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NOTE: This used to be a section in the FAQ, but I removed it in favor of its own page. However, I have not kept on this list, but plan to in my spare time :-) So if an address doesn't work, lemme know.
Actually, this is terrible. It's out of date and generally in bad shape. The descriptions and may or may not be right.
There are also some professional reviewers and journalists who are floating around, but honestly, have not made enough of a contribution to warrant inclusion here... which is to say they've posted once or twice...

Also, just because a person is listed in the above list does not mean that he or she actively follows the groups. It means that at one time they contributed to some conversations and made their presence known. For instance, we haven't heard from anyone over at Vivid in almost a year. On the other hand, we haven't heard anything from Patrick Collins in a long time either, but when asked a direct question he seems to respond, though it is often kinda late and poorly formatted because by his own admission, he doesn't know how to type and because of it, it takes him forever to compose followups.

Regular Posters

Rodney Moore
One half of the Cumm Brothers, Rodney is a pro-am favorite with such series as "How to Make a Model" and "Rodney Moore's Northwest Pecker Trek."
Patrick Riley
Patrick writes the excellent X-Rated Star Index books along with the X-Rated Video Review...
S. Andrew Roberts
Adult movie editor with sections in the FAQs and regular contributor to the newsgroups.
Mike South
Pro-am director. His amateur series was nominated for many awards. Hates shooting g/g scenes.
Brandy Alexandre
Ex-pornstar. Currently writing her memoirs.
Writer for Exotic Magazine. Co-wrote "Tiffany Million's How to Pick Up a Dancer" book (much to her chagrin, it seems :-)
Jim Gunn
Florda-based pornographer who shoots for his own company, and others. Shoots mostly on the east coast. Famed series: Lesbian Cheerleader Squad, Strap-on Sally, East Coast Sluts
Involved with Anabolic, exactly how has never really been established. Rumor has it, he may be Jon Dough.
Brandon Irons
Controversial performer/director. Under the name Alek James Hidell he unleashed the abusive(?) Slap Happy line of videos. He recently started PlatinumX Pictures with Jewel D'Nyle, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes, and Michael Stefano.
Steve Holmes
European producer/performer. Another fifth of the PlatinumX team.
David Aaron Clark
Ex-SCREW and SPECTATOR editor and porn critic, has directed features & gonzo for Extreme, Vivid, Odyssey, Video Team , won 2002 AVN Award for writing EUPHORIA script for Wicked.

Semi-Regular Posters

Henri Pachard
Golden Age (and still working) director of world renown... He now writes columns for avninsider.com and yesportal.com where he frequently comments on RAME and Adult DVD Talk.
Dirty Bob (bobdirty@aol.com)
Reviewer for Video Xcitement and AVN. Producer and director of Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures.

Haven't posted in a long time

Paul Little / Max Hardcore
The one and only Godfather of Extreme Porno.
Eden Rae
Performer, model, actress
Paul Norman
Ex-husband of Tori Welles; father of Celeste's kid, porn producer/director
Asia Carrera
Vivid contract girl turned free agrent. Since came to her senses and divorced Bud Lee. Has her own web site which she coded ("... I made it all by myself and it's cool, and I'm really proud of it 'cause I slaved and slaved on it! OK!") which can be found at http://www.asiacarrera.com. (Netscape 3.0 or higher) Has appeared in the newsgroups only once or twice. Now hates RAME becuase people made fun of her MENSA status and were generally mean to her. Welcome to Usenet!
Adult mail order company that makes regular contributions to a.s.m. Web page at http://www.blowfish.com/
Patrick Collins
Producer, director and owner of Elegant Angel, which produces the Buttslammers and Sodomania series.
Kerri Downs
Fantastic/Zane adult film star who has appeared in 60+ videos. Owner of Spotlight Video. Known as a "squirter". Nick Long's SO and regular a.s.m contributor.
Jay Galt
President of the Video Gold Club mail-order company mentioned within.
Steven Hirsch
President of Vivid Video. He hasn't been around in quite sometime. Have no idea if the e-mail address is still good. Vivid's web page: http://www.vividweb.com
Patricia Kennedy
Adult film actress. She hasn't been around in quite sometime. Have no idea if the e-mail address is still good.
Bill Majors
Producer of pioneer hardcore Next Door Neighbor pro-am series. 400 B&D, spanking and foot fetish videos with three AVN best bondage or fetish awards. Supposedly dropped a.s.m. from his feed due to poor quality.
Tyffany Million
Gorgeous Lady of Wrestling turned pornstar and self-proclaimed Mensa member has graced alt.sex.movies with her presence. She has a web site at http://www.tyffanymillion.com
Jeremy Stone
publisher of Adam Film World (AFW) Will occasionally pop out and add to a thread and say hello. Married (since divorced) to Christy Canyon, lucky bastard (who fucked it up).
Paul Thomas
Adult movie superstar of the seventies and eighties with 425 videosan credits. Director for Vivid. Directing credits include "Justine", "Steamy Windows" and "Beauty and the Beast." A section of the FAQ's is devoted to PT. He hasn't been around in quite sometime. Have no idea if the e-mail address is still good.

Posted Once or Twice

Shane posted once so far, to comment on her seperation from the ISV who manages her website. As of April 3, 1998, she is no longer affiliated with shanesworld.com
Michael Sharp
Mike lurks about, but he runs In X-Cess Productions, a prolific production company. He hasn't been around in quite sometime. Have no idea if the e-mail address is still good.
Brittany O'Connell
Brittany is a starlet.
Nick Long
Adult movie actor and director. Owner of a company that produces adult videos and magazines. Kerri Down's SO and frequent newsgroup contributor.
T.H. Royal
Independent east coast adult movie producer, director, director of photography and/or editor. Web page at http://www.videoworks.com.
Van Damage
Posted while a director at Extreme Associates; now runs pagan pictures.
Tom Byron
Classic performer turned producer/director; posted once.
Rick Christmas
Adult film crew regular. Made a cameo appearance in Blonde Justice 3. Great for lots of on-set reports and anecdotes. Rick is now an editor at Sin City, so we wish him all the best in his new job!
Mark Logan
At one time, he was managing Editor of Adult Video News
Kalina LynX
Formerly known as Kelly G'raffe. "Housemate" of Kerri Downs and Nick Long.
Mark Kernes
Ranking writer at Adult Video News
Paul Fishbein
Publisher of Adult Video News.


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