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From: ridley99@aol.com (Ridley99)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Subject: 1999: Porns best year ever
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 99 21:34:40

I have been buying and renting porn for nearly 20 years. I have seen it all, from Seka to Jenna Jameson. ( gawd, i remember when Ron Jeremy was thin ). Just A year ago It seemed porn was doomed, That Aids and the threat of Aids would destroy Porn. Hopwever Porn did not die ,in fact it is back with a vengence.

Here are some reasons why I believe 1999 was the greatest year in the history of Porn:

New Dicks

For about 10 years: 1985- 1995 it seemed there were only 11 actors doing X-rated videos. Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Peter North, Marc Wallice, Joey Silvera, Don Fernando, Tony Montana, Randy West, TT-boy and ( for some chocolate flavor ) Sean Michaels and Jake Steed. The girls came and went but these guys remained. After awhile I got sick of seeing them. I would spot a pretty girl on a box cover and consider buying the flick, but then I would see the cocks in it belonged to Marc Wallice and Randy West, and that would be the end of that. I can't tell you how many Teri Wiegal tapes I passed on because it featured the same old lame assed dick heads.

But now a virtual " army " of new dicks has arrived on the scene. The old order has been overturned. Happy days are here again. All hail the California prison system. I guess thats why they call it a Penal system.

Pretty girls

Things were looking bleak for awhile. Mila and Plain girls with inflatable boobs and ,Tattoos were the rule. It was as though porn was recruiting its girls as well as its men from America's prisons. Aids had destroyed the talent pool. But in 1999 beautiful girls were the rule, and boy do they rule. ( drool )

Leading the way is Hustler's "Barely Legal, " sexy, creamy skinned Lolitas, with tight ,pink pussies, beautiful faces and bodies as sweet and natural as ripe peaches ( no Tatoos, no piercings,no fake tits ) The pretty girls were not limited to movies that could have been written by Nabakov, pretty faces were poping up everywhere. Led by the likes of Aspen Brock, Inari Vachs and Nicky Anderson.

Excellent direction and Camera Work

even in low budget production it seems most directors and camera-men have it down to a science. The Director of the Dr Fellatio series is particularly good. There is a real attention to camera angles and lighting. What a difference, even in the golden age of porn, many scenes featuring beautiful women were ruined by bad camera angles, looping. or centering on a guys face for about 20 seconds while he fucked. One note, do not buy any video that has the words- Pool or Backyard in the title. This films usually suck. ( and not in a good way )

Thousands of Videos

what ever is your kink, you're sure to blink.. Vivid handles the crowd that likes stories , its ready for playboy TV movies would fit easily into the Golden age. Anabolic on the other hand, handles the nasty, fuckin hardcore videos. Videos so nasty you feel like you have to wash your hands after handling them. Everything else is in the middle of the 2 extremes.

Perverts with video-camera's ran wild. Girl were gang-banged to tears as well as soaked with buckets of cum. Big Black dicks stood tall, especially Lexington Steele who gets my vote as new-cummer of the year.

My Favorite moments of 1999

Aspen Brock sheds crocodile tears

With all 12 inches of Lexington Steele's dick buried in her ass, Aspen broke down on camera. Transforming Gang bang Audition # 3 from average gangbang tape to a look at the underbelly of Porn.

Shanna McCullogh eats sperm

Shanna one of the sexier girls ever to grace the world of Porn got down and dirty in 1999. Eating lots of unborn Sperm in videos like " American Cocksucking Championship " and " I Swallow 1" and 2.

Inari Vachs

She looks like a high school cheerleader , pretty face and golden blonde hair, and a body that is the definition of " Hard Body ". Inari has made the drool spewing blow job her specialty. To watch her give a ' drool job' is to see an artist at work. Vachs, pronounced like Fox.

Barely Legal

If you want to see young ( legal ) girls engaged in sexual activity, you have many options ( on video ) but in reality there is only one choice. "Barely Legal" delivers on all accounts, unlike other videos where 22 year olds claim to be 18, these chicks are young and tender. There is one blonde girl ( i can't remember her name or the # of the tape ) who is so sexy its beyond human comprehension. She brings her Stepdad his lunch and he takes her cookies for desert. She rides his dick then gives him a messy blowjob the dude is in heaven. And she is just one of the lovely lasses to appear in this tape.

American Bukkake

Any scene from any of the Bukkake videos is a hi-light. Why did it take so long. Thats my only question. The idea is so simple, 100 of the California prisons systems best, line up and hose down a beauty queen. To see these girls slimed is a near religious experience. To dream of some of the notorious cum dodgers of the past, tied to a chair and getting thier just deserts in a future Bukkake , is the only thing that keeps me going in this cold hearted world.

If this is 1999 . Bring on Fuckin 2000


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