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From: Tim Evanson <tevanson@erols.com>
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Subject: Re: Bi Orgy Videos
Date: Sat, 19 May 2001 12:50:58

TriStateBlk wrote:

> Are there any good bi orgy videos out there anywhere? If not, why not?!?

As a big fan of bi movies (bi orgy films), I'll toss in my two cents:

The best bi orgy films are Paul Norman's "Bi and Beyond" series. I've only seen the first three, and there are something like eight volumes. The films are ostensibly transsexual films: The story-lines usually revolve around a woman who has a penis and a vagina. The penis is as fake as can be, of course. :) But the films are really about biseuxality, about men and women who engage in a lot of three-ways prior to a final orgy that's really wonderful.

The films are also somewhat old -- like mid and late 80s. But they feature some of the best performers around at the time. For example, "Bi and Beyond 1" showcases then-gay-superstars Kurt Bauer, Mike Gregory, and Rick Donovan. (I can't speak to the female stars, but I'd assume the same thing.)

Personally, I really like the films. Oh, the plots are nonsense. But the sex is usually quite good. There aren't any condoms used for the most part (well, I dunno about the later films). And the big orgy sequences at the end are excellent.

The orgy scenes are quite lengthy -- I'd guess about 20 minutes in length. They are quite well-filmed, too. There's clearly a lot of action going on all the time, so you get the sense that there really is an orgy going on. People keep getting up, switching partners, moving from one body to the next. A guy laying on his back with a girl riding his cock and a man fucking his mouth might find the girl abandoning him, only to have another man start fucking him. The guy might then get turned on his hands and knees, and start eating the pussy of a woman in front of him (who's on her hands and knees, too, sucking cock). The man fucking him might stop, and the guy then mounts the girl's pussy doggy-style. The man in the girl's mouth might pull out, and let another girl replace him for some more pussy-eating. All this might be going on in the background, bodies writhing from position to position. It's great!

(Compare this to the choreographed, cold, frozen orgy in Falcon's "The Other Side of Aspen 4." The pairings are mostly duos, not a real orgy. Action rarely occurs in the background; most of the background actors sit around masturbating and ogling the action that's being filmed. The action is VERY choreographed, to the point where it's almost as if someone is saying -- off camera -- 'OK, now, Chad I want you to straddle Ken. Mike, start Roger's cock. Terry, you should be fucking Joe....no, wait, sorry, you should be fucking Tyler. Yeah, Joe, go 69 with Paul.' I found the film to have zilch in the way of sexual heat. Hell, half the guys never even got erections.)

I also really enjoyed the way the orgys work out. You didn't have a bunch of duos fucking in the same room, with everyone switching partners occasionally. Instead, in the "Bi and Beyond" films I've seen, you get some real ORGY action. Sometimes there are daisy-chains of action. Sometimes you get duos. Sometimes you get three-ways or four-ways. Sometimes, someone just lays back and rests and catches their breath -- masturbating and panting, watching others fuck.

I also like the length of the orgies. They go on and on and on... There's no "10-minute" rule for the most part. Also, guys cum -- but keep fucking. Often, they end up bottoming or engaging in sex that doesn't involve their limp cock. But after a few more minutes, the guy is raging hard again and using his penis. That's a BIG improvement over most of the films I've seen!!! (Orgy films included.)

Lastly, most of the sex really does seem to be bisexual. You don't get "strict tops" among the men. You don't get obviously gay men mixed with a few heterosexuals -- the straight boys clearly preferring women, the gay men straining to cover their straight colleagues' lack of bisexual action, the women actually having LESBIAN sex rather than a straight man's version, etc. (The films also lack the slight misogynistic edge that some straight porn directors give to sex. The women seem to be really enjoying themselves, rather than fucking to fit some director's view of what "sluts in action" should be.)

Are there other good bisexual orgy films other than these?

Well, if there are, I've seen precious few of them! :(

Indeed, there're almost NO bisexual films being made today. It's a crying shame. Mickey Skee's "Dirty Dozens" book contains a chapter on bisexual films. But Skee has to include almost every single bisexual film made to reach that magic number 12!!! NO KIDDING! Most of the films are coming from the inept hands of people like Karen Dior and Crystal Crawford. Chi Chi LaRue also manages to turn out a few each year, but as LaRue loses his grip on what's hot (due to burn-out; after all, the guy's been making films for more than 10 years now!) his films suffer. Anthony Rose (aka indie film producer Kyle Schickner) did some wonderful bi films between 1998-2000, but he's basically abandoned porn. Lord only knows what he's really trying to do these days; his films are part indie film, part documentary, part porn film, and part mess.

I'm not sure why bi porn is such a miniscule part of things these days. One could say that bi porn's heyday (the 70s and 80s) flowered because of the looser sexual mores that existed back then (left-overs from the 1960s). But as a more conservative sexuality has set in, it seems that bi porn has withered. AIDS has had something to do with it, of course. Women often fear sex with bi or gay men (without warrant, I say; if gay men rely on safe sex, why shouldn't women?). Maybe some of it has to do with the backlash against the gains gays have made (i.e., more blatant homophobia leads to a less tolerant atmosphere for bisexuality.)

But personally, I think the biggest factor is the dissolution of the bi community. I know TONS of bisexual men. But they never seek out bi porn. They seek out gay porn when they want to be gay. They seek out straight porn when they want to be straight. None of the bi men I know want to be BISEXUAL. They veer uncontrollably from straight to gay, to straight again. I can only think of two bisexual men who actually seek out sex with a man and a woman at the same time. Their sex lives are pathetic; for sex, they usually compromise their basic sexuality, and end up with either a man or a woman. (I only know three bisexual women, so that's not a good group to generalize from.)

When the bi community is so fucked up that bi men and women are unable to express their sexuality (and consequently unable to seek out truly bisexual porn), then it's no small wonder that there is no bi porn. Markets require supply AND demand. The demand's just not there, sadly.

I've seen some bisexual porn coming out of Europe. Rather, I'm aware of bisexual porn in Europe. Much of it involves stuff that'd be illegal in the U.S. -- largely because of the age of the male actors (often 15-18 year olds with an older woman -- in her 20s, 30s or 40s).

Czech Mate/All Worlds has some bisexual porn coming out, but it's mostly 10 Czech men gang-banging one woman. (One supposes Bill Higgins has to placate his actors every so often with a woman, or they'll get mad.) There's very little male-male action in these sets, at least insofar as I've seen (I'm not a big expert on the Czech Mate films, though). My sense is that the Czech films are often like Rick Ford/Dirk Yates' "Real Marines" series -- occasional bisexuality with two or three guys on one woman. Kind of boring (unless one of the guys is really boy-next-door and has a huge prick...but that's just my taste).

There's some German bi porn, too, but it rarely features orgies (from what I'm aware of, it's usually two or three guys on one woman). And I suspect it suffers from the same deficit as other Euro bi-porn (i.e., the age thing).

There may be some amateur bi porn out there, but if so I am not aware of it.

Tim #1

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