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Bianca Trump's Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss Statement
One 5 Scene Movie, 2 Day Shoot
As Put Forth by Bianca Trump
Stage Line Item Cost
PRE PRODUCTION Script 500.00
PRE PRODUCTION Production Manager 250.00
PRE PRODUCTION Director 1,000.00
PRE PRODUCTION Total   1,750.00
PRODUCTION Location 2,000.00
PRODUCTION Camera & Lights 1,000.00
PRODUCTION Cinematographer 700.00
PRODUCTION 3 man crew 1,500.00
PRODUCTION Stills 600.00
PRODUCTION Director 1,000.00
PRODUCTION Production Manager 250.00
PRODUCTION Total   7,050.00
TALENT Boy/Girl 850.00
TALENT Girl/Girl 1,750.00
TALENT Boy/Girl/Girl 2,050.00
TALENT Boy/Boy/Girl 1,100.00
TALENT Boy/Girl 850.00
TALENT Total   6,600.00
POST PRODUCTION Editing 1,500.00
POST PRODUCTION Duplication (3000 copies) 5,100.00
POST PRODUCTION box photographer 1,500.00
POST PRODUCTION box art work 2,000.00
POST PRODUCTION film work & seperations 1,800.00
POST PRODUCTION slicks (5000) 950.00
POST PRODUCTION boxes (5000) 1,350.00
POST PRODUCTION plastic holders 160.00
POST PRODUCTION labels 40.00
POST PRODUCTION distribution fee 3,750.00
POST PRODUCTION Total   20,680.00
Grand Total   36,080.00
INCOME Domestic (3000 @10.00 per) 30,000.00
INCOME Cable 15,000.00
INCOME Foreign 15,000.00
INCOME Satellite 1,000.00
SubTotal   61,000.00
MINIMUM RETURN   24,920.00
INCOME Domestic (4000 @10.00 per) 40,000.00
INCOME Cable 15,000.00
INCOME Foreign 15,000.00
INCOME Satellite 1,000.00
POST PRODUCTION Add'l 1000 tapes (1,700.00)
SubTotal   69,300.00
Average Return   33,220.00
INCOME Domestic (5000 @10.00 per) 50,000.00
INCOME Cable 15,000.00
INCOME Foreign 15,000.00
INCOME Satellite 1,000.00
POST PRODUCTION Add'l 2000 tapes (3,400.00)
SubTotal   77,600.00
Above Average Return   41,520.00

These figures are based on movies I've invested in with Zack Thomas. Two day shoots with hard and soft core versions(for cable). So everyone who's crying broke I can't defend. Maybe they are never happy. What is enough money anyways? This is'nt Vivid but it's not cheap either. B.T.


A dissenting opinion:

While I can possibly believe that this breakdown is theoretically within the realm of possibility for a given high-end video, there are a LOT of cheaper movies made for a lot less return. This example is a bit optimistic in my opinion in the increasingly competitive market, especially concerning the budget expenditures and the profitability of some of the so-called downstream rights (foreign, domestic and cable). In many cases getting placement or slotting at all is a hit or miss proposition. You could wind up with literally zero or a few thousand bucks depending on your deals. Not to mention it is a longer term thing than she makes it appear to be here. So while these figures are not totally out of the question theoretically, I think the return here is greater than even many successful companies actually see in any reasonable period of time for a given movie.

Jim Gunn
Pleasure Productions
Producer/Director of 'Strap-On Sally' series; 'East Coast Sluts' series;
'Canadian Beaver Hunt' series; 'Love Doll Lucy 1 & 2'; 'Striptease 1 & 2';
'Carribean Sunset'; 'Sunset In Paradise' and many more...

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