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From: p_riley@pipeline.com (Patrick Riley)
Subject: Uncut seventies movies (was Sensational Uncut Janine?)
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 1997 00:30:48 GMT
Organization: Not Organized At All

David Delaney <ddelaney@freenet.npiec.on.ca> wrote:

Wondering whether the movie "Sensational Janine" available thru Excal is cut or not? If it is, does anyone know where I can get a hold of a original?

I have no idea if the Excalibur copy is cut but today almost anything with rape, incest, pretend-underage sex, fisting, defecation, golden showers, B&D and explict sex, etc has been cut. However (I should get a commission from these people) Alpha Blue Archives has a set of loops which they describe as:

EUROSLEAZE 1975-78. 74min. Extremely rare loops from Europe--beautiful women, high production values & vivid color! Includes a 20 min scene from "Josephine Mutzenbacker" ("Sensational Janine" starring Patricia Rhomberg) cut from the American release. Also...

So presumably we have two "cutting" levels here: one back in the seventies which even the perverts of those days weren't permitted to see and (probably) one in the nineties to remove any residual trace of interest.

Since I posted the information about Candy Stripers #1 (which is where you'll find the address for Alpha Blue) I've bought and watched two more tapes from these people: An Act Of Confession and Diversions.

An Act Of Confession is a movie that Holliday asserted would never be released to videotape and Playboy in August 1973 said would never be released theatrically. (The other mode of distribution is direct film sales via the mail.) I don't think Holliday was correct because Alpha Blue's copy is a hard-to-watch video transfer, I believe. Now why wouldn't it be released, you might ask? The movie is 1972, set in the middle ages, directed by Anthony Spinelli and concerns a young novice nun about to take her final vows. She's unsure she wants to become a "bride of Christ" because she has these sexual feelings which manifest themselves as erotic dreams (we see, of course). There's the g/g scene with cellmate Cindee Summers, the confession with the priest which turns into group sex, the taking of communion which becomes a BJ for the altar boy and the priest (cum collected on tray), a scene with her tied to a cross while she's shared by two friars, and if that weren't enough, Christ appearing, walking on water (Ok special effect) and, according to Holliday getting a BJ. In my copy the last BJ is cut (if it ever existed) but the cross scene doesn't exist in the movie according to Holliday (it does on my copy). Erotic-wise it doesn't cut it (two nuns in full garb giving a BJ to a priest don't get my hormones racing) but one can see the minor (!) problems in a release in any manner.

Diversions (1976) is an English movie which is erotic and has the fairly simple story line of a girl being sent to prison located at some distance from London. She's handcuffed to a male and female guard and while travelling by train fantacizes about how her life could have been. This is a real movie with proper stories to each fantasy (no silliness), some of the best acting I've seen in a porno, proper production values (no claustrophobic sets and good costuming), a cute lead actress who carries most of the sex, and an overall story which I can't tell you about because it would spoil the movie. Sex-wise, there's a rape scene (although this scene is simulated), a g/g rape in a Soviet-style interrogation room with the girl hung (very erotic), vampires, a castration scene, a cherry plucking (the weakest but some might like the Shakespearian overtones) and several others. Oh, if the porno industry had only continued in this manner!

Well, I have an order outstanding for another five movies. You do what you like but eventually someone is going to get nasty with these people and the movies are going to disappear for another twenty years. Personally I'm going to get in now.

One note about certain people casting aspersions on my commentry re Candy Stripers. I add a "#1" to the first in a series of anything; that doesn't mean the movie will say "#1" on the box or tape or that the moviemakers thought there would be a #2. It's emphatic so as to avoid the type of confusion that occured recently with Caught From Behind #1 and #3. The Candy Stripers from Alpha Blue is UNCUT, at least concerning the two scenes that were never transferred to any video release. If you don't care fine, but don't imply I don't know what I'm talking about or am lying.

From: p_riley@pipeline.com (Patrick Riley)
Subject: Candy Stripers #1
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 1997 17:16:57 GMT
Organization: MindSpring Enterprises

This probably won't interest our European friends but I recently received a full theatrical version (transferred from a 16mm print) of the subject movie. It's--ahem--complete and uncensored and isn't a bad transfer to boot. The company also sells other otherwise unobtainable movies from the early seventies (also, according to the publicity, complete and uncensored) such as Defiance, Femmes de Sade, Hardgore, Teenage Cowgirls and Teenage Dessert. Unfortunately no Nanci Blue, Whip And The Chain, nor Dogarama.

I actually paid ($20) for Candy Stripers (well worth it--the Amber Hunt scene is delicious) and have no connection with the company other than as a customer.

Alpha Blue Archives
PO Box 16072
Oakland CA 94610
(510) 268-0811

They have a catalog (12pgs) and take Visa and M/C.

