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Subject: In Praise of Blue Moon Books
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Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2000 04:33:43

> Notice, please, that neither Bush nor Gore have made an issue of porn.
> Have they?

Neither has said anything about porn; neither is going to. It's not exactly a pressing national issue. The closest any of them has come is Lieberman with his ranting about Hollywood, but it's unclear whether this extends to porn...

> Speaking of books, does anybody actually read those little pulp books?

There is one pulp company that puts out an extraordinary selection of (relatively) high quality fiction: Blue Moon Books. Most of their titles are historical fiction, set in Victorian times or the Twenties (which don't interest me, as they are written largely in the style of the literary conventions of their times and thus fairly dull), but they do have a wide selection of Modern titles.

Some of them are brilliantly written and, with a few tweaks, could serve as screenplays for perfect, award-winning plotted porn. The best series they ever printed was by "Jack Spender" and consists of "Russian Roulette", "The Rites of Sodom", and "Professor Spender and the Sadistic Urge". The first two books are, in addition to being decent pulp, hilarious satire (I have yet to read the third). If a big-name porn company were to properly film "The Rites of Sodom", they'd have an instant hit on their hands--however, to properly do it would take at least three parts, as there are (I think) at least twenty sex acts that take place, and I'm not sure the gangbang of the menstruating teen or the homosexual rape at the end would go over real well.

Many of their titles are reprints, originally released by (at least semi-
)mainstream publishers but never reached wide audiences--"Lament" by David Sunset Carson, for example, which was first published by (I think) Grove Press (with which Blue Moon seems to have some tie) back in the sixties, is still a wonderfully funny parody of a Zane Gray Western. The book is heavy-handed and more crude than most Blue Moon titles, but that just makes it that much easier to convert to a porn screenplay...Hell, I'd write the screenplay for free if any director thought he might shoot it. Is anyone in the industry listening?

At least one books is supposedly about a porn starlet: "Virtue's Rewards" by Wilma Kauffen. It's cleverly written, but the porn scene she describes (or invents) hasn't existed since the early eighties (if ever). Still, another great pick for a screenplay. One final book that merits mention is "The Oxford Girl" (by Anonymous), a wonderfully stylish piece set in British academia--I'd give almost anything to have Andrew Blake make it, as it is quite lesbian-intensive at points...

Unfortunately, just about all of these books are out of print (except "Lament"), and I doubt you could get them through interlibrary loan...Maybe Alibris might do the trick. Check the Blue Moon website at www.bluemoonbooks.com for more info on their latest titles (which I'm sadly not up on).

Ironically enough, I've never seen any of Blue Moon's books at any "adult bookstores", though they look more or less just like classier (thin spine, low-quality paper, white cover with a single color softcore pic) versions of the more ubiquitous lowbrow pulps (which, unlike Blue Moon, seem to be mainly about pedophilia and incest). I always had to rely on Waldenbooks for my Blue Moon fix to get me through ages fourteen and fifteen (by sixteen I had finally arranged a regular mail-order source for videos), but actually going to the counter to purchase them was harrowing...I still remember standing in Waldenbooks with a copy of "Professor Spender and the Sadistic Urge" in my hot little hands and being too nervous (and poor) to buy it...And I haven't seen it since.

Anyone know where I can get a copy of that?

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