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From: lattara<lattara@REMOVETHIS.europe.com>
Subject: Latest UK certifications at R18 - May 2001
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Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 19:45:11

Soon after hardcore videos were effectively legalised in the UK last summer I posted a list of the first handful of vids certified at R18 under the liberalised guidelines. My intention was to keep this list up-to-date for the purpose of identifying videos where the UK title differed from the US title (to facilitate UK viewers accessing reviews etc under the original title) and to clarify whether the films were uncensored either by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) or, where this was determinable, where they might have been pre-censored by the UK distributors before classification.

My good intentions were not met for several reasons. Firstly there were more videos released than I could keep up with in the limited time I could devote to the task. Secondly, contrary to my original expectations, the BBFC have interpreted their guidelines liberally and the majority of vids certified since 16th August 2000 have been uncut by censor or by distributor. In addition some other public-spirited individual has been posting a list of all R18 vids (gay & straight) that have been certified since the liberalisation at the Melonfarmers site. This list only records whether the vids were cut by the BBFC - it doesn't attempt to match UK releases with US or European originals or otherwise comment, so it's of less scope than my intended project but it's still a useful resource for British viewers (and the site as a whole is indispensable for all media censorship issues in the UK):-


What I've decided to do instead is keep an eye on new certifications made by the BBFC as detailed on their website and try and regularly post details of any vid that has been retitled, cut by the BBFC or the distributor or which is otherwise noteworthy. I'm planning to do this on a monthly-ish basis starting from May 2001. Any vids that are -as far as I can ascertain - identical to the US or Euro original (i.e. the majority as circumstances stand at the moment) will not be mentioned, nor will vids that I cannot trace back to a US or Euro original and which are otherwise unremarkable.

(As I know nothing about gay vids - and for no other reason - I'm afraid I'm only going to be looking at straight material. However, if anyone's got queries about the censorship of gay material in the UK then I'm happy to answer specific queries or discuss general concepts to the best of my limited knowledge).

Comments & corrections are welcome. As I'm expecting to be off-line for a week or possibly two as of the weekend then I'd be grateful if, on this occasion, people emailed me direct (as well as posting to the group).

Obvious credit and thanks to the IAFD and IAFD people for all their useful info as I've compared all the vids that are of US origin against their IAFD listings. Any data from the IAFD quoted below - principally runtimes - is marked as such.

Noteworthy R18 certifications - May 2000

TOTALLY... TERA PATRICK - certified 22/05/01

Based on the (incomplete) cast as recorded on the BBFC site and the director listed this is either Tera Patrick AKA Filthy Whore or Tera Patrick AKA Filthy Whore 2. The title change was insisted on by the BBFC as they don't allow titles that feature 'degradation' . 'Filthy Whore' is considered degrading as is 'White Trash Whore'. 'Asian Anal Hooker' is not considered degrading. You may make your mind up about the silliness of this. 6 seconds were amended apparently only to remove the title screen from the actual videoplay.

The UK release clocks in at a measly 66m 20s and I presumed that the UK distributors had cut the vid for reasons of fleecing the public. However, Gamelink lists the runtime (of no. 1) as 65 mins so I guess the fleecing must be laid at the door of the original producers

Eyecandy (for the first movie) at:-

http://jadedvideo.com/imagesx/34643-1.jpg http://jadedvideo.com/imagesx/34643-2.jpg

MY DEAR LAURA - certified 22/05/01

This is Laura (1998) directed by Thomas Paine. The UK runtime of 87m 18s is longer than the runtime recorded on the IAFD (though this is probably due to a minor error on the IAFD than any additional material in the UK release).

LOVE IN A STRANGERS ARMS - cert 22/05/01

Passed uncut at 82m 20s by the BBFC this UK release still seems to be missing footage as the IAFD lists the US runtime as 91m. Even allowing for a possible film to PAL conversion (PAL videos run 4% faster than film) there are still possibly 5 minutes of footage missing. Based on cast and producers I would assume any missing material has been cut for reasons other than censorship.

NO MAN'S LAND 30 - cert 15/05/01

Despite the title the cast list as recorded on the BBFC site (only Isis Nile listed) suggests that this is either, in fact, No Man's Land 9 or some combination of material from that series. Or possibly that there are incorrect credits on the vid itself. OTOH, no. 30 in this series would be a good bet for a UK release as it features Sandy aka Zsanett Esterhazy (or something similarly Hungarian) whose softcore photowork has a devoted UK following (as has her ALS work) and who has already appeared in 2 UK-filmed g/g R18 videos which probably haven't had a US release ('Sandy Does Hardcore' and 'Toe-tally Yours - Sandy').

Eyecandy for no. 30:-

http://jadedvideo.com/imagesx/31024-1.jpg http://jadedvideo.com/imagesx/31024-2.jpg

DEEP INSIDE JULI ASHTON - certified 09/05/01

Passed uncut by the BBFC the runtime of the UK release is nonetheless 94m 33s as opposed to 120 minutes quoted on the IAFD. As it's a VCA vid I would suspect that the missing minutes are due to the rip-off factor rather than censorship. (The UK distributor is Sheptonhurst who are well-versed in the art of the porn rip-off).


http://jadedvideo.com/imagesx/06381-1.jpg http://jadedvideo.com/imagesx/06381-2.jpg


This Ben Dover video - which doesn't appear to have a US equivalent (though if you know better let me know) - was apparently originally entitled British Squirt Queens until the BBFC, despite having previously passed at least one video with squirting, settled the age-old RAME argument and declared female ejaculate to be urine and therefore verboten. This vid therefore lost 6 m 12 s of original footage, some of which was substituted, some cut entirely.

BTW, trying to collate Ben's US, Euro & British releases is a thankless task and one I am not going to attempt. It's worth noting here that his first few post-liberalisation releases had very short runtimes (circa 60 mins) and he explained to one email enquirer who passed this info on in a.f.tvx that the costs of certification and the degree to which the licensed sex shops were under the control of a business competitor meant that he couldn't afford to issue longer tapes. Obviously his fears have been assuaged as the more recent releases have been of the 90m to 120m variety and so those are the ones to look out for in general.

RENEGADE WOMEN - cert 08/05/01

Uncut by the BBFC but the UK runtime (113m 42s) dose not come close to the US release runtime (134m according to the IAFD). No idea what might have been cut but as the US producers are VCA I would doubt that any cuts have been made for censorship reasons - more likely ripoff UK distributors Sheptonhurst being too cheap to go and buy some new tapes that run longer than 120m!


http://jadedvideo.com/imagesx/14918-1.jpg http://jadedvideo.com/imagesx/14918-2.jpg

REBECCA'S NYMPHO ORGY - cert 01/05/01

Based on director (Antonio Adamo) and cast listed this appears to be 'Last Muse' (2001). It appears to be wholly intact in the UK version, so presumably the title 'Last Muse' was considered too arty for the down-to-earth British perve.


http://jadedvideo.com/imagesx/41296-1.jpg http://jadedvideo.com/imagesx/41296-2.jpg


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