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This document was compiled from many sources on the net, mostly the AMRI and Database.

I originally put this together for my own use, to take to the store when I rent and make informed decisions. So be aware that this list is incomplete in many ways. For example, since I have every scene Betty, Beata and Tania are in, they aren't on the list, in spite of the fact that they are some of my favorites.

I have most of the Cameo and Sam Strong anals, so only one is on my list for each, and they might not be their best. Most actresses, who aren't my favorites, I am satisfied with getting one facial and one anal from, so they might not be on the list either (like Leatha Weapons does both in "Big Boobs in Buttsville" and La Tigra does them in "Anal Maniacs #5", these were my most recent deletions).

Also, great movies like Rocco's stuff and most Private won't be on here. . . if every movie was as good as the stuff these guys turn out, no one would need a list, every actress would be doing facials and anals in every scene.

In other words, I'm not putting this list forward as the be all end all, but I figured some might find it useful. The code should be pretty easy to understand: I don't think I have to explain what f, a or dp stands for.

The bold actresses are ones I am planning on getting something from soon, the bold and underlined titles are movies I am really on the lookout for. Some of the titles were shortened or abbreviated: for example, the Gangbang girl series is GBG, the Hot Tight Asses series is HTA, More Dirty Debutantes is MDD, Caught From Behind is CFB, Takin it to the Limit is TttL or something, you get the idea.

Hope you find this helpful!




good lez: buttslammers #10, Dildo Debutantes; Guy says Buttslammers 2,3,4,9,10 are masterpieces.good north shot: Corruption; Dunbar's Good Facials: Titty Slickers 2, Poetry of the Flesh ;Pat Riley claims Alicia Monet facial in "Wet dream on elm street". Says Kari Foxx has best facial in Xterminator. Night of loving dangerously has christy lick up cum from Ginger's anal. Guy says Kiva's Creme a la mode is great. Looks like Cum Back Pussy #4 is good. Lisa Boyle in Porno?? Maybe: Untamed Passion. Group Facial for Misty Rain: Misty Rain, Cam's Birthday Party. A&B lots of oral gb, 28 has Britt M? Most cum on face: Sperm Face series from japan?

Get Rockn Roll Rocco2, Capetown 2, Golden Triangle 2, Tower1, Lez A2m: TttL 9, Where girls sweat 2, Sodomania 17, Kittens 6

Heather Hart: Sodomania 2 (fadp), Anal Savage, Faithless Companions (fa), Kiss it Goodbye (a), Every Woman Has a Secret (a)

Bridgette Monet: Stiff Competition (fa), Let's talk sex, SE 44, SE feature BM

Krista Lane: Honeybuns (87) (a), seduction by fire, raging hormones, nasty dancing, in search of golden bone, diamond head (f)

Serenity: Time Machine (f), Jenna Built for Speed (dildo dp)

Sandi Beach: Tails from the Crack (a)

Charli: MDD 60 (fa)

PJ Sparx: Anal Madness, Wet Sex 5 (a), Sunrise Mystery (f)

Sylvia Benedict: Collections 6 (a)

Sam Strong: Strong Sensations(a)

Sharon Kane: House of Sex 16 (f), Oui Girls (a)

Summer Knights: Bikini Beach2, Hotel Sex, Pussyman3, Shades of Blue (f)

Tricia Yen: Makin It (fa), Ridin the big one (dp), Body waves, demolition woman 2, hard on copy, r and r, red light, seekers (f)

Crystal Breeze: Bare Elegance (a?), Terms of Endowment, Daisy Chain, Amber aroused (f)

Kitty Monroe: Anal Rippers2 (fa), Nikki Loves Rocco

Nico Treasures: Virgin Dreams, Sodomania 19, Asses Galore 2 (f)

Raven: Tropical Temptation (a), Heather's Secret (fa), Married Women, Photoflash, Insatiable (f)

Heidi Kat: Two Sisters (dpf), Mr Peepers #38 (a), BedAndBreakfast, DearBridgette, Fisherman'sWife,

