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From: Voyager <voy7dsl@swbell.net>
Subject: RAME Glossary...
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Sat, 03 Feb 2001 18:01:48 GMT

This is an update of the glossary I am compiling. Please review and suggest terms where needed. I'll go thru the alphabet in the next 4 weekends.

Where I could determine, I've associated the name of the PL who supposedly Trade Marked the term....

RAME Glossary: Terminology Of Porn Speak
Today, brought to you by the letters...
A through M


Ass Master (AJB TM)

Particularly adapt straight male anal sex performer. Capable of amazing anal feats such as pulling a half digested corn kernel out of a girl's ass with his pee-hole.


The porn director with delusions of grandeur. Lots of lighting effects, slo-mo, fairly expensive production. Think of Cameron Grant, Alex de Renzy and Andrew Blake; but add anyone who takes on an Italian name when he's really a Bernie Schwartz from Brooklyn. Paul Thomas should be at the top of this list


Banshee Wail (Voyager TM)

Excessiveness carried on by the male when he cums upon the female. Its as if they are having to cut-off a finger or one of their nuts along with the transaction. Lex Steele is the perfect example.

Barely Legal

Girls who have reached the age of 18, or look like they've just turned 18, newbies to porn.

BBB- Body by Bulimia (Rog TM)

Girls so skinny you can't tell their thighs from their calves. (Probably BBCM- Body by Crystal Meth or BBH- Body by Heroin, but we try and keep it nice.)


Porn starlet (usually blonde) who inspires unstoppable giggles whenever she has to deliver seriously acted scripted lines.

Bimbot (Becky Carols TM)

A pornslut who is manufactured by Dow Corning and is as cold and unfeeling during sex as her plastic tits, lips, cheeks, etc, i.e., Jenna Jameson.


A confident, self-interested female porn performer who knows the word "NO".

Bolt-Ons (Tina Tyler TM)

Store bought tits typically mangled by the docktor

Boxcover EyeCandy (Voyager TM)

Presentation of the front and back boxcover, to capture the prurient interests of the potential viewer...

Bounced Check

Form of credit financing in the porn industry


See Russian or Portuguese

Brown Eye

The chocolate coloration of various shades found around many female's assholes. It has been surmised that a girl possessing such will always do anal sex.

Buddy Flick

Populated by the likes of Vince Voyeur and Mr. Marcus, this is the type of film where the guys spend a great deal of time joking around and patting each other on the back, the presence of the female seems almost incidental to their enjoyment...usually there's a DAP or a DHJ (double hand job) with dick touching dick. There's something rather homoerotic about the whole affair.

Bug-Buggering (Live_Slow TM)

Various bugs, gnats, creepy crawlers, etc. which get in the way of sexual festivities in outdoor porn shoots, or the skankier indoor venues....




See Bug-Buggering

Buttne (Oliver TM)

Ass cheek pimples on a girl

Butt Nuggets

See chocolate chips


Camel Toe

Tight jeans, panties or swimsuits, etc and pulled to smother the quim....



See bolt-ons

Carbon dating

1: Method needed to estimate the age (to the nearest decade) of porn stars of the so called Golden Age of Porn; 2: Going out with a porn star from the golden age.

Carrieres (LT TM)

Term for a very bad, usually scarred, boob job, in honor (?) of porn honcho Mark Carriere who was a prime instigator in the trend. Better used with people who are carrying around implants courtesy of Carriere, i.e. Mimi Miyagi, Charisma, Bianca Trump. Also can be called Southies or Soutars when referring to those uber agent Jim South (real name Soutar) is responsible for. And now to use the word in a sentence: "She's a beautiful woman, but she's got those big ugly Carrieres" (the variation: "She's beautiful, but she's lugging around those big ugly Soutars.")

C-Section Scar (Riley TM)

The docktor's visible scar left from the removal of the whelp, typically crowning the top of a pubic hairstyle

Cheeseburgers and Gas Money (Eden Rae TM)

Parolee compensation for services rendered in the adult film industry

Chocolate Chips/Chocolate Syrup

The guy pulls out of her ass...what's that brown stuff?


The stud, in homage to arch-parolee TT Boy, grabs the woman by her forehead/hair and chin, rendering her face completely immobile while he fucks or cums into her mouth. A sleazy disgusting move, usually highly uncomfortable for the woman. Also done by Rocco, in which case it's all very European and sophisticated.

