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Subject: UK R18 videos under the new guidelines - list v.1.01
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Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2000 15:12:17

As promised in a post a few days ago this is the first version of my list of videos passed for distribution in licensed sex shops in the UK at certificate R18 under the new guidelines that effectivelt 'legalise' hardcore videos in the UK.

Only 15 videos so far, but this is in the first two weeks since the board passed the first videos *submitted* under the new guidelines. This includes 3 apparently uncut videos from Private and several with name US stars.

As far as I am aware these vids are not yet in the shops - so I haven't had a chance to view any yet, However, the omens are good! I will endeavour to keep info on physical availability up to date.

Please post any comments, amendments etc. to the ng or directly to my email address. I welcome any positive input.

List v1.01 - 2nd September 2000

This list has two purposes. Firstly it is intended to allow people buying R18 videos in the UK to determine how closely the UK certified release compares to the original release and exactly which UK release they are getting when there have been multiple releases of the same title. The main method of compiling this data is to check the certification info held on the BBFC web site - http://www.bbfc.co.uk - against the information held on the IAFD. This of course only allows for a comparison of running times and where necessary I have consulted other online sources for additional info. I also hope to be able to add comments based on my own and other people's viewing.

Its second purpose is to confirm the original (US) release title of the UK-released video in the hope that this will allow UK viewers the opportunity to find online info under the vid's normal title. For purposes of comparison I have used the cast and director info provided in the IAFD and on the BBFC site. In addition I hope to add info that will allow the R18 hardcore version to be distinguished from any earlier versions released in the UK as 18 or 'soft' R18.

Obviously as time goes on there will also be R18 releases which do not correspond to releases in other countries - either because they are 'new' compilations or because they are homegrown products. These will be included in this list in so far as I can determine anything about the products.

The list only covers heterosexual products as I simply don't know enough about gay porn to begin to pass useful comments. At the time of writing there appear to have been several gay porn vids passed under the new guidelines.

The list is in alpha order by UK release title. ('The' & 'A' are ignored when determining the order).

The reference to 'cuts' in the UK version refers only to any cuts made by the BBFC to the version submitted by the UK rights holder. It does not and cannot indicate any cuts that might have been made *by* the distributor prior to the vid being submitted for classification.

Shorter running times for the UK version when compared with the US version might be accounted for by the NTSC to PAL conversion. (Every 25 minutes of NTSC footage converts to 24 minutes of PAL). However, I believe this is only relevant if the original movie was shot on film (and possibly only if the PAL version was mastered from the film rather than from an existing NTSC video version).

The named distributor is the legal rights holder at the time of the video's certification. It is not necessarily the 'label' the video is released under.

All additional comments follow the list entry in brackets.

The format of each entry is:-

UK NAME (Certification date - dd/mm/yy) - Distributor UK Run time (Cuts made by BBFC)

IAFD name (IAFD Date)
IAFD run time



BUCK ADAMS' CENTERFOLD (18/08/00) - Prime Time Promotions (Shifnal) Ltd
68m 14s (no cuts)

Centerfold (1995)


HIRSUTE CLAIRE (24/08/00) - Double 'D' Productions 86m 15s (no cuts)

Not on IAFD

(Double 'D' appear to own the UK rights to Score big boobs vids. They have previously released a number of 'hirsute' themed vids which have been classified at certificate 18, some after substantial cuts. Many of Double D's vids are available in the US from Score, but the hairy ones don't appear to be).


HOUSE OF LOVE (22/08/00) - Sheptonhurst Ltd 131m 12s (no cuts)

House Of Love (1999)

(AKA Private Gold 40. This tape features 5 DPs according to the IAFD and the UK release appears to be 7 minutes longer than the US version. Truly we live in miraculous times! A review from Niklas Zypher on Ramenet gives the running time as 2hr 11m - I'm presuming this is therefore the Swedish running time too so it looks like the Brits really are getting more bang for their bucks than the Americans this time)


LINSEY'S LEZZIE SEDUCTION (24/08/00) - Double 'D' Productions 43m 32s (no cuts)

Not on IAFD

(Linsey being Linsey Dawn McKenzie - a G/G video obviously. Previously this was released as an 18 Cert video with a running time of 33m 16s. Score are also marketing a version of this tape for the US which they describe as 'hot' and 'X-rated' compared to the 'tame' UK version -presumably the 18 cert version. However, their 'hot' version only runs to 30 mins! I've seen an mpeg of a clip of the US version and confirm that it is borderline (lesbian) hardcore - i.e. genital-oral contact but little penetration).


LYNDSEY DAWN & ALISON HAVING FULL SEX XXX (24/08/00) - Liquid Gold 60m 15s (no cuts)

Not on IAFD

(Lyndsey still being Linsey Dawn McKenzie. The same tape (without the XXX epithet) was passed at 18 Cert on 18/08/00 with a run time of 53m 22s).