Girls of Summer, Key to Love, Seymour Butts Rides Again (f)

Tianna Taylor: Spin for Sex, Dark Dreams, Sporting Illustrated (f)

Aja: Laying down the Law 2, Bubble Butts 10 (a)

Tiffany Lords: Dirty Laundry (f), Butt Whore (dildo dp)

Nikki Tyler: Pleasureland, Nikki Loves Rocco (f)

Alison Sterling: BackDoors, Bad Influence, Blonde Ambition, Blowjob Betty, Butler Did It, Exhibitionist,

Just for the Hell of it, Sexliners (f)

Cameo: Vision in Heather, Veil, Sleepwalker, Ringside Knockout, Rayne Storm, Pump, Performance,

Grad from FU, Dream Creamin, Desert Fox, Deep Inside Charli (f), Lick my Lips (a)

Tabitha Stephens: Sweet Things, Sweet as Honey, Naughty Nights on the Town, Girly Video Mag 4 (f)

Anita Kelley: Dirty Stories 4 (fa)

Kristi Myst: Buffy's First Encounter, Island of Dr. Buffy (f)

Julia Ann: Seduction of Julia Ann, Diary of Casanova, PinkLady:Twisted Sister (f)

Sydney St. James: Car Wash Angels (fa)

Taylor Hayes: PoolParty at Seymour's 2, Deep Behind the Scenes w Seymour 2 (fa)

Rebecca Wild: WetandWild2, Supermodel2, three musketities, Babewatch, Bare ass Beach, Camera Shy, Demolition Woman 2(f)

Wednesday: Nasty Nymphos 2 (fa)

Fallon: DP Party Tonight 2 (fdp), Black Analist (dp), BackDoor to Hollywood 3, caught from Behind 8(a),

Restless Passion, Pussyhunt 12, pleasure is my business, g spot girls (f)

Lisa Ann: Flesh, FleshforFantasy, PussyHunt24, Skinhunger, Wicked Web, Dirty Western 2 (f)

Tiffany Taylor: PrinciplesofLust (fa), Savannah Superstar(a), Oral Majority11(f)

Teri Weigel: Deliciously Teri (f)

Steffi: Pleasure Dome (f)

Stephanie DuValle: GBG 11, GB Diaries 3, Buttwoman 5 (fa)

Sharon Mitchell: Bubble Butts 16, Maneaters 101 (a), Beverley Hills Cox, ChinaWhite, Maneaters, She comes in colors (f)

Constance Money: Confessions of a teenage peanut butter freak (a)

Joanna Storm: Starved for Affection (f)

Megan Leigh: Smokescreen, promgirls, onyourhonor, mischiefinthemanison, Making Charli, Magic Shower, Love on the run, lovelies,

Friday the 13th 2, Ebony Garden, dirty pictures, asspiring actresses(f)

Shauna Grant: Centerfold Celebrities3, Dreams of pleasure, SG The early years, SE 45

Tasha Voux: Wrecked'em,fannie's fantail (a), snake eyes2, silence GAMs, passion chain,fashion dolls, angelsw/sticky faces, anal intuder(f)

Desiree Coustaeu: Candy gos to Hollywood, peep show 2, delicious, pizza girls, SE 6, randy the electric lady (f)

Jennifer Welles: temptations (f), blonde velvet (dp)

Kay Parker: Taboo, Taboo2, Sex World (f)

Leslie Bovee: Maraschino Cherry, eruption, champagne for breakfast, coming of angels (f),FemmesdeSade (f gang), double pleasure (dp)

Ashlyn Gere: Wrapped up, grand prixx fever(a), Steamywindows, Slow Burn, Shifting Gere, SEX#, Secret Garden, Secret Garden 2,

SE Featurette 5, rising star, all that sex, ashlyn rising, black stockings, bonnie and clyde director's cut, bonnie and clyde 2, capt.