(Also website now at http://www.alphabluearchives.com/

From: p_riley@pipeline.com (Patrick Riley)
Subject: New Source for seventies classics
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 97 00:00:39
Organization: Not Organized At All

I just got a mailing for a new source for both seventies classics and some...ahem...porn for the truly perverted. This business has advertised for some time (>2 years) in various cult magazines and I believe I've also seen an ad for them in Video Xcitement but I personally have not purchased any movies from them. I do have a snail mail correspondent who has bought from them with success but as always: Caveat emptor!

PO Box 797
Macomb IL 61455
Fax: 309-833-3123
(no voice order #)

Their catalog is $5 from the above address (send age statement) and consists of about 20 double sided small type 8.5 * 11 pages and a couple of printed order forms.

There are three main divisions:


These are $15 for items with a running time of < 91 minutes and $20 for those > 94 minutes (between 91 and 94 are free, perhaps? <g>).

Especially for Max Volume this section has a large selection of European movies including the series Euro Extremities #5 through #55, Kinky Potpourri #22 through #32 and such winners as Made by F/F "This excellent F/F video was produced by the legendary Dino and directed by Enzo Nunari...The action is sensational with DEEP F/F both straight and lesbian...Highlights include two handed vaginal F/F with anal sex...". And another: Cocktail Orgy "G.S. galore in this orgy filled feature".

Generally most of the items in this section include G.S. and F/F. Please don't email me asking what F/F and G.S. are; if you don't know you should continue renting Vivid and VCA.

Of interest to seventies lovers are Candstripers, Little Orphan Dusty, and Paris Connection, all allegedly uncut.


That's right they rent this section and require MC or Visa for security. If you don't return the tapes in 10 days they charge you $20 each. The rental prices are 3 videos for $18 or 6 videos for $30 including shipping to you (US Mail) for a seven day rental. I suppose You can simply pay $20 and they'll sell them.

Some of the tapes here come from Something Weird (they mark those) and others are not from masters (they mark those too). All are supposedly uncut. Items of note:

  • Tigresses
  • The Collection series from Caballero #1 through #12 (somebody on the group was asking about these).
  • Badge 69
  • Sip the Wine
  • Twin Tarts
  • The Trouble With Young Stuff
  • Femmes De Sade (Alpha Blue has this as well)
  • Hot Summer In The City
  • Final Sin
  • The Tiffany Minx
  • For The Love Of Pleasure
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • V, The Hot One
  • Blow Dry (I've already emailed the poster about this)
  • Beyond The Blue
  • Lots of the Golden Girls series
  • Too Naughty To Say No (excellent)
  • Hot Teenage Assets
  • Sexteen
  • Submission Of Serena
  • Lots of Avon releases
  • Wicked Schoolgirls (for the truly twisted)
  • Taming Of Rebecca (another real nasty)
  • It Happened In Hollywood (get an idea of the real size of Goldstein's dick)
  • Little Angel Puss
  • Mitchell Brothers' Ultra Core Collection
  • Forced Entry
  • Girl In A Basket (SW but I think SW has stopped selling it)
  • Opening Of Misty Beethoven
  • Heavenly Desire (someone was posting about this one)
  • Good Girls Of Godiva High (another query item)
  • Teenage Cousins

and as they say on the porno boxes (but I mean it)...and many more

Unfortunately I didn't see Nanci Blue.


This requires lots of work. They rent these too under I suppose the same conditions as the ones above. Looks similar to the SW catalog plus some NYC underground (Lydia Lunch etc).

From: p_riley@pipeline.com (Patrick Riley)
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Subject: New source for early movies
Date: Sun, 18 May 97 20:41:18
Organization: Not Organized At All

Previously I posted some information regarding availability of early porno movies from Alpha Blue Archives and S.V.E. (hopefully someone is recording this for posterity) and I now have an additional source for some of the rarer movies that you certainly can't get from Excalibur.

Video Search Of Miami specializes in getting movies from outside the US and supplying copies to US residents. It will cost you $10 to join their "club" and then $25 for each movie. Read about them yourself and get your own catalog at http://www.vsom.com. As with all this type of information, caveat emptor.

Perusing their catalog, I noted:

  • Forced Entry--nasty little rape movie with Harry Reems
  • Winter Heat --more rape from Jamie Gillis (English with Greek !!! subtitles).
  • Woman's Torment--Mentally ill Oriental woman kills her lovers--set on Fire Island.
  • Sister Emmanuelle--supposedly eplicit with Laura Gemser (that would be a novelty!)
  • Love is a Dog From Hell--not a porno but especially for Mike Paul and Dr. Otto includes some necrophillia (this is a private joke).
  • WaterPower--more rape from Jamie
  • Expensive Taste--Joey Silvera's the rapist in this one.
  • Fantasm
  • Fantasm Comes Again--the two movies mentioned on rame last week.

Don't get the idea that they're all porno and all rape etc. The vast majority of VSOM's stock are cult movies from the seventies plus they're the US agents for the complete set of Jean Rollin's movies.


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