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From: Felix Miata <mrmazda@gate.net>
Subject: Stage Name Derivation
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 97 22:40:02
Organization: Quite Short of Ideal

Re: Porn Star Names which are Obviously Inspired by Mainstream Star Names

Recap of postings that reached my newsserver thru about 22:00 EST Sunday 10/26

  • Alice Springs (a place in Australia, the country she's from)
  • Arnold Schwarzenpecker (actor Arnold Schwarzenegger (sp))
  • Barbara Doll (famous Mattel doll)
  • Barbi Dahl (famous Mattel doll)
  • Beatrice Valle (actress Beatrice Dalle)
  • Billy Dee (Billy Dee Williams)
  • Brandi Wine (play on (red) wine)
  • Brandy Alexandre (drink spelled Alexander)
  • Brooke Dunn (country group Brookes & Dunn).
  • Brooke Fields (actress/model Brooke Shields)
  • Bruce Lei (actor Bruce Lee)
  • Carolyn Chambers (porn actress Marilyn Chambers)
  • Carolyn Monroe (actress Marilyn Monroe)
  • Chayse Manhattan (bank Chase Manhattan)
  • Christina Applelay/Appleighe (actress Christina Applegate)
  • Danny Demeato (actor Danny Devito)
  • Dean James (actor James Dean)
  • Deidre Holland (celeb(?) Deidre Hall)
  • Delta Force (movie of the same name)
  • Demi Willis (actor/actress couple Demi Moore/Bruce Willis)
  • Dru Berrymoor (& all its spelling variations) (actress Drew Barrymore)
  • E Z Ryder (movie Easy Rider)
  • Erica Estrada (Francesca Le brief early alias) (actor Eric Estrada)
  • Farrah (Rhonda Jo Petty's early name) (vague resemblance Farrah Fawcett)
  • Gidgette (from all the '60's movies)
  • Heather Lere (actress Heather Locklear)
  • Jamie Leigh aka Jaime Lee (actress Jamie Lee Curtis, whose mother was
  • Janet Leigh, both of whom she bears a vague resemblance to)
  • Jamie Sommers (Jamie Summers was the name of the Lindsay Wagner
  • character on Bionic Woman)
  • Janet Jacme (singer Janet Jackson)
  • Jerry Butler ('60's soul singer Jerry Butler)
  • Jessica Longe (actress Jessica Lange)
  • Jessie Lange (actress Jessica Lange)
  • Kim Alexis (supermodel Kim Alexis)
  • Kylie Ireland (model Kathy Ireland)
  • Laura Palmer ("Twin Peaks" character)
  • Letha Weapons (think she's making Mel Gibson and Danny Glover proud?)
  • Little Anal Annie (cartoon character Little Orphan Annie)
  • Little Oral Annie (cartoon character Little Orphan Annie)
  • Lynden Johnson (former U.S. president)
  • Maggie Mae (after the song)
  • Mel Bourne (a place in Australia (where he's from))
  • Michael J Cox (actor Michael J Fox)
  • Mona Lisa (who looked absolutely nothing like the famous painting)
  • Morgan Fairlane (inspired by Morgan Fairchild? Or perhaps Morgan likes
  • Ford motorcars)
  • Napoleon (midget) (short French despot Napoleon Bonaparte)
  • Nena Cherry (singer/rapper Neneh Cherry)
  • Nikki Tyler (model Nikki Taylor)
  • Norma Jeane (looks nothing like Marilyn Monroe)
  • Sasha Gabor (guy who transformed 'Zsa Zsa' into a male rhyming name)
  • Sean Michaels (wrestler Shawn Michaels)
  • Sikki Nix (rocker Nikki Six(x?))
  • Staci Lords (chose an alias close to Traci Lords')
  • Susan Vegas (singer-songwriter Susanne Vega. Also who with her husband
  • lived in Las Vegas)
  • Tami Lee Curtis (actress Jamie Lee Curtis)
  • Taylor Hayes ("Bold & The Beautiful" character)
  • Taylor Wa(y)ne (singer Taylor Da(y?)ne)
  • Victoria Secrett (Sara Jane Hamilton's first used name)


  • Kirsty (alley way) Waay (actress Kirsty Alley) **
  • Ken Dahl (to go with Barbie Dahl) **
  • Michael J Cox (actor Michael J Fox) *
  • Jon Dough (body of unknown identity <g>) *
  • Peter North (subtle penis humor) **
  • Harry Rheems (subtle penis humor) **
  • Randy Spears (more subtle penis humor) **
  • Woody Long (still more subtle penis humor) **
  • Jack Hammer (less subtle, less humorous) **
  • Dick Nasty (ho hum) **
  • David Hardman (AM TV celeb David Hartman) **
  • Arnold Schwarzenpecker (actor Arnold Schwarzenegger) (sp?) *

* I submitted these Friday, but they never made my newsserver, & others later noted them.

* I submitted these Friday, but they never made my newsserver, & no one else picked them up so far.


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