butts beach, cheating, cheeks5, club head, companion: aroused 2, decadence, dirty books, dirty looks, eternity, ice woman, ice

woman 2(f) Scream in the Night (fa), Maybe Realities 1 and 2

Georgina Spelvin: Wet Rainbow (or Only the Best 3),(a), Inside GS, Maryannes Honeymoon, Fantasy, DMJ (dp)

Lori Smith: All American Girls in heat(fa), Backdoor Bonanza 15, between the cheeks, bun busters (a), erotic family affair(f)

Dororthy Lemay: Tales of the Backside, High School Memories(f)

Porsche Lynn: Arabian Nights, takin to limit 7 (fdp)

Gloria Leonard: Maraschino Cherry (f), All About GL(dp)

Samantha Fox: Bad Penny, Coed Fever, Her Name was Lisa (f)

Lauren Hall: Night Trips 2, Forced Love (f)

Lauren Brice: shes got the juice, mistress 2 (f)

Desiree Lane: Centerfold Celebrities 3 (a)

Lisa DeLeeuw: Star Cuts 79, Pro-Ball Cheerleaders, Best of Caught from behind2 (a), Scared Stiff(f)

Angel: Too Naughty to say no, Angel Rising, Dangerous Stuff, Debbie does em all, for your thighs only(f)

Cassandra Dark: MDD 8, 12

Mai Lin: Disoriented, Anal Thrills, anal Delights 2(a)

Alicia Monet: Slut, Samantha and the Deep Throat Girls (f)

Crystal Lake: Erotic World of Crystal Lake (adp)

Marylin Starr: Fantasies of M, Seduction of M, Smells like+sex, Unchained M, XXXChannel (f)

Sindee Cox: Bun Busters 15 (a), Unchained Marylin (f)

Nikki Shane: Last Anal Hero, anal intruder 8 (a) Seymour Swings, Sexophrenia, Fluffer 2, Diary of a

Pornstar, Chugalug girls3, Babewatch, Battlestar Orgasmica (f)

Celeste: Dial "N" Again (a)

Kimberly Carson: sex star, pink panties, rub down, erotic world of cody nicole (f)

Cody Nicole: Erotic World of Cody Nicole (fa), stray cats (f)

Cara Lott: 1800time, clubtaboo, daddy doesnt know, desperately seeking suzi, ginger effect,

intimate realities 1, mantrap, peeping passions, pleasure principle, taboo 2 (f)

Kathleen Gentry: Catwoman, Pleasure principle (f)

Cheri Taylor: Nighttrips 2, Studio Sex (f)

Juliet Anderson: Educating Nina (f), Outlaw Ladies (d+dil dp)

Rhonda Jo Petty: Sweet Dreams Susan (a), sweet captive, SE 36, Little Orphan Dusty, Firestorm2,

Fannie's fantail, Diamond collection1, Blonde at both ends, auntpeggoeshollywood(f)

Gina Carerra: Dear Fannie, Melting spot, Showdown, stiff competition (f)

Nikki Charm: Talk dirty to me one more time, starved for affection, dressed to thrill, bad attitiude (f)

Lisa Lipps: Booberalla, Melon Man 7(f)

Linda Lovelace: Deep Throat (fa)

Miss Pomodoro: MDD 26 (a), world cup (f)

Nancy V: Batbabe, Upbeat Love 2(f), Kiss (dp), Nasty Nymphos 10 (fa)

Houston: Angels in flight, promises and lies, russian roulette (f)

Heather Wayne: Head Games, Joy Toys, Sex 5th Avenue, Star is Porn (f)

Blondi: Blue lace, satin seduction (f)

Nikki Randall: Still the brat (f)

Stephanie Rage: Loose Lifestyles, Party Animals (f)

Sabrina Dawn: Things Mommy taught me, Jungle beaver (f), kinky couples (dil dp)

Kim Alexis: Paler Shade of blue (a), Anal intruder 5 (tp), sporting illustrated, shot in mouth, giving it to barbi (f)

Nikki Wilde: Back doors, breasts and beyond 2, club head, eve of seduction, married w/hormones (f)

