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The Titfucking List

Explanation of Ratings

Under each actress' name, there is a list of movies that contain scenes of her getting her tits fucked. After each movie title is a code in parenthesis summarizing the scene, in the form of a number (1-4) and (possibly) several letters. The number indicates how good I think the scene is, while the letters indicate various special details about the scene, such as how the actor cums. (Am I the only guy who gets annoyed when an actor stops and beats himself off, rather than continuing to hump the actress' breasts until he shoots?)

Quality (my personal subjective rating)
1-A brief, half-hearted, ho-hum slide between the boobs.
2-Just your standard titfuck
3-A nice, above-average romp in the cleavage.
4-A prolonged, enthusiastic session of intense breast-boffing obviously enjoyed by all concerned.

Special Feature Codes
A-Animated sex scene (cartoon or anime)
B-Bestiality; actress gets tit-fucked by an animal (type noted after codes)
D-Actress fucks her tits with a dildo or other inanimate object(no actor involved)
F-Actor cums on the actress' face.
H-Actress uses her hand to make the actor cum.
J-Actor uses his hand to make himself cum.
L-Lesbian action; a second actress sucks the actor's cock and/or licks the first actress' tits during the titfuck.
M-Actress is squirting milk (lactating)
T-Actor cums from fucking the actress' tits -- no hand usage! YAY!

(Now if only I could find a 4FLMT scene!)

Praise, criticism, feedback, corrections, additional information, new scenes, and any other comments are always welcome! Email them to me at albund2000@my-deja-com, please! For new scenes, please give actress (if known), film, and your estimation of the codes and rating from the above list. I'll add it as soon as I get a chance.

Now, on to the scenes...

Listed by Actress


Anna Ventura
Bad Girls

April May
Savage Fury (3T)



Barbara Alton
Big Busty #5 / Ten Years of Big Busts #1 (2T), Big Melons #3 (2T)

Bridget Monet
Talk Dirty to Me Part II (2T)

Busty Belle
Girls of Double-D 8 (3J)



Candy Samples
Huge Bras #2 (2LD), Huge Bras #2 (4J)

Candye Kane
Big Melons #3 / Diamond Video Collection #10 (4J), Diamond Video Collection #10 (4J), Huge Bras #2 (3JL)

Christy Canyon
Dreams of Candace Heart (3T), Fantasy in Blue (3J), Holly Does Hollywood (2FT), Hot in the City (3FJL), I Dream of Christy (4T), Like a Virgin (3), Passages 2 (3T), Savage Fury (3FT), Holly Does Hollywood / Sensations (1H), Sinfully Yours (4J), WPINK-TV (3T)




Ebony Ayes
Girls of Double-D 8 (3J), Filet O' Breast (3)



Gail Force
Ginger Snaps (2J)



Heather Hart
Wildfire (4FJ), Wild Flower (4FJ)

Helga Sven
Huge Bras #2 (2J)



Jeannie Pepper
Spies (4FJ)

Jeannine Oldfield
Big Boobed Girls Around the World #6 (2J)



Kascha at Her Best (2)

Kay Parker
Taboo (2FJ), Taboo 2 (1T)

D-Cup Madness (2J), Deep Throat Fantasies (1T)

Kim Alexis
Battle of the Ultra-Milkmaids (1JM)

Kelli Stewart
Huge Bras #2 (2D)



Lisa Deleeuw
800 Fantasy Lane (FT), Amanda By Night (FT), Blazing Red Heads (T), Diamond Video Collection #10 (4T), Girl from S.E.X (FT), Huge Bras #5 (FJ), Mascara (FJ), Night Magic (T), Rebbecca's (FH), Seductress (FJT), Sex Loose (FT), Springtime in the Rockies (T)

Lisa Phillips
Big Boobed Girls Around the World #6 (1H)



Melody Kiss
Mammary Manor (4T), Mammary Manor (2)

Mindy Rae
Diamond Video Collection #10 (2J)



Nikki Shane
Swallow (2H)



Paula Price
Fantasy in Blue (2J)



Robin Cannes
Summer Break (2J)

Rusty Rhodes
Trip Down Mammary Lane (4FJ)



Samantha Strong
Kascha and Friends (3F)

Sandra Scream
Blonde Bombshell (4J), Breasts and Beyond (3J)

Anytime, Anyplace (2), Downstairs, Upstairs (2)

Stevie Taylor
Sinfully Yours (3T)



Taija Rae
Sensations (2FT)

Tami Monroe
Jiggly Queens (2JF)

Tianna Taylor
Jiggly Queens (3J)

Tori Welles
Chameleon (3JF), Scarlet Mistress (2J)

Tracey Adams
Naughty Nineties (4T), Raquel's Treasure Hunt (2T)

Tracy Gibb
Mammary Manor (3)

Trinity Loren
Girls of Double-D 8 (4T), Monumental Knockers #14 (3)



Vanessa Del Rio
Vanessa, Maid in Manhattan (3T)

Art of Desire (2FJ), Trip Down Mammary Lane (4FJ)

Wendy Whoppers
Jiggly Queens (2T)


Listed by Movie


800 Fantasy Lane
Lisa Deleeuw (FT)



Amanda By Night
Lisa Deleeuw (FT)

Anytime, Anyplace
Seka (2)

Art of Desire
Viviana (2FJ)



Bad Girls
Anna Ventura

Battle of the Ultra-Milkmaids
Kim Alexis (1JM)

Big Boobed Girls Around the World #6
Jeannine Oldfield (2J), Lisa Phillips (1H)

Big Busty #5
Barbara Alton (2T)

Big Melons #3
Barbara Alton (2T), Candye Kane (4J)

Blazing Red Heads
Lisa Deleeuw (T)

Blonde Bombshell
Sandra Scream (4J)

Breasts and Beyond
Sandra Scream (3J)



Tori Welles (3JF)



D-Cup Madness
Unknown blonde (1J), Unknown redhead (4T), Keisha (2J), Unknown blonde (2T)

Deep Throat Fantasies
Keisha (1T)

Diamond Video Collection #10
Candye Kane (4J), Candye Kane (4J), Lisa Deleeuw (4T), Mindy Rae (2J)

Downstairs, Upstairs
Seka (2)

Dreams of Candace Heart
Christy Canyon (3T)



Fantasy in Blue
Christy Canyon (3J), Paula Price (2J)

Filet O' Breast
Ebony Ayes (3)



Ginger Snaps
Gail Force (2J)

Girl from S.E.X
Lisa Deleeuw (FT)

Girls of Double-D 8
Busty Belle (3J), Ebony Ayes (3J), Trinity Loren (4T)



Holly Does Hollywood
Christy Canyon (2FT), Christy Canyon (1H)

Hot in the City
Christy Canyon (3FJL)

Huge Bras #2
Candy Samples (2LD), Candy Samples (4J), Candye Kane (3JL), Helga Sven (2J), Kelli Stewart (2D)

Huge Bras #5
Lisa Deleeuw (FJ)



I Dream of Christy
Christy Canyon (4T)



Jiggly Queens
Tami Monroe (2JF), Tianna Taylor (3J), Wendy Whoppers (2T)



Kascha and Friends
Samantha Strong (3F)

Kascha at Her Best
Kascha (2)



La Blue Girl #4
Unknown (1AD)

Like a Virgin
Christy Canyon (3)



Mammary Manor
Melody Kiss (4T), Melody Kiss (2), Tracy Gibb (3), Unknown blonde (2T)

Lisa Deleeuw (FJ)

Monumental Knockers #14
Trinity Loren (3)



Naughty Horse Girls
Unknown (1B pony), Unknown (1B horse)

Naughty Nineties
Tracey Adams (4T)

New Angel #4
Blue-haired girl (1AFT)

Night Magic
Lisa Deleeuw (T)



Passages 2
Christy Canyon (3T)



Raquel's Treasure Hunt
Tracey Adams (2T)

Lisa Deleeuw (FH)



Savage Fury
April May (3T), Christy Canyon (3FT)

Scarlet Mistress
Tori Welles (2J)

Lisa Deleeuw (FJT)

Christy Canyon (1H), Taija Rae (2FT)

Sex Loose
Lisa Deleeuw (FT)

Sinfully Yours
Christy Canyon (4J), Stevie Taylor (3T)

Slight Fever Syndrome
Unknown (2AFT)

Jeannie Pepper (4FJ)

Springtime in the Rockies
Lisa Deleeuw (T)

Summer Break
Robin Cannes (2J), Unknown blonde (2)

Nikki Shane (2H)



Kay Parker (2FJ)

Taboo II
Kay Parker (1T)

Talk Dirty to Me Part II
Bridget Monet (2T)

Ten Years of Big Busts #1
Barbara Alton (2T)

Trip Down Mammary Lane
Rusty Rhodes (4FJ), Viviana (4FJ)



Vanessa, Maid in Manhattan
Vanessa Del Rio (3T)



Heather Hart (4FJ)

Wild Flower
Heather Hart (4FJ)

Christy Canyon (3T)



Anita's Sexy Amateur Page
If you like amateur models with big tits, check out this page now! Only a few tit-fucking pics here, and those are in the Members' section, but Anita and most of the other models have chests that are drool-inducing. So far the only thing we get to see slide between Anita's luscious pair of 39D's is a dildo, but she lists tit-fucking as her best sexual skill, so who knows? Maybe she'll treat is to a 4FT scene sometime. *grin*

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Candye Kane's Official Homepage
Dedicated to her post-porn singing career, but worth checking out if you like blues and swing, and feel nostalgic for the 1980's must tit-fuckable plumper.

Christy Canyon Shrine
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Internet Adult Film Database
A very cool database searchable by actress, title, and director, and filterable on various sexual acts. Unfortunately, while you can show only facials or anals or dp's, you can't see just tit-fucks. That's where I come in. *grin*

Tokyo Topless
Lots and lots of top-heavy Japanese women.


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