Clown Face (Becky Carols TM)

An aged pornslut who wears a pound of makeup to hide her numerous wrinkles since the facelifts aren't taking. See also Ronald McDonald.

Cluster Fuck (AJB TM)

Many female holes stuffed to bursting with dildo and vibrator type toys.

Comeback Hag (Becky Carols TM)

First appeared 15-30 years ago, snorted all of her cum drenched cash up her nose, has no marketable skills to survive in the real world so returns to fucking...errr acting in smut because she knows the SFB PL's will actually pay to watch her shit.


A video put together from the scenes of previous productions. Typically duped poorly.

Condomnesta (Torris TM)

Those who expouse the glories of vulcanization in porn.


See bolt-ons

Couch Potato Raincoater (Riley TM)

He's angry at males who seem to be able to talk the girls into the cot (like Ed) even though he's ugly, has a small dick, etc (here follows the usual litany of reasons why Ed is slime except the right one: he's better at seducing the women than Mr. Couch Potato Raincoater). He's angry at the handsome guys (e.g., James Bonn) because they can attract the girls and Mr. CPR can't.

Cream Pie

The act of the parolee cumming within the puss or ass of the female

Crypts of Morgagni (Mudhead TM)

The "valleys" in between the star shaped ridges in a gaped asshole.

Cornfed (Voyager TM)

Slightly plump girls, not in the plumper category just yet, girls still showing their baby fat.

Cum-Fuck-Me-Over-the-Knee-Boots (Voyager TM)

The most premo variety are black soft glove leather, pre-chewed by eskimo wimmenz.

Cummerbund Effect (Riley TM)

Any article of clothing strategically worn to cover up A-Scars (appendectomy scars), C-Scars, stretch marks or pot belly.

Cumshake (AJB TM)

Porn movie equivalent of a milk shake. Often served in champagne glass.

Cumspecks (Torris TM)

Corollary to prostate dust (Eden Rae TM); see Randy West, i.e., phantom cummer....

Curious George (Torris TM)

Less than flattering name for actor Stephen St. Croix due to his simian (apelike) features

CTF (Cut to Face)

When a cumshot is interrupted or ends with the parolee's squirming mug.


DMC- Demented Midget Cowboy

Max Hardcore. Believe it not, not an insult. Clearly the Max character is demented, and in his hat, he really does look like a miniature version of the old John Wayne style cowboy.

Dark Meat

Black penis. Used in a sentence such as "she has a taste for dark meat".

Dick-of-death (Torris TM )

Loving RAME nickname for porn actor Marc Wallice

Docuporno (MarMac TM)

A porno depicting what happened to some of the old superstars of porn. Such as, Annette Haven, Jennifer Welles, Kay Parker, Bambi Woods, Bridgette Monet, Kimberly Carson, Samantha Fox, Lisa Cintrice, Nancy Suiter to name just a few.

Doggy Style

Where the female is most typically on her hands and knees, her parolee enters her pussy and/or ass from behind her. Variations include standing and the standing jacknife...


Double Penetration, one parolee's cock in the girl's ass, another cock in her pussy. Variations include DAP, DPP.


Double Anal Penetration, two cocks in the bunghole


Double Pussy Penetration, two cocks in the pussy

Dr. Jose Feliciano / Dr Stevie Wonder

Terms for docktors who have performed obviously heinous breast implants on starlets



Highly available for sex given sufficient funds.

Eclair (Mudhead TM)

An anal cream pie

Eskimo Pie (Torris TM)

An internal anal shot

Eunuch Porn (Torris TM )

Porn lite or the porn clogging the porn pipeline from Vivid (Vapid TM Torris), VCA and Wicked (Wacked TM Torris); more about sanitized condoms and prancing and moody camera angles from Coppola wannabees. Populated by....(see Flesh Mannequins)


Fag Hag

Porn chick at the tail end of her career with nothing to lose willing to perform with bi-sex studs.

Finger Friggin'

Masturbation by hand

Fishing Lure (Torris TM)

Any variety of piercings found on the female body

Flap Jacks (AJB TM)

Small, saggy breasts looking like soggy pancakes or crushed nerf footballs.