Marissa Malibu: Wild hearts, cookies n cream, silver elegance (f)

Athena Star: I Never Say No, Celebrity Centerfolds 4 (f)

Tanya Rivers: MDD9 (a), Cheeks 5, Hooked, Wild Hearts (f)

Shelby Stevens: Comeback (a)

Christi lake: Buttman's Bend Over Babes 4, Cybersex love junkies, director's wet dream, Hollywood Hookers, Triple x17, 18, 22 (fa)

Brittany Andrews: Playtime (a)

Goldie Star: Buttman's Bend Over Babes 4 (a)

Tara Gold: Double D Amatuers 1 (f)

Darla Derriere: Buttman's Ultimate Workout (a)

Kim Kitaine: Studfinders, F Zone, Two Thumbs Up, Flesh (fa)

Danielle Rodgers: Collectible, Forbidden Games (f)

Kelly Royce: Anal Secrets (a), Girl has Assets, outforblood, Partdoll, roadgirls (f)

Sandra Scream: Scream in the night, Spectacle (f)

Kascha: Backdoor to Hollywood 5 (fa), Backdoor to Hollywood 6,7 (a), Fatal Seduction, Hawaiin Vice (f)

Ariel Daye: Party House (f)

April Rayne: adventures of buttgirl and wonderwench (fa), Moon Goddess (fdp)

Kim Dawn: Home but not alone (fa), crazyonyou (f), anal heat, backdoors, foreignbodies (a)

Tracy Winn: Friends and Lovers (f)

Michelle Monroe: Pointers (f)

Kelly Nichols: Dirty Girls, Double Penetrations 3 (dp)

Lynden Johnson: Sodomania 4(fa), Whats Butt got to do with it, Perplexed (f), big bust bangers 2 (adp)

erotic angel (dp), I love juicy, titty bar 2, cumm bros 3, butts sisters do new york (a)

Honey Wilder: Freeway Honey, Hot sweet honey, passage to ecstasy, tongue twisters, scenes they wouldnt let me shoot (f)

Renee Summers: Smokescreen, scenes they wouldntletmeshoot, peeping passions, cherry tricks, 2002 (f), analizer, backdoor bonanza,

bouncing buns, hostage girls (a), confessions of nymph (fdp)

Gabrielle Scream: Triple x 7 (fdp), TX 3 (fa)

Tanya Lawson: all the way in, sex on the set, who fantasy is it anyway (f)

Kimi Gee: Im so Horny Baby (fdp)

Sunny McKay: Buttman's European Vacation (f)

Kitten Natividad: 40 the hard way, Titillation 3 (a), Breast worx 30 (f)

Annie Sprinkle: Centerfold Fever (dp?), Deep Inside AS (a?)

Chris Cassidy: Stormy, female athletes, CC's Fantasies, Backdoor Girls(a), Seka's Fantasies (dp), SkinTight, Blondes have more fun (f)

Julia Parton/Nina Alexander: Let's Talk Sex (f)

Staci Valentine: Execustion on BR, Allure, First Time Ever: the new harvest (fa), memories (fdp),abused, anal connection, anal

professor, indecent exposure, PL 6 (a), Crack Attack, sorority sex kittens 3 (dp) hillbilly honeys, in cold sweat, primarily yours (f)

Kimberly Kupps: KK gets 5 A's (fadp), anal explosions (a), melon man 3, How to make a model 2, plumb & dumber, perverted stories2 (f)

Jessie James: Pandemonium, Cumback Pussy 3(fa), Amorous Am 38 (dp), Am Am 39, desert island, butt watch, hollwood 94:butts

abound, Nasty Nymp 3, 13, streets of NY 7, 3 bush league (27) (a), Couch trap, love potion 69 (f)

Jordan St James: Satyriasis, pussyman 10, pussy hunt 11, lust runner, girly vm 5 (f)

Summer Cummings: Sordid Stories 1 (dildo dp)

Dawn: Amateur 52 (a) 1, Ben Dover (f) 2,

Kayla Kleavage: Spank Me Fuck Me, Bodies in motion (f)

