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From: Mike <kenmore_7@yahoo.com>
Subject: I.K.U.
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 23:30:08

I saw this movie with a friend. I.K.U. is one of the Park City at Midnight programs that debuted at Sundance Film Festival in Park City last Friday night.

It's essentially the Japanese porn movie directed by, believe it or not, the female Taiwanese-American filmmaker Shu Lea Cheang. She was there in the sold-out screening at the Egyptian Theatre. I.K.U. is the porn version of "Ghost in the Shell". The sex-laced plot is set after "Blade Runner".

Technically it's very impressive (especially the CG vagina point of view with the penis sliding inside), but in my opinion it's repetitive, meandering and pointless like any other X-rated film. This is perhaps the rare 'real' porn film to come out in theaters. Not to mention the fact this is probably the very first X-rated movie shown at Sundance Film Festival. The content itself is beyond the legal definition in the state of Utah.

I warned one of the staff employees the other night that it's not legal to show the hard pornographic film in Utah (I'm a resident residing in Provo) and that the remaining two screenings should be kept secure. He called somebody on the cell phone and asked whether I'm protesting. I said no. I explained that I made a warning out of concern for the director and promoters because I don't want them to be arrested and indicted on obscenity charges. I.K.U. contains pervasive explicit nudity (penis and cunt), some sex (soft-core and some hard-core) including graphic gay oral and anal, hetereosexual oral and vaginal intercourse, transexuality and lesbianism. He understood, but cannot do anything unless the "moral police" arrives.

Jesus, I cannot believe the staff guy's ignorant and prudent attitude. Sundance Film Festival showed I.K.U. without consideration. They're putting the director at risk with the law. I have no moral qualm, but disregarding the law without even the slightest concern for the filmmakers is irresponsible.

I'm going to have to complain to the Sundance Film Festival program director Geoffrey Gilmore. I do not care for the explicit sexual content in the film. Showing such the film that goes far more than the limit is illegal in Utah and is just asking for trouble.



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