Flatties (AJB TM)

The diminutive yet perky breasts of young'un porn babes. Degoratory version of flatties is "mosquito bites". See also: "Barely Legals".

Flesh Mannequins (Torris TM)

Starlets who obviously hate having to fuck for a living and aren't talented enough to exploit their marginally better looks in legitimate enterprises and have to resort to porn. See Jenna Jameson and Jenteal as the prototypes.

Floppy Rob (Torris TM)

Less than flattering name for Dee's suitcase pimp who if he can't get a decent erection to fuck his own wife has no business being in porn.....


See Bolt-Ons

Freak Show Porn (Rog TM)

Something so totally outrageous, it's not even about sexuality any more. 1000 man gang bangs, anal cum slurping, ass painting, severed limb porno, etc.

Friendly Fire (AJB TM)

The accidental action of a stud who shoots a cum load, accidently, upon the dick of a fellow gang banging porn stud. In rare cases, Peter North-like loads fly so far they splash into another porn stud's hair; see "Dead MuthaFucker" for more details.

Fromunda Cheese

Excess lube emanating from starlet butt or twat... Background info from the Food Network.... There is a type of cheese popular in the PA Dutch country called "cup cheese". Unless you are spoonfed this stuff before you are able to protest I doubt if you would even think about eating it. It does bear some striking similarities to the above mentioned "lube".

Fuck Face (AJB TM)

That horrid, constricted facial expression of a porn stud as he is (supposedly) ejaculating. Usually filmed minutes after a pathetic, drippy cum leak to give the viewer the impression that the male really was excited enough to orgasm. See also: "Money Shot"


Gang-Of-12 (Voyager TM)

Term traced back to the 70's when the US Justice Department and the Porn Industry signed a secret ruling specifying that at any one time in history there can be no more than 12 males performing in porn within the borders of the United States. Once a member of the annointed Gang of 12, one may drop out of the porn industry, to do time or study for one's GED, and may reenter at any stage in their life, preferably at Grandpa stage. This ruling was created for national security purposes, in that it was found from an exhaustive CIA study, if virile american males of the same age as porn actresses, especially the barely legals, had easy access to jobs in the porn industry, society as we now know it would crumble. The shills for the porn industry came up with a wonderful coverup for this, by stating that the Gang-of-12 males in porn are special because they are the only ones who can get wood in the presence of a willing, nubile barely legal, and/or only have the ability to keep a hard-on and cum when the likes of a Cortknee has swallowed one's member whole, is looking up at you with puppy-dog eyes, big smile on her face, chuckling to herself, her nostrils flaring as she extends her tongue to lapp at your raging knap-sack.


As in "Vagina".


A dilated asshole.

Gay Film (AJB TM)

Progressive sound track, disproportionate moustached men, highly developed pectoral muscles, favourite (notice the canuck spelling...) type of x-rated film for women viewers.


Genre of porn making where there are no plots, basically parolee "meats" girl.


Used to classify the older generation of male pornstars. Best example, Randy West, or affectionately called , Grandpa West.

Gropie (TAL TM)

The porn equivalent of a groupie

Guppy Mouth (Riley TM)

Position where the girl is typically on her knees, her head cocked upwards, her mouth open, many times eyes closed, waiting for the parolee to jack-off on her face, mouth or wherever.

GYN Exam or GYNO

A scene where the woman's face or body is barely shown. Instead, we get 15 minutes of a close up of her pussy or ass being fondled or pounded.



Ho starring in high end porn film with many a careful marketing phrase on box cover trying to appeal to couples.


Quotient of sexually arousing action in a given scene or movie.

Hindicooze (Torris TM)

Indian girls, that of the subcontinent, the most blessed Nadia Nyce being a prime-cut example.


Short for "whore" in ebonics. Inspirational goal of many a porn slut.


The skin covering the clitoris, topography varies widely within women.

Hood Ornament (Voyager TM)

Any manner of fishing lure attached to the clitorial hood


Idiot (AJB TM)

Buyer of any Paul Thomas written / directed video.

Industry Tampon (Torris or Riley TM)

AVN, Adult Video News trade rag

Ink (Schwenko TM)

Tattoos on the skin of a female


Jizz Biz.

Pornographic business.


Male equivalent of "finger friggin" but even more boring.

Juicy Lucy (Oz TM)

Girls who can supposedly "squirt" when they cum...