Rocky Roads: Nice girls need love too, out of control (f)

Sophia Capri: Goldenbush (f)

Tina Cheri: Nice Girls Need Love Too (f)

Mimi Myagi: Reflections (dp), Dragon Lady 2 (fa), Confessions 2, Dragon Lady 4 (f), juicy treats,

Last Good sex, anal innocence, anal delights, anal climax 2, anal adventures (a)

Kobe Tai: Executions on Butt Row, Show and Tell, Trapped (fa), Lethal Affairs (f)

Rebecca Lord: Profiles 5, Lessons n love, butt hunt 2 (a)

Channone: Al Terego's Double anal alternative (fadp), fire and ice, kink police, lollipops, pvm 20, profiles 6, Sodomania 13 (fa)

Lori Michaels: Pickup Lines 3,4,8 (f)

Kelley Jaye: Babe Watch 5 (a)

Tracy Love: Sex Hungry Butthole Sluts (fadp), shocking Truth, Private Stories 13, memories (fdp), Naked and Nasty, Pickup Lines 3 (fa)

Kelly Trump: Nasty Nymphos 8, Buttman European vac 3 (fdp), Bang City 1 (fa)

Ruby: Hypnotic Hookers 1 (f)

Lene Hefner: Zazel (weak f)

Jenny Blair: Fashion Sluts 3 (fa), Cockpit (fdp), Analtown 6 (a)

Marine Cartier: Anal Nitrate (fa), Chug alug 6, Take it limit 6, venom, Naked fugitive (a), Buttman's European 3, Pickup Lines 3 (f)

Taylor Wayne: Secret Diary 1, 2, On the Prowl Again, Principles of lust, Mirage, Laying down the law, Getting wet, Flashpoint,

Confessions 1, Blonde Beaver Bonanza, Blonde Ambition, Bad Influence (f)

Diva: New Ends 5 (a), Big Bang, Catburglar, Christmas Carol, Harlots, Seymour goes nuts (f)

Yvonne: Anal Pussycat, Angel Eyes, Nasty Nymphos 4, S and S On the loose, S and S playin w/ fire, Shane's World 2, 5 (fa)

Shane: Shane's World 2 (fdp),

Chayse Manhatten: Superball Sunday, Quest, bun Busters 8 (fa)

Valeria: Boogie in the Butt, Explicit Entry, Old Throat and DP, OZ Seax Academy, Russian Roulette (fa)

Bridgette Monroe: Girls of Athletic Dept (dp), Body Language, House on Chasey Lane, Poolparty at Seymours 1 (fa),

Veronica Hart: Delicious (fa), angel buns, Backdoor bonanza 3, neon nights, outlaw ladies, Seduction of Cindy (a)

Cj Laing: Sweet punkin (fdp), teenage pajama party (a), new york city woman (dp), barbara broadcast (fa)

anyone but my husband (f)

Lee Carroll: Satisfiers of alpha blue, oriental treatment 2, hot buns, aunt peg goes hollywood (f)

Terri Hall: Terri's revenge (fa), Story of Joanna (tp,swal), honey pie (dp)

Emerald Estrada: Temptation of Serenity (fa), Butt Sisters do Cleveland (f)

Mindy Rae: Swedish Erotica Featurettes 5, Girls of the Third Reich (f)

Tonisha Mills: Mind Games (f)

Cyndee Summers: Touch of Sex, Stiff Competition, Act of Confession (f)

Bianca trump: Biff Malibus Nasty Home Videos 21 (f)

Nina Hartley: Tailspin, secret life of NH, Nina's Knockouts, Full Moon Bay, For Love and Lust, Chicks in Black Leather,

CfB 16, Anal Annie and the Men in her life, and the willing husbands (a), Adult Affairs (fa)

Beverly Glen: Anal Virgins of America 3,5, Butt Darling, Cumm Bros 1, Dirty Doc's House Calls, Ride the Pink Lady,