MADNESS 2 (22/08/00) - Sheptonhurst Ltd 175m 11s (no cuts)

Not Yet on IAFD

(AKA Private Gold 42. The near 3 hour run time seems high even for one of Private's Euro shagfests. As Madness 1 aka Private Gold 41 has not been certified at any level in the UK then perhaps this release includes footage from the first part of this trilogy as well... if so, however, why specifically call it 'Madness 2'. There would appear to be some allusions to rape in the first part - according to Private's site the plot partly involves a man unjustly accused of rape by a woman out for revenge - which might explain why there would be problems under the BBFC guidelines).


MOVING VIOLATIONS (16/08/00) - Prime Time Promotions (Shifnal) Ltd 85m 29s (no cuts)

Violation (1996)

(Presumably the title 'Violation' was a problem with regard to the 'no sexual violence' strictures of the BBFC guidelines. The cast and director listed on www.bbfc.co.uk make it clear that this is the same movie).


NO SUN NO FUN (29/08/00) - Sheptonhurst Ltd 171m 58s (no cuts)

Not yet on IAFD

(AKA Private Gold 43. The running time would suggest that this is more or less a full video (see also comments to Madness 2). It would appear that Sheptonhurst are going to release all the Private gold titles beginning at no. 40 except where there are content difficulties. It has been stated that this company owns the UK rights to all of Private's videos - which is ironic if you know anything about the history of Sheptonhurst. Presumably we won't get back catalgue until the newest vids have all been released - and perhaps not then either).


THE ORIGINAL DARK DESIRES (21/08/00) - Sheptonhurst Ltd 91m 21s (no cuts)

Red Vibe Diaries 2: Dark Desires (1998) 91m

(Also released as a soft R18 at 73m 43s certified 01/12/99 under the title 'Dark Desires' and as an 18 cert at 65m 24s certified 25/10/99 under the title Red Vibe Diaries - Dark Desires - Special Edition. Interesting use of the word 'special there).


THE ORIGINAL MIA - SEX FANTASIES (21/08/00) - Sheptonhurst Ltd 72m 56s (no cuts)

Mia (1998)

(Cast list & title suggest this is the correct match but the BBFC & IAFD credit different directors, Joe Robertson & Adele Robbins respectively. Any info on this? The 3 minute run time difference could be explained by film to PAL conversion. The same video was apparently previously released as a soft R18 vid on 13/03/00 at 70m 8s under the title 'Mia - Sex Fantasies' with the director credited as Adele Robins).


THE ORIGINAL MISTY RAIN'S MOUTH JOBS (22/08/00) - Sheptonhurst Ltd 102m 23s (no cuts)

Infidelity (1998) ????

(This is a clear match on cast & director (Jace Rocker), but the 22m drop in running time & title change suggests the vid has been restructured and possibly contains alternative material as well. In addition there is a soft R18 video with the UK title Misty Rain's Pleasure Club which the BBFC site advises is aka Infidelity. The soft R18 release of '...Mouth Jobs' - 75m 16s - and the 18 release - 62m 20s - are both credited by the BBFC to director Michael Zen & given the alternative title 'Things Change 3'. However the cast listing on the BBFC site is totally wrong for 'Things Change 3'. Of course the BBFC only gets its info from the contents of the tapes they classify so it is possible that the credits are wrong on the UK release of this vid. However the IAFD runtime for 'Things Change 3' is only 83 m so this is not a good match either. My guess is that the UK release is a comp containing some scenes from both US releases - hopefully I will be able to substantiate this at some point).


THE ORIGINAL SEX WITH NURSES (21/08/00) - Sheptonhurst Ltd 83m 31s (no cuts)

Sexy Nurses 3 (1998)

(Previously released under the title 'Sex with Nurses' at soft R18 certified 20/12/99 at 71m 16s including 6 seconds of cuts and/or substitutions)




PRIVATE GOLD 42 - Please see 'MADNESS 2'


PRIVATE GOLD 43 - Please see 'NO SUN NO FUN'


SEARCH FOR THE SNOW LEOPARD - EVE OF THE HUNT (CONTINENTAL VERSION) (16/08/00) - Prime Time Promotions (Shifnal) Ltd 120m 43 secs (no cuts)

Search For The Snow Leopard (1998)

(Previously released in UK with 18 cert. without the words 'Continental Version' in the title and a run time of 91m 19s. No word on the 'missing' ll minutes in the R18 version but if the original was shot on film - as I believe it was - then you would expect a PAL run time of approx 127m for an NTSC run time of 132m).


WICKED COVER GIRLS (16/08/00) - Prime Time Promotions (Shifnal) Ltd 84m 45s (no cuts)

Wicked Covergirls (1998)

(G/G only)


XXX BRITISH HARDCORE VOLUME 1 (24/08/00) - Liquid Gold 63m 10s (no cuts)

Not on IAFD

(No cast list for this at the BBFC site so I don't have much to add. There have previously been 2 vids released in May 2000 by the same company and director (Derek Smith) with the titles British Hardcore Volume 1 & Volume 2 respectively. They have running times of 49m 34s & 41m 26s at cert. 18. Both were cut to achieve this certificate).


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