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From: Tim Evanson <tevanson@erols.com>
Subject: Gay porn stars who've done PLAYGIRL
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 97 19:49:12
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This is a repost of previous efforts, but I'm posting it again for those who might not have seen it previously and to report new data. :)

Here's a CLEAN list of gay porn stars or gay models who have appeared in PLAYGIRL. I've noted if the person was making gay porn at the time of their appearance in PLAYGIRL. Remember, their gay porn name comes first (if known, because sometimes the gay magazine will not or the video cast list is not known or doesn't put names to faces), followed by their PLAYGIRL name and the date of their magazine appearance in parentheses. When the PLAYGIRL name or date is not known, it is not listed; when PLAYGIRL did not see fit to name the model but the layout title is known, the title of the layout appears.


PLAYGIRL Gay Porn Models

Ryan Idol (Marc Anthony Donais; February 1989)
Idol had filmed IDOL EYES when this appeared, but the film was not in release yet.
Kris Lord (Kris Kayman; April 1992)
Lord had already appeared in gay videos.
David Burrill (David Burrill; _____ ???)
Burrill's gay porn films had not yet appeared.
Scott Peterson (Scott Peterson; _____ ???)
Peterson's gay porn films has not yet appeared.
Ken Ryker (Ken Ryker; March, 1995)
Ryker had already appeared in gay videos.
Mike De Marco (Mike De Marco; May 1989)
De Marco had already appeared in gay videos.
Paul Baressi (_______ ; late 1974/early 1975)
Unknown, but he may have appeared in gay videos by then.
Mark Brandon (_______ ; November 1990)
Brandon's gay porn films had not yet appeared.
Rex Chandler (_______ ; April 1992)
Chandler had already appeared in gay videos.
Lex Baldwin (Keith Rivera; June 1991)
Baldwin had already filmed gay videos, but they were not yet in release.
Daniel Torres (Daniel Torres; June 1991)
No information on Torres' gay porn/modelling career available.
Jeff Hammond (_______ ; late 1991)
This pictorial was released as Jeff's first videos came out.
Steve Ryder (_______ ; December 1991)
Ryder's gay porn films had not yet appeared.
Johnny Hanson ("Voyeur Views"; September 1995)
Hanson's movies were in release