Rumphumpers 17, Sodomania 7, Tail Taggers 107, 109, 110, 112, Taste of Cherry, Triple Play 72, (a)

Wild and Wicked 4, Kiss my Asp, HTA 6, Fantasy Booth, Carnal College 2, Butt Detective, Bubble Butts19(f)

Victoria Paris: Victoria's Secret Life, Decadence, Clinique, Shadows in the Dark, Breathless, Big Melons 26 (f)

Victoria Andrews: Chug a lug girls 4 (f), Close to the edge, anal justice, victoria with an a (a)

Lil Cinderella: Hillbilly Honeys, Pretty Anal Ladies 2 (fa), Wild and WIcked 7, Sinboy 2, Kiss ass, Indecent Exposures,

Cherry Poppers 15, CFB 22, Anal Sex Freaks (a), 18 and anxious, Max 9, Nothing like nookie3 (f)

Kirsty Waay: Hidden Camera 16, Cherry Poppers 12, Anal Webb (a)

Lexi Leigh: White Trash Whore, Legs (fdp), Cirque de Sex2, Cumback Puss 5, Hardware, Monkey GB (fa)

Illana: Hardcore Schoolgirls 4, Profiles 6 (Fa)

Selena: Anal 247 (a), Brenda,Call me, Dirty Tricks1, Brenda, Horny Hiker, Joannie Pnuematic, Mile High Thrills, Penetrator2,

PhantasmTall Tail, UNleashed, Vouyer3(f)

Heather Lere: Bus Stop Tales 11 (a), Shipwrecked, Club Head (f)

Shyla Foxx: Two too much, Intense, Enigma (fadp)

Nanci Suiter (Cheryl Ladd lookalike): Taxi Girls (f)

Helen Duval: Corporate Assets, Hard Copies, Hot Weekend at Ernie's (fadp), Route 69, PVM9, Fox Hunt2, Ernie's ResErection,

9 1/2 Days 3 (fa), 9 1/2 Days 1,2, Cumming to Ibiza, Helen and Louise, Lady Luck (fdp), 2 Sides of a Lady (f2x)

Lauren Montgomery: Sodomania 19 (a), Sweet Revenge, Hypnotic Hookers2 (f)

Whitney Wonders: Shave Tails 2 (f)

Kym Wilde: Ass Backwards, Bend Over Babes 2, (fa), Tools of the trade (fadp)

Tracy Duzit: Come as you Are(a)

Sarah Heart: anal Destroyer (adp)

Lee Anna Heart: Sodomania 20, Pickup Lines 10, 12, I wanna be a pornstar2 (f)

Farrah: Tight Spot (a), Thunder and Lightning (f)

Angel Hart: Kiss Ass (fa)

Nikki Arizona: sperm bitches, Passion Potion, Hitchhiker13 (fa), Prescription for Lust, HTA 11 (fdp)

Leah Martini: Lady Luck, Executions on butt row, Anal video virgins, buttman in the crack (fa)

Chelsea Blue: Raw Silk, Prime choice 5 (fa), NYDP blue (fdp)

Lexi Erickson: Dirty Diner2, MDD 54 (fa), Venom7, lollipop shoppe, clock strikes (f), CP3, 19vm2 (a)

Victoria Gold: Wild Dreams, Naughty in Nature (adp), New Ends 9, Bun Busters 10 (a)

Montana Gunn: clock strikes, Prime choice8(a), Pussyman audition24, Scotty's adventure, golddiggers2 (f)

Taylor st clair: Delinquents on br (f)

Tanya Lariviere: rumpman goes to cannes (f)

Chandler: Sodomania19, immortal flesh, fame is a whore BR, GM Las vegas revue 97 (fa)

Avalon: Most wanted (fa), Pickup Lines 10(f)twin cheeks, transformed, fox hunt, anal commander, assmasters4, illhaveanotherbuttlight(a),

Kim Odessa: Rodney Moore's North West Pecker trek (fa), Creme de la Face 3 (has Melissa Hill too)(f)


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