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From: Tim Evanson <tevanson@erols.com>
Subject: Intense oral action in gay film?
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 98 16:43:44
Organization: Erol's Internet Services


The other day, I was watching "Cowboy Jacks" and noticed the huge cock of Kevin Miles. He's got a long, slender, wonderful cock like Kevin Dean's -- only about 4" shorter! :) David Mitchell (?) deep throats him like a pro!!!!! And that got me to thinking: I know there are a lot of good deep-throater out there, and a lot of videos in which guys choke on even the smallest cock.

But what are the films in which the oral action is FURIOUS and FAST and involve a huge cock??? After all, Miles gets deep-throated and then POUNDS away. And Mitchell doesn't flinch one bit. I was so impressed. Watching that HUGE 8" cock's entire length flash in and out of Mitchell's throat was a cum-inducer! I can only come up with the following as some examples. What are others?????

"Other Side of Aspen 4": Max Grand deep throats Kevin Dean, and easily lets it slip in and out of his throat wetly. He keeps up the suction, and makes Dean's shaft totally wet.

"Boner": Johnny Rahm lies on a bed and Jon Vincent buries himself in Rahm's throat.

"Tough Competition": Kyle Carrington's partner in one scene (I don't know the guy) deep-throats Carrington for a VERY long time. It happens again in another scene with Carrington. In another scene, two hugely hung men deep throat one another repeatedly.

"The First Time": 9"-hung David Grant is throated VERY easily by Johnny Rahm for about 5 minutes, and later when they 69 Grant returns the favor on Rahm's long, curved 8" stunner.

"Big As They Come 2": Scott Ryder and Keith Stratton both get deep throated in some AMAZING scenes.

"Chaleurs" (a Cadinot film; trans. "Heat"): In several scenes, boys are forced to deep throat at high speed. A black turbaned stud slides his 7.5" down the throat of a traveller; a young man with an 8.5" long, slender cock is blown in a French-Moroccan plantation house.

"Escalier de Service" (a Cadinot film; trans. "Service Stairs"): A 9"-hung marathoner and his similarly hung friend in a leather jacket trade some slow deep throat on a back stairway.

"2eme Sous-Sol" (a Cadinot film; trans. "Second Basement"): A young boy is fucked in a living room by an older white and an older black man, and forced to deep throat the white man while fucked by the black man. The same boy is also deep-throated at high speed by the white man. Later, in a multiple-dildo/multiple-asses orgy in a living room with 6-7 men, several very well-hung boys trade deep-throat blowjobs with their fellow orgists.

"L'etalon" (a Cadinot film; trans. "The Standard"): In this all-sex film, a young boy with a crewcut (dyed blond) deep throat a 10" uncut black cock fairly quickly. (Renaud, where are you when I need you???)

"Top Models" (a Cadinot film): In the first scene, the two models trade EXCEEDINGLY deep blowjobs, but at medium speed. In the second, a young schoolboy deep-throats a model very slowly. Toward the middle of the scene, the model pulls his cock from the boy's mouth, and a cascade of spit and cum spills out the boy's open mouth and down his chin, chest, and body to his own crotch. A good pint of liquid comes out!

"Classe de Neige" (a Cadinot films; trans. "Ski Class"): This French version of "The Other Side of Aspen" has a prudish young man who refuses to engage in sex with his classmates finally get raped, and he must forcefully deep-throat several long, thick cocks. Other scenes also contain some slow deep-throat.

"Jeu de Pistes" (a Cadinot film; trans. "Footsteps"): This film, oen of two Cadinot films featuring Boy Scouts (Hi Scott!), has one scout taking an older man (in white tank top) deep in his throat in moderately fast fashion.

"Sacre College" (a Cadinot film; trans. "Parochial School"): In the first scene, a young wounded soccer player deep throats his male nurse at moderate speed. Later, the same boy is caught by the cook stealing food; the boy deep-throats the cook at slow speed.

"Age Tendre" (a Cadinot film; trans. "Tender Age"): In several of these disconnected scenes, which take place in a nightclub that's preparing the lights for the coming show, several young boys deep throat the gigantic cocks of the older men who run the club.

"Aime... Come Minet" (a Cadinot film; trans. "Love My Little Pussy?" and marketed in the US as "All of Me"): 11" long, beer-bottle thick Pierre Buisson is never deep-throated one damn bit, but in the first scene where he services two waiters he deep throats both men at moderate speed.

"Private Parts": Kevin Kramer slowly (DAMN!) deep-throats Troy Maxwell.

I have to admit that I can only get off on choking oral sex when I'm REALLY horny. And then the feeling goes away once I'm done cumming.

But what I LOVE is a man who can easily deep throat. I LOVE watching him suck a huge cock as deep and quickly as he would a 6" cock. Watching him struggle..... eh. Struggling isn't a big deal. SKILL is, and watching a skilled cocksucker at work on a huge 10" rod.... WOW.

In fact, I have to say that the best way to SHOW deep throat is similar to that in "Boner," noted above. I like seeing a man laying face-down on a bed or table, or bent over the arm of a couch, his face dangling over the edge. And a huge, upward curving cock comes along, the stud being sucked grabs the other man's head, and that gigantic prong begins stabbing upward into the air.... WOW. You get a GREAT shot of the entire shaft sliding effortlessly into that cocksucker's mouth, you can see the sucker's throat expand and contract as he swallows that obscenely thick pocket-rocket, and we get to see the top-man's abs contract, his balls swing, his hands hold the sucker down on his manhood. WOW.

The other way to film this is the way they did it in "The First Time," noted above. Johnny Rahm was on his back, spread-eagled, and the camera was just below the level of the bed. We stared straight into his spread legs. David Grant straddled Rahm's face, and slid his huge member into Rahm's mouth. Grant then lowered himself onto Rahm's body, and his mouth gaped wide for Rahm's achingly stiff cock. (In all honesty, I've never seen Johnny Rahm so aroused. His cock must have HURT, he was so hard! The up-and-sideways curve of his penis, which normally is barely noticeable when he's erect, was VERY pronounced. When he would touch his cock, it would bounce in the air like a spring, he was so hard. When he 69'ed with Grant, his cock stood STRAIGHT into the air.) Grant took Rahm's spike down his throat in one fast, easy gulp. WOW. Right down to the balls. WOW. At a moderately-fast pace, Grant went from knob to hilt over and over again. He must have deep-throated Rahm about 20 times before the camera switched position. WOW.

I wish I could see some deep throat where the cocksucker takes it at a FAST pace. I love quick, pounding oral sex. SLOW deep-throat doesn't do anything for me, really. I mean, ANYONE can deep throat slowly, right? But watching a truly skilled man take 10" down his throat QUICKLY.... wow, I wish I could find someone with 10" to practice on until I could do that.

See ya...


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