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  • POM = Penthouse Pet of the Month

  • POY = Penthouse Pet of the Year

  • NSS = Newsstand Special

  • BOL = Playboy's Book of Lingerie


You probably ought to know right at the outset what's not here: Pictures.

Other people have done better jobs of erecting cybershrines to some of the ladies who are mentioned here, and the binary newsgroups and other web pages (many of which this site links to) are awash in stills and vidcaps. This site is devoted to information only. If you're disappointed in that, you might gain some consolation in knowing that this is a "clean" site. Because there aren't any pictures, and because I don't use Java applets, you won't feel compelled to go get a cup of coffee while a page loads.

You also ought to be aware that this is an ongoing project. Some pages are not complete, and a few may never be. I'm doing the best I can with limited archives and resources, and any help you can render in making this site complete and accurate would be greatly appreciated. Additional information or corrections (particularly if you find an outdated link, as I can't recheck links as often as I'd like) are welcome.  E-mail me at: RAMEguy@aol.com.

This site started out as a place to maintain my list of Playboy and Penthouse models who have done explicit adult-video or -movie work.     My interest originally was in identifying Playboy and Penthouse models who began doing adult video work after their magazine layouts, because I find it stimulating to see a woman actually doing the things I'd fantasized about her doing when I saw her in the magazine. The thrill is somewhat diminished when I've seen her doing such things first. But, as you can tell by perusing the site, I've expanded the role of this little archive somewhat. Nonetheless, its primary focus remains on identifying those models from the two major U.S. men's magazines who have done explicit video or movie work and, to a lesser extent, on archiving various information related to Penthouse magazine.  (There are plenty of information sources for Playboy buffs, but Penthouse-philes don't have much. )

I'm sure my lists relating to adult video and movies are not complete, for one reason because my magazine archives aren't. But I'm also sure I've failed to identify some people whose identities I couldn't tell because in their pictorials they were painted silver or had blue hair or some other such nonsense, or some who had short careers, or who used a different name and whom I didn't recognize. Multiple-person pictorials are the hardest in which to identify models accurately, not only for the reasons already mentioned, but also because it's harder to identify someone when she has her eyes closed, head thrown back or mouth open, or when her face is buried in someone else's crotch. And of course, so many of the models are virtually indistinguishable from one another in their multiple-person photo sets.  I know I'm not the only one who can't figure out which blonde is doing what to which other blonde in a Penthouse pictorial. Also, I don't count masturbation as hardcore work, as it doesn't involve contact with another person and frequently isn't that far removed from what's in the magazine.

If the Playboy or Penthouse model you're interested in doesn't appear at this site, she hasn't done hardcore adult-video work to my knowledge.  Feel free to check out the list of models who haven't done porn, where I've stored some comments about frequently-asked-about models.

E-mail is welcome, but if you're interested in scans, please ask elsewhere.  In general, I don't have many, and you're probably better off hitting the binary newsgroups or alt.mag.playboy or alt.mag.penthouse with your requests.

This list isn't copyrighted, but I'd appreciate credit if it's used or archived somewhere else, along with a request that corrections, additions, etc., be sent to me at RAMEguy@aol.com.

And, lastly, thanks to all who have helped with the research, either directly via e-mail or indirectly by posting information that's been extremely helpful in the newsgroups and at websites.

Rumors, upcomings and almosts

It's been suggested that popular Playboy NSS model Samantha Laurent appeared in several 1993 and 1994 videos for Private under the name Samantha Shamal.  I'm researching this.

Natalie Bach (magazines and issues are being researched, though I'm sure she's been in Penthouse, and her web page says she's been in some NSSs) is reportedly mulling an offer from Vivid.

Oct 97 Penthouse Pet Mason Marconi, aka Playboy NSS model Amber Erickson, in some quotations accompanying a layout in another magazine in the summer of 1997, indicated a desire to break into adult videos.  By e-mail, she's said that all she intends to do for now is solo work.

AVN reported in its Aug 97 issue that Tanya Beyer, Playboy's Miss February 1992 and currently a dancer somewhere, was all set to begin working for porn director John T. Bone (he of Annabel Chong, Jasmin St. Claire and The World's Biggest Gangbangs tapes) but was dissuaded from doing so by her boyfriend.

Atlanta-based adult-video producer Mike South reports that it's a possibility that Samantha Michaels (Nov 96 Penthouse POM) may decide to do some hard-core work.

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