K-9 flicks

Beastie stuff, i.e., sex with Trigger, Rover, etc....

Kansas (AJB TM)

Destination and final home for all porn startlets brought under the powerful mental sway of Voyager.


A cold fuck


Leather Bags (Becky Carols)

Old tits

Limp Dick

Flacid penis incapable of performing a fuck scene. See also: "Unemployment".


Long suffering ever vigilant spouse.....

Lube Job

Not to be confused with "lube". A particularly wet blow job. AKA "Stringy lube job" when the saliva/phlegm forms strings from the woman's mouth to the man's dick.


Martian (Felix Miata TM)

A female porn performer equipped with bolt-ons, and two or more piercings excluding ears, and at least one tattoo visible while being captured in a porn shoot.

Max Hardcored (LuvBooty1 TM)

The matriculation process a girl goes through during a Max Hardcore scene.

Mengeles (LT TM)

Term used to describe the dubiously trained and ethically challenged cosmetic surgeons who work on porn starlets.

Milk Bags (Becky Carols TM)



Any position where the parolee is facing the girl while fucking.


The abuse of women meant to arouse a male.

Mud Flaps

The meaty, hanging, larger than norm, pussy lips or labia minora. Such females almost invariably display sparkplugs, if properly attended to...


The pussy guarding the labia minora or lips. Many times when engorged will display puffiness.

Money Shot

The sexual and existential climax of a non-lesbian fuck scene. The greater the volume, the greater the marketability for reasons completely baffling to most porn consumers.

Moose Knucle

See Camel Toe

Muff Diver

Individual skilled in cunnilingus. See also "Carpet Muncher".

Muppet Pussy (Live_Slow TM)

Refers to the slash mouth of a muppet, i.e. Kermit the Frog. Hey now.....what about "Kermit Cunt?"

Mute Button (AJB TM)

Life & sanity saving feature of a porn viewer's TV/VCR remote controller whenever watching a porn movie in which Bunny Bleu or Raquel Darrien speaks.

Mysterious Anal Glop (AJB TM)

Gooey slime which oozes out of an anal queen's bunghole in volumes and colors beyond rational analysis. Some reported cases of green ectoplasm are the most puzzling form of Mysterious Anal Glop.


Abuse of dyslexic women


Nasal Sex

Penetration of the nostril with pecker. My guess found mostly in orange tinted euro tapes.

Natural vs. Implants, concerning tits that is.... (Felix Miata TM)

  1. Scars. These are not always visible, but they're a giveaway when they are. The location most common in the early days was the crease underneath, but this is rather uncommon today. IIRC, Mirage aka Brianna Banks is one of the most recent porn victims of this form of mutilation. More common is the areola scar, evidenced by a bottom circumference that looks welted, while the top circumference looks normal. Often this scar misses a portion of the actual circumference, leaving obvious mis-aligned "joints", or stepping in the circumference. Many implants today are inserted through incisions in remote locations, like armpit or navel, where scars are rarely evident.
  2. Puckers, wrinkles or ripples. These are rare in natural breasts and uncommon in modest implants, but nearly universal among overboosted porn wimmenz. Think of how a cheap plastic beach ball or raft looks at the seams, particularly when over or under inflated. Puckering is not very common when the pornstress is standing, but in nearly any other basic position, and particularly when in doggy, when the implant is pulled by gravity into a non-preferred position, puckering will be evident at the sides.
  3. Unnatural shapes. Breasts come in zillions of shapes, so it's tough to define unnatural. Basically it amounts to any type of curvature that appears counter to gravitational pull. An example of this is an under breast that starts to make a typical curve up away from the chest wall (common among small breasts), but then droops, like a thick liquid spilling over the edge of a spoon or spatula. Adjacent to the chest wall the breast is very firm (a semi-circular implant), but a bit away from it soft (real breast). Often in doggy the breast nearest the chest moves little or none, while the outer portion flops liberally. Keisha & Sarah Jane Hamilton are examples of this that come to mind.
  4. Excessive firmness. Mother nature pancakes real ones when she's on her back. If the cone shape changes little when pointed at the ceiling, they're plasticones.
  5. Excessive size. Res ipsa loquitur.

