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From: torris@uswest.net (Torris)
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Subject: Re: Torris (or anyone else) where to get DVDs?
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2000 13:20:04

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>From: scipio <scipio@zip.com.au>
>Subject: Torris (or anyone else) -Where to get DVDs?

>Hi guys, and Happy New Year.

>I'm looking into getting a DVD player in the next week, unless I piss
>the money away elsewhere on a new HDD, fix the bike, etc.

Definitely do not squander your bread on something superfluous when you can get a player now for around $200 US. I can imagine that 2000 is going to be a gigantic year for DVD 'software' (movies) for both mainstream and porn. It's unbelievable how successful DVD hardware sales have been since their inception before the '99 holiday season. I can't wait to see the numbers that were probably sold. I can imagine that this was *the* electronics item purchase for most people this year. And everyone is gonna be in a rush to upgrade video titles or buy titles to play on their new toy

>One thing I'm interested in, is where DVDs might be procured for a
>reasonable price, with decent-to good service and speed, and almost no
>chance of being ripped off.

I got a player last Xmas and have spent the better part of '99 scouring around for good deals on DVDs.

First suggestion would be to monitor the newsgroup alt.video.dvd. They get about a 1000 messages a day, and there are silly flame wars all the time, but if you can zip through it regularly you can always find quick knowledge on website sales, promotions etc.

Second advice is to bookmakr three websites:

dvdpricesearch.net ~ this is a price comparison search engine that compares prices for dvd titles across about a dozen online vendors for the cheapest price and you can also add shipping to it. They also are a coupon disseminator, which gives you first hand info on whatever coupons the various places have. It's amazing what you can get off for buying when they give $10 off a $20 purchase. They also list movies fortchoming. No adult stuff., but still an excellent site for DVD owners

Second website is fightdivx.com ~ another very dynamic coupon disseminator that also has a whole page of adult movie coupons for various vendors like Divadee, DVDEXplorer etc. It's updated quite frequently and the guy who runs the sight has a real missionary fervor in encouraging people to get the most for their money

Third website is adultdvdtalk. Which is similar to the fightdivx but have seen some other lesser known vendors selling X that I had never heard of before

>I know, a big ask.

>BTW, I'm aware of Amazon and so forth for mainstream DVDs, but
>they don't seem to have "Hardcore Porn" in their genres section....

Very few of them are selling any X. Some like Digitaleyes and DVDEmpire have their own separate websites for X rated.

Although I highly recommend this mom and pop site out of Ukiah CA called www.themovie-store. You gotta browse through all the listings to get to any adult but he was selling Up and Cummers 11 (with pre-bolton Jenna) for $15; Tatiana 2 for $19. And several other low prices on good titles.

Here are some of the sites I have gotten some of the best deals from. That said, there is also a RAME lurker who is trying to get something going along the lines of what Pat Pornaddict was trying to do before he lost his way, but I'm not sure if he's up and actually running yet. If so, he's going to be a great place for bargain sales of DVDs coupled with excellent service.

Jadedvideo and Excalibur of course. But keep in mind that Excalibur does not waive their 3 dollar shipping surcharge *per DVD* even if you order $100 of them at a time, (as they do their videos)

Adultdvdempire - best site overall for information, but don't ship to where I live so phooey on them and rarely have coupons or discounts. However right now are selling a ton of VCA titles for $14

Divadee - another excellent website and tends to really have some unique sales and promotions event. Good service

Fivestardvd - another good retail outlet right now running a whole bunch of specials on DVDs for $13. Somewhat sketchy catalog tho, but I'm sure they'll be adding more

DVDEscape. Another new webvendor that has some good sales right now on NuTech, Vivid RAW, Vivid etc

DVDExplorer and DVDExotic. Never ordered from these two (the latter don't ship to where I live), seldom have anything that can't be found cheaper elswhere although Exotic does have some titles they discount but nothing usually very appealing

Adultmoviesbest - has some very good sales on titles right now but very clunky website

123Pornvideo - no great shakes, prices about as high as Adultdvdempire

dvdxtc and Amazingtails. Second tier companies. Xtc is good b/c you can sort by price, Amazingtails has primarily mostly a bland selection of Vivid and Metro stock. Plus their minimum ship charge is $5 and goes up from there

adultdvdnow. I've found some very good bargains here at times and they supposedly price match. Good customer service

Digitaleyes - adult link from main page. Decent site, I've never ordered from them but they have used DVDs from time to time. Claims to be the lowest prices on the net but don't think so.

VidXpress - primarily a gay video site but has some very good specials going on for under $14 for het

Beyonddvd - very little to choose from unless you like hacked up Vivid movies

Dvdsxxxrated - Definitely take a look here as they are blowing out a bunch of DVDs for as low as $8.88 and $10.99. A bunch of Elegant Angel titles for $16

DVDsupercenter has a lot on sale right now as well

Worldwideadult also but they don't ship to where I live and have a very clunky website

Anyway, scipio, it's a consumers paradise out there if you own a DVD player!


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