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From: TMB <tmb@REMOVErollercoaster.MEcom>
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Subject: FAQ Addition: Excalibur
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2000 21:47:08

Hi All,

I've been a reader of rame for years now but not really active in the posting dept. I was browsing the FAQ and came across some info for Excalibur Films that I believe I can elaborate on.

Those red boxes

Excalibur often ships catalog titles out in generic red boxes. This upsets some collectors because they want the original box. As I understand it, when Excalibur has the original box, they will ship


About two year ago I had the pleasure (?) to interview for a position at Excalibur for a position in their Web dept. I lived in OC at the time and as many of you know Excalibur is in Fullerton off of Commonwealth or there abouts. A somewhat small facility but I was in porn heaven when I was given a tour before my interview. Now, as far as the red boxes go, I questioned the owner about these as I had received numerous vids from them (~8) with red sleeves in the past. I was told that Excalibur actually purchased the rights to those films (which is why the cost is low on most of these titles). There was a bank of maybe 20 or so VCRs dedicated to making dupes of the masters for these films when people ordered them. No mass productions setup, just standard VCRs. With this information I would have to assume that if you receive a video from them in a red sleeve then you'll never get one in the original box since they just don't exist.

A side note about Virginia Beaver (yes I asked about her). Excalibur is family owned, started by the mother/father (I interviewed with the son, the GM). According to him, the father created Virgina Beaver as the company's spokesperson. He believed men would feel more comfortable dealing with a porn figure. She really doesn't exist (no surprise I'm sure).

And as for my job? I received an offer at $17/hour (well below my needs) so I passed. Probably a great place to work P/T or while in college. If not for anything but instant access to the inventory :-)



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