Naughtie Bit (Monty Python TM)

Parts of the male and female anatomy which your mommie, school teacher told you not to touch. Parts of the male and female anatomy your priest, grandpa touched for you. :-)



The girl's been attempting to deepthroat and is gagging horribly, she can't fit it all down. Suddenly the scene cuts and we're straight into mish. What's up with that? You just know there was some...OFF-CAMERA VOMIT!

One Day Wonder

The time from when the drug deal went down to finance the porn production to the time a tape is ready to be duped on 2- headed dirty VCR's.

One handed Welcome (Adam Film World TM)

See shelf life ~ as in she wore out her one handed welcome 40 movies ago

180 pound hemorrhoid (Torris TM )

Corollary to Floppy Rob (see in glossary), meaning in the case of a porn starlet, in this case Dee, who will only let her suitcase pimp fuck her ass on film


P4P Porno For Pedos (Rog TM)

The strong appeal to young, often pre-teen sexuality. Talk of teachers, daddies as well as clothing items and situations can all be included in this.

Paint brush (Riley TM)

That's a wide racing stripe.(see racing stripe) Another pubic hairstyle.


Standard issue male pornstar, typically working for the compensation of cheeseburgers and gas money.

Panty Wrangler (Mike South TM)

The guy, many times a suitcase pimp, who collects a pornstar's panties and other items after dancing on stage or the set of her previous porn scene.

PC gymnastics (Basement Child TM)

(PC here for pubococcygneus!) Creatures such as Denni O and Tye who stretch their twats to engulf large dildos, the likes of the dwarf Napolian, and even some some city-states....


Pathetic Loser. Honorable term meant for those who frequent porn, stripclubs, and other tenderloin services

Pile Driver

Position where the girl is on the floor, her torso raised in the air at a 90 degree angle to her face. She is looking up at the parolee as he hovers over her, he is now able to have free access to her pussy and/or bunghole.

Platinum Tipped Sparkplug (Voyager TM)

A clitoris of the highest order. Examples include Holly Ryder, Morgan Fairlane...

Plotted Porn

Genre of porn where a storyline is intermingled with the sex

Plumper (Riley TM)

Overweight girl

Porch Door Swings Both Ways (Torris TM)


Portuguese (Frank Simmons TM)

Tittie fucking when the parolee does the heavy lifting

Postage slot (Torris TM)

Cunt with no visible outer labia as in Pam Anderson

Post-Pubescent Broomsticks (MrScorpio TM)

Rangefed, barely legals....

Prostate Dust (Eden Rae TM)

See Cumspecks, Randy West, i.e., phantom cummer....

Puckered Asshole

Small skin ridges which radiate from the female asshole up to a one inch circumference. Many times associated with a brown eye. A puckered asshole is always ripe for anal sex.

Puffy Nipples

Found on a rare percentage of A and B cupped female breasts. Engorged areola, (colored area surrounding the nipple). At times appears to have just been released from the suction of a snake bite kit.


After he cums, she pushes it out of her pussy or mouth.

Pushy Woman (Riley TM)

One not deferential to the males' constant needs. Tight small curls within her hair is a warning sign.


Quake (Frank Simmons TM)

A particularly realistic-looking female orgasm captured for your viewing pleasure, complete with shudders, curled toes, a sigh of exhaustion and the "don't touch me" squirm.

Queef (SchwebelGod TM)

The sound that comes from her pussy, not your asshole


Racing stripe (Riley TM)

Starts at the top of the clitoral hood and terminates at the extreme top limit of where the normal inverted triangle of pubic hair would end. A pubic hairstyle.

Roccoolized (LuvBooty1 TM)

The matriculation process when you slap or spit on a chicks face, stretch her asshole to ungodly proportions and the chick screams for more..... typically what a girl goes through in an italian-stallion-Rocco scene. Should she be grad. school material she will have to master the swirlie...


1) a porn viewer, typically male, whose idea of "good" porn encompasses gyno closeups, POV, anal with gapes (see gape), A2M all performed by any (number of) female(s). To a raincoater porn is about "raw unbridled unabridged sexuality" captured in the most clear and graphic way possible. To many porn viewers this is considered excessive. Raincoaters would remind those what Mae West said," The problem with 'too much' is wonderful." Raincoaters would be very interested in the cornholing, A2M antics, anal cream pie (see eclair) of Adrianna Huffington. It would not be political, in fact they would want her to totally enjoy it. 2) everything Phyllis Schlafly is not. 3) Morgagni

Rangefed (Voyager TM)

Lean girl, many times ribs are seen when she is doing doggy, RC... Many times can only guess where her next meal is coming from.


