHTDREAMS.

Then there were future guild memebrs like Abel Ferarra, Wes Craven, and (dunno if he's a member) Bill Lustig.



Jinsei Ai!


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