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DATE: Sun, 05 Jan 1997 01:04:13 GMT
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"Manx man" (na593306@anon.penet.fi) wrote:

I have just received a copy of the *excellent* 70s porno BABYFACE, directed by Alex de Renzy. It ranks as one of my all time favoutire erotic movies but what i`d really like is some help woth the cast list.

At the risk of annoying others in the group here's a re-post of the complete Babyface from 9/2/96:

OK. I rewatched Babyface and checked the references to Boiling Point and The Spirit Of Seventy Sex. Much as I hate to admit it <g> Peter's right again.

Sandi Pinney is the girl with the long gray/blonde hair, slim body, medium tits, and pushy attitude who appears in the inspection scene and later whips Dan Roberts and is screwed by him. But she IS the race car driver. Sandi also appears in Boiling Point with her SO David Pinney as a dancer/swinger and in Spirit as one of the girls (the other is Abigail Clayton) who meets the three minutemen and does a four way with them (Abigail doesn't participate).

The hefty blonde who is in the inspection scene (white skull cap) and later screws Joey is not the same as the hefty blonde in Boiling Point who does a long stylized g/g with the hitchhiker who I think (oh, oh, Peter has another opportunity to whack me) is Lisa Sue Corey. Nor is it the same as the wife (also hefty but more reddish than blonde) of Kevin James in Ring Of Desire.

The tape I have is VCA with previews before and after so it's not a short tape and the only credits are a title card which includes a (c) Alexander F. de Renzy. Additional review information can be found at Hustler 8/77, Adam Film World 10/77, AFW Annual 1984, The X-Rated Videotape Guide vol I (Rimmer) at pg 61, Only The Best (Holliday) pg 57.

Exhaustive cast list:

Lynn Cuddles Malone: sometimes shown as "Lyn", story name Priscilla, the 15 year old (not 14 as Hustler says) who is screwed by Dan Roberts and then does a three way with Joey and PT at the end of the movie.

Amber Hunt: story name Felicia, is part of a three way with Dan and Linda in the houseboat and another three way with PT and Desiree West.

Christine Heller: the rock singer Marina who is the subject of the 10 man gang bang upstairs at the brothel.

Linda Wong: Amber's roommate on the houseboat and one of the receptionists/flunkies at the brothel. Part of the three way with Amber and Dan.

Angela Haze: blonde with a passable face, small tits, very tight curly hair and lithe body who plays the cab driver. She's the girl who gets screwed by Dan immediatley after the inspection scene (no cum shot) and later does some oral work in the gang bang scene.

Sandi Pinney: the race car driver(ess), story name Natasha or Tasha. Is present at the inspection scene (very aggressive) and then whips Dan and is screwed by him.

Desiree West: black actress in the inspection scene. Roughed up by PT (can you imagine?) before he screws her and then immediatley afterwards is part of the three way with PT and Amber.

Dan Roberts: story name Dan, the star of the movie. He screws Lynn, Angela and the mother Molly, is in a three way with Amber and Linda on the houseboat and is part of the gang bang.

Paul Thomas (PT): one of the house studs who screws Desiree, is part of three ways with Desiree and Amber and Lynn and Joey. He is also part of the gang bang and is the one who does the anal part, I believe.

Joey Silvera: story name Roger, one of the house studs who participates in the gang bang and also, pretending to be a high school basketball player, screws the hefty blonde. He's also part of the three way with Lynn and PT.

Ken Scudder: brought in from outside in the third wave of guys for the gang bang.

Turk Lyon: also from outside in the third wave.

Blair Harris: drink server in the inspection scene and then part of the second wave for the gang bang.

Otis Sistrunk: mentioned by both Hustler and Holliday as football star from the Oakland Raiders. Plays the cop who arrives with the mother just as Dan finishes screwing Lynn. Otis chases and shoots at Dan.

John Leslie: putatively in the gang bang scene and the only real possibility is the guy (third wave) in the leather jacket, leather peaked cap and tinted glasses. He has a moustache and never takes off the cap. If it is John L. it's almost as though he didn't want to be recognized.

And now for the unknowns.

The hefty blonde: called "Shirley" or "Shelly" by the champ in the inspection scene and is asked about her son. Later drops the son off at basketball practice and ogles the players. Goes back to the brothel and seduces Joey, playing the role of a high school (George Washington) basketball player. Very pretty face with a beauty mark/mole on her right cheek and fine shoulder length blonde hair but big boned and fat (even wears a girdle). Looks like she's in her thirties.

The mother: story name Molly. Ugly face but surprisingly a reasonable quality body with small tits and black hair. Gets screwed by Dan while he's wrapped in plastic wrap. Ugly or not she's well suited to the part and acts the crazed man-hater with aplomb.

The brothel owner: story name Champ. No sex and never takes off her clothes. Short with short reddish brown hair. A little aggressive but it's appropriate for the role.

Schoolteacher: story name Bruce. No sex. Blonde lithe male who rejects Lynn's no panties/shaven crotch invitation in the classroom and later tries to get the mother to see that Lynn has a problem.

Schoolgirl: short haired brunette who arrives at the pier with Lynn and leaves after Lynn hurts her knee. Much more appropriatley dressed than Lynn in a short pleated plaid skirt.

Barber: Stud in the brothel. Older guy with moustache who together with Amber makes Dan presentable before the inspection scene. Later he's seen in the men's dorm and goes upstairs for the gang bang but it's unclear if he participates.

Boxer: white guy who keeps shadow boxing, just before the inspection scene. He has a tattoo on his left shoulder.

Muscle-bound black guy: story name "Steve" or "Stevie". Stud in the brothel who participates in the gang bang. Wears glasses and seems to jog everywhere.

Drink server: guy who serves drinks in the inspection scene together with Blair Harris.

Really Ugly Woman: peeks out from the doorway and calls in Dan just after the flashback to the houseboat scene. Later seen discussing prices and "the donkey" (maybe in the European version, Peter?) with Amber intercut with Joey screwing the hefty blonde.

Son of the hefty blonde: looks about 12 and is dropped by his mother at the basketball practice.

Basketball player #1: ogled by the hefty blonde from the car. Very little close up shots so could be one of the other cast.

Basketball player #2: same as #1.

Black baggage handler and sundry people at airport: probably didn't even know they appeared in a porno movie.

Extra gang bang participant: unaccounted for blonde guy. Could be the previously mentioned drink server or the boxer.

Officer Rizzo: the cop who arrives to see what all the fuss is about when the mother tries to kill Dan. He's sent off to investigate nude sunbathing and protests it's night time.


Some observations watching this movie after ten years.

There's really no excuse for the lack of story in current movies. The story here, even if unrealistic, is well suited to the sex; it moves along well and you get neither the feeling of rushed sex scenes nor skimped-on dialog.

The amusing parts (e.g. Dan hopping down the stairs in plastic wrap) don't kill the erotic value of the sex scenes.

Even hefty women (the blonde) or ugly ones (the mother) can be erotic if the movie is well done.

Dan says to himself (really to us) "I don't want to make her pregnant" when he pulls out of Lynn. Very appropriate way to prepare for a belly cum shot.

Although it's not a swinger type movie, the people look and sound like they like sex. Sandi in particular, although no raving beauty, sounds like she's getting off when she's being screwed by Dan.


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