A black female who's complexion is close to a caramel or rust.


Reverse Cowgirl, where the girl mounts and rides cock in her pussy, her ass and back facing the parolee. Great position to view the female form.


Reverse Cowgirl Anal, where the girl mounts and rides cock in her ass, her butt cheeks and back facing the parolee. The pussy is typically exposed in this position in its full glory, many times spawning a religious experience within the viewer.

Robo Slut (Torris TM)

Standard issue Vivid, Wicked, VCA porn actress. Typically, dyed blond hair with dark roots (drapes never match the carpet) garish eyemakeup, long black hookerish eyelashes, pancake makeup to cover crows feet, suitcase pimp beatings, etc., bolt-ons (they better not have any "give" to them), C-section scar, lack of waist definition, hookerish platform heels.


Where the girl fucks cock between her fleshy tits. Best done with nats, not a purdy sight if the girls' got bolt-ons. Also termed as titfucking or breast-boffing



From the common expression "do me and I'll owe ya one". A G/G scene where one girl will go down on the other, but the latter will only fingerfuck or toyfuck the former.


An obsolete 70's and early 80's term of what is currently known as a DP. (see DP)

Sardine Snatch (Becky Carols)

A pornslut who has had more weenies in her than an Oscar Meyer processing plant which results in that "not so fresh feeling". See also Bianca Trump (who some say has a pussy stench strong enough to kill a rhinoceros).

SFB (Riley TM)

Slavering Fan Boy. Description of porn viewer who idolizes a pornstarlet(s)

Shaftworthy (Torris' brother, TM)

Fuckable woman

Shelf Life (Riley TM)

The number of videos or scenes a newbie girl can perform in before her freshness factor expires. Typically six(?), or a variable period dependant upon the girl's talents.

Showhorse (Felix Miata TM)

A "filly" who only does g/g, or g/g/b but never gets real penis in pussy on camera

Showhorse wannabe (Felix Miata TM)

A "bimbot" or "robo slut" emulating a "showhorse"


Toe sucking and play

Sidewalls (LT TM)

We're speaking here porn gals with bad boob jobs. The inner edge of the breasts, towards the cleavage and breastbone. If it juts out in a non-sloping fashion, if it's very abrupt, almost slab sided...*that's* a sidewall


Cum swapping among females.

Southies or Soutars

See Carrieres

Slutlet- Mini-Slut (Rog TM)

A petite performer whose sexual energy far outsizes her small frame. Tammi Ann, Katie Gold, Leanni Lei, etc.

Snow-tread nutsack (Joy Dalton TM)

Knarly folds of the parolee's knapsack, linger on the Hedgehogs for a reference.

Sparkplug (Voyager TM)

The clitoris. You can't start the engine (pussy) unless you have a clean burning sparkplug

Spooliva (Spanking Hank TM)

The act of taking a cumshot in the mouth and the spitting it back so that it rolls down over the lips and tongue.


Typically a lying position, where both the parolee and girl are on their side, she has her back to him, and he penetrates her pussy and/or ass

Squealer/Stuck-pig (Frank Simmons TM)

A female screamer...she makes you turn down the sound on your TV so your kids don't hear.

Stridex diaper ( Torris TM )

Teenage anti zit medication that is needed for starlets like Anastasia Blue with revolting butt and crotch acne

Stud (Felix Miata TM)

An elder "quarterhorse"; usually one who should be in another line of work, but continues for lack of marketable conventional job skills and/or dearth of "quarterhorses" to substitute for "parolees" in plotted porn; see Randy Spears, Joel Lawrence

Sucks Moose Balls (Spaceman J. TM)

Used to describe any Thomas Zupko movie, esp. Anal Ball.

Suitcase Pimp (Torris TM)

Boyfriend, manager, step-brother, etc. of a pornstar and/or feature dancer who "manage" her affairs.

Super Freak (LuvBooty1 TM)

Hyper-horny, slutty, kinky. Will damn near fuck anything and anybody. Y'know, The kind you don't take home to motherrrrrrrr;-))))

Swingset Girlie

Pornstar who professes to be a swinger in real life.


The act of dunking a girl's head in the toilet, perfected by Rocco Siffredi. Erotic intent unclear.


Tain't (Torris TM)

tain't ass and tain't pussy.... The demilitarized zone of flesh between these two areas

Tattoo Farm (Riley TM)

A monoculture of tats, look at current Torri Wells, Janine, Jenna, or Jack Hammer.

TCT (Tea Cup Titties) (Ace Ventura TM)

TCT refers to the size, configuration, and especially firmness of the breasts. A perfect TCT should fit into the hand, have a conical shape with a protruding nipple and be firm enough to have the same shape whether the bitch is standing up or lying down. The rating scale is 0-10 with 10 being TCT perfection and 0 being the antithesis of TCT-ness.


When the female orally pleasures the male partner's balls while he squats over her.

Tears of Joy

Your joy, her tears, when she swallows that rod so far back it makes her weep.

Thoroughbred (Felix Miata TM)

Quarterhorse found in at least one of every 20 recent plotted porn features; see Evan Stone, Earl Slate, Eric Everhard, Alec Metro


See Portuguese

Toothpaste Technique (Torris TM)

Used by perpetually limp parolees like Alex Sanders, Jonathan Morgan, Hedgehog to get enough blood into their dicks in order to attempt to perform

Tossing salad (Chris Rock TM)


Toto, I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore... (Dorothy TM)

That warm and fuzzy emotion a PL feels when he knows his A-List girl(s) is doing her scene with HIM in mind...

Touchie Feelie (Riley TM)

The Anotithoeosis of chief science officer Spock doing porn

Treasure Trail (Riley TM)

The fine line from the top of the clitoral hood to the belly button. It may or not be a line of hair. The treasure trail is particularly related to reproduction. If you view some of the Ready to Drop series you'll find that almost all the bulging mama-to-be's have a prominent treasure trail even though they might have shaven or completely bald pussies. It's also very common in black girls or maybe it's just more visible in them.


Any variety of dildos, vibes, pocket rockets, etc. to add that touch of romance to a sex scene.

Tummy Damage (Riley TM)

Striations, pucker, loose skin, stretch marks, etc. found on the tummy of the female due to whelping. Depending on the genetics and/or exercise habits of the starlet, tummy damage can be negated or enhanced.

Tupper Ware (Torris TM)

See Toys


Udder Massage

While the parolee lies flat, the woman moves her pendulous tits up and down his body and/or strokes his dick with them.

Unloaded pistol (Felix Miata TM)

Term for a strap-on.


Valley Girls

Starlets like Julia Ann or Donita Dunes who have a large gulley between their two tits. The phrase can also refer to the tits themselves.

Veggie Porn (Rog TM)

All Lesbian scene or movie. No meat.

VVWA&E (Riley TM)

Vivid, Wicked, Adam & Eve studios which specialize in couples porn featuring primarily robosluts and pretty boys. As a girl climbs porn's ladder of success, to many girls these companies are at the top rungs, however, entry normally comes with paying one's dues getting bolt-ons, collegen lips, a c-section scar with associated tummy damage and long black eyelashes.

Vulcanization (Voyager TM)

The act of a male wearing a rubber in a porn-scene.


Whelped (Riley TM)

A starlet who has given birth typically showing effects on the breasts, tummy and ass

Whoreup (Felix Miata TM)

n. or v. - long, dark, artificial eyelashes; dark eyeliner; and copious amounts of eye shadow and other facial makeup that make the pornlet look just like a stereotypical cheap street whore; esp. when all her other hair is blonde or she is obviously wearing a wig.

Wrinkle Walls (Felix Miata TM)

The puckering of the implant bag when the gal is on all fours -- the sides of her pendulous breasts get all puckered since the bags are being stretched in a "not-quite-as-designed" way.


The ability of a parolee to maintain an erection.




Yellow (High Yellow or Yeller)

A black person who is so light in complexion that they are, what we would say, is near white.


Zinger (Redman TM)

A blemish that alot of porn women seem to have....aka zit(s) on their ass

Well boyz and girlz, this is the end of the alphabet, please post any adds/moves/or changes, and I'll store them on the ol' Cray....for future release.... http://www.cray.com/products/systems/gallery/cray1.html


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