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From: funnyfarm@ica.net (Jack Koff)
Subject: list of pussy shaving scenes in 160+ videos (free info)
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 97 02:17:23
Organization: DIGEX, Inc.
Lines: 272


OK, in appreciation of all the people out there who have devoted so much time writing adult video reviews (many thanks), maintain adult video databases, moderating RAME, and anyone else providing useful free information, I am making the following contribution to add to the effort.

I have compiled one of the biggest most detailed list of pussy shaving scenes the internet has ever seen. For those fetish fans that love the sight of furry beavers stripped bald before your eyes, this list should be your bible.

The following is a comprehensive list of pussy shaving scenes which I have personally viewed and therefore I know the information to

be correct. However I can make mistakes and since this isn't my paid profession please bear with the occasional error.

In all cases I have provided the video title followed by the names(s) of the actresses who had their pussy shaved in that video. Note that these are all actually shaving scenes (i.e. shaving cream & razor) and not just a listing of girls with bald pussies. In all cases 100% of the pubic hair was shaved off unless the actress's name is followed by a "p" indicating that the pubic hair was only "partially" shaved off and that some hair was still left.

The word "anonymous" indicates that the girl being shaved wasn't clearly identified in the credits and that I couldn't recognize her just by looking at her.

I hope that some people find this info useful because sometimes it isn't that easy to track down these shaving scenes. If you like this list and want to continue seeing it posted regularly with updates, please e-mail me to let me know you want more in the future.

If you want any further info about these videos you can probably find it at the dult Internet Database located at:


Be sure to check it out if you haven't already.

Finally, I have most of these scenes on video so if anyone wants to trade for a copy of any of these scenes I might be willing to do so depending upon what you offer for trade in return. I am especially interested in seeing the Redboard "Shaved" series which is not available where I live.

E-mail me if interested. OK, here's the list.

  • 30 Men For Sandy (Sandy)
  • A Shaver Among Us (Chanel, Kiss, anonymous)
  • Anal Amateurs (Nicole London - p)
  • Anal Diary of Misty Rain (CJ Bennet shave)
  • Anal Rama #8: Lesbians (3 anonymous girls)
  • Attitude (Jen Teal)
  • Bardot ( Kahlia)
  • Behind The Scenes (Marissa Malibu- p)
  • Best of Shaved Sinners (Dana Lynn, Chessie Moore, Tianna)
  • Brasierre To Eternity (Lana Sands, anonymous)
  • Bright Tails #4 (Ophelia head shaved - note: this is a B+D video)
  • Climactic Scenes #73: Shaving (Savannah)
  • Dick & Jane Do Northridge (Marilyn Martin)
  • Devil In Miss Jones #3 (Jennifer Noxt)
  • Double Penetration Fever (anonymous shave)
  • Euro Sex with Tanya DeVries (anonymous shave)
  • Fantasies In Blue (Porsche Lynn)
  • Girls Gone Bad (Natascha Skyler, Grace Scott)
  • Girls Who Shave Girls (Keanna, Savannah, Flame, Cory Cox - p, CorbyWells - p)
  • Hardcore Collection 1 (Dominique Bouche)
  • Hidden Obsessions (Francesca Le - p)
  • Hollywood Swingers #2 (Cherrie Blossom - p)
  • Hollywood Swingers #3 (Gabrielle - p)
  • Hollywood Swingers #5 (Keanna - p)
  • Keyholes (Chelle)
  • Kink O'Rama #1 (2 anonymous girls)
  • Kink O'Rama #2 (anonymous - p)
  • Kittens #4 (Bionca, Summer Knight)
  • La Moule A Zero (or "Shaving The Clam") (4 anonymous girls)
  • Madame X (Nina dePonca - p)
  • Max Hardcore: Animalistic Urge (anonymous - p)
  • Overtime #9: Kinky Corner (Brooke Ashley)
  • Pussy Woman #2 (Brittany)
  • Rase (foreign video) (3 anonymous girls)
  • Rase #2 (foreign video) (4 anonymous girls)
  • Razor Woman (Shelene, Wendy Whoppers, 2 anonymous girls)
  • Read My Lips: No More Bush (Lili Xene, Erica Boyer)
  • Redboard Video: Shaved Four (Shanna McCullugh, Sheila Bell, Janet Taylor, Susan Blair, A. Simone, S. Axis)
  • Realities #2 (Ashlyn Gere)
  • Red Riding Hood And Little Shaver (anonymous - p)
  • San Francisco Lesbians #2 (2 anonymous girls)
  • San Francisco Lesbians #5 (anonymous)
  • Sex Report #4 (foreign video) (anonymous girl)
  • Shave Tail (Aurora, Erica Boyer, Cara Lott)
  • Shave Tails #1 (Jordan Lee, Kylie Ireland, Anna Malle, Isis Nile, Mellissa Hill)
  • Shave Tails #2 (Roxanne Hall, Bridgette Monroe, Jill Kelly, Whitney Wonders, Kaitlyn Ashley)
  • Shaved (2 anonymous girls)
  • Shaved Bunnies (Patti Petite, M. DeNoir, Jessica London, Tiffany)
  • Shaved Pink (Jennifer Noxt, 2 anonymous girls)
  • Shaved Savannah (Savannah - p)
  • Shaved Sinners (Rachel Ashley, Dana Lynn, Angel West)
  • Shaved Sinners #4 (Chase Manhattan, Dyanna Lauren, Francesca Le, Daphne)
  • Shaving Grace (Sindee Cox - p, Heather Lee - p, Raven McCall, Tiziana, Crystal Gold)
  • Shear Ecstacy (Crystal Wilder, Carmel St. Clair, Debi Diamond, Lilli Xene)
  • Smooth As Silk (Viper, Jane Davil, Dana Dylan)
  • Snatch Master #3 (Dallas)
  • Sodo-Mania #2 (Sierra-p)
  • Sodo-Mania #8 (Roxanne Hall)
  • Takin It To The Limit #5 (Dru Berrymoor pussy & head shaved)
  • The Big Shave (Sierra - p, Chantilly Lace, Stacey Nichols, Nikki Sinn, Tina Tyler)
  • The Bold, The Bald & The Beautiful (Thumper, 3 anonymous girls)
  • The Shaving (Susan Vegas)
  • To Live And Shave In L.A. (Trinity Loren, 2 anonymous girls)
  • To Shave Or Shave Not (Corby Wells, 4 anonymous girls)
  • Uncle Roy #2 (Deja)
  • Uncle Roy #4 (Summer Knight)
  • Uncle Roy #9 (anonymous)
  • Uncle Roy #13 (Keanna)
  • Who Shaved Aja (Aja)
  • Who Shaved Cassie Nova (Cassie Nova)
  • Who Shaved Trinity Loren? (Trinity Loren)

That completes the list of videos I have personally seen. In addition, over the years I have collected together info from various sources including reviews of videos, the database, and other sources. However I have not seen them because they are not been available in my city yet. I will give you that list below for your info but I warn you that since I have not personally seen them I am only assuming that these videos have the shaving scenes listed. Also I have no way of knowing if it is a partial shave or if all the pussy hair was completely shaved off.

If you have additional info regarding other videos with shaving scenes e-mail me the info and I will add it to this list. Also, if you have any of these videos I have not seen yet I would love to trade for them. OK, here's that list:

  • 100% Amateurs #22 (anonymous)
  • 100% Amateurs #32 (Kea)
  • A Few Good Rears (Chelly Supreme)
  • Adventures Of Seymore Butts (Mona Lisa)
  • Anal Town #6 (Ildiko)
  • Anal Town USA #7 (Marlene Taylor)
  • Anal Vision #14 (Dominique Bouche)
  • Anal Vision #23 (Vanessa Chase)
  • Aurora's Secret Diary (anonymous)
  • Babes Of Bonerville (Holly Body)
  • Beaver Hunt #3 (Satin Cheeks)
  • Becky's Bald Beaver (Becky Sunshine)
  • Best Of Breasts (Dani Ashe)
  • Best Of East Coast Sluts (China Lee)
  • Beverly Hills Sex Party (Cumushina)
  • Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (Lysa Thatcher) - made in 1981
  • Bigger Than Life (Dallas)
  • Bun Bustes #12 (Jennifer)
  • Casting Call #16 (Ashley Shye)
  • Cheek To Cheek (Ciera Brooks)
  • Chessie Moore: Close Shave (Chessie Moore)
  • Chessie Moore: Goddess In Training (Chessie Moore)
  • Clip Joint (anonymous)
  • Columbus College Co-eds #1 (Jackie)
  • Dani's Home Movies (Dani Ashe)
  • Delinquents On Butt Row (Devon Shore, Ashley Shye)
  • Dirty Darlings (anonymous)
  • Dirty Movies (Sharon Kane)
  • Forbidden Desires (Devon Shire)
  • Hidden Camera #10 (anonymous)
  • Hitch Hiker #17 (Nancy)
  • Hoetown (Dynamite)
  • Hometown Honies #4 (Jessica Fox shaved)
  • House Of The Rising Sun (Fantasia, Melinda Masglow)
  • Innocent Little Girls (Madison Hughes)
  • Justine: Nothing To Hide 2 (Tianna)
  • Kym Wilde On The Edge #27 (Fawn Little Dean) (B+D video)
  • Last American Sex Goddess (Saki)
  • Luck Ladies #109: Shaving Of The Shrew (Angela Faith, Madelyn)
  • "M" Series #8 (Isis Nile)
  • Major Fucking Slur (Tammi Ann)
  • Max World #3 (Ildiko)
  • Midnight Angel (Kimberly Dawn)
  • Mike South Travels #1: Tearin' It Up In Tampa (Chante)
  • Mr. Fun's Mondo Adventure (Pearl)
  • Mystic Pieces (Brandy Alexander)
  • Naughty Nights (Caressa Savage)
  • Nineteen Video Magazine (Precious)
  • NY Video Magazine #4 (Sasha Sweet)
  • Odyssey (Susan McBain) - made in 1977
  • Oral Majority The Movie (Marilyn Rose)
  • Out Of Control (Kelly Jean, PJ Sparxx)
  • Outrageous Sex (Tammi Ann)
  • Paris Chic (anonymous - partial trim only)
  • Party Favors (Dominique Simone)
  • Pussyman #9 (Caressa Savage)
  • Rocco Goes To Prague (anonymous girl)
  • Savannah: The Girl Just Can't Help It (Savannah, anonymous girl)
  • Secret Diary (Taylor Wane)
  • Seymore Butts Does Ireland (Shane)
  • Seymore Butts Goes Nuts (Sabrina)
  • Sexhibition (Hedvig Kaser)
  • Shave Tails #3 (many anonymous girls)
  • Shave Tails #4 (Patricia Kennedy, Sid Deuce, 3 anonymous girls)
  • Shaved By A Stranger (Kiss)
  • Shaved Sinners #3 (Nikki Wilde, Tianna, Chessie Moore)
  • Shaved Tails (Cherrie Lawson)
  • Sleaze Please: October Edition (Leslie Lix)
  • Smells Like Sex (anonymous)
  • Shaved And Dangerous (Deidre Holland, 4 anonymous girls)
  • Shaved Submission (Nicole) (B+D video)
  • Shaving Beauties (Katie Lynn, Lynx Dylan, Jenny Blair, Katrina & Cindy)
  • Sodo-Mania #19 (Nico Treasures)
  • Stevi's Second Shaved Shoot (Stevi)
  • Stevi Shaves Her Head (Stevi)
  • Story Of Joanna (Terri Hall) - made in 1975
  • The Truth Laid Bare (Sunny McKay - partial shave only)
  • Thee Bush League 25 (Marilyn Martin)
  • To Ride A Tiger (anonymous) (B+D video)
  • Triple Play 48 (Gabriella)
  • Triple Play 64 (anonymous)
  • Triple Play 82 (anonymous)
  • Triple Play 88 (anonymous)
  • True Stories #1 (anonymous)
  • True Stories #2 (anonymous)
  • Udderly Fantastic (Rebecca Steele)
  • Uncle Roy #19 (Shanna Rose)
  • Unforgivable (Debi Diamond)
  • Young And Natural #14 (Stacy King)
  • Young Lips (Dru Berrymoor)
  • Zazel (anonymous)

Finally, here is a short list of some magazine appearances of major porn stars who I have noticed doing a pussy shaving pictorial in that magazine. Some of these pictures have been posted to the internet but many haven't. Good luck tracking down back issues. If you know of other major stars doing shaving pictorials for magazines please e-mail me the star's name, magazine and issue number and I will add it to this list. I could really use some help from other people in getting more info about magazine appearances of big stars doing shaving pictorials.

  • Bianca Trump - "Close Shave" Vol.5, #5 (c) 1993 (pussy already bald before she shaved)
  • Alicyn Sterling - "Close Shave" Vol.6, #5 (c) 1994
  • Sunset Thomas - "Close Shave" Vol. 4, #4 (c) 1992
  • Summer Cummings - "Close Shave" Vol. 4, #9 (c) 1992
  • Lacy Rose - "Shaved Smooth" February 1994
  • Francesca Le & Tara Monroe - "Shaved & Ready" Vol.2, #8 (c) 1994
  • Francesca Le & Tara Monroe - "Shaved & Ready" Vol.2, #10 (c) 1994 (same pics as Shaved & Ready #8)
  • Asia Carrera - "Shaved & Ready" Vol.2, #10 (c) 1994
  • Micky Lynn & Sydney Dance - "Shaved & Ready" Vol.2, #10 (c) 1994
  • Dyanna Lauren - "Shaved & Ready" Vol.2, #10 (c) 1994
  • Samantha Strong - "Swank" May 1990
  • Kim Chambers - "Shaved" May 1995
  • Nikki Dial - "Swank" Holiday 1993
  • Kelly O'Dell - "Shaved" (issue number unknown but she's billed as "Katie" on the cover) - anyone know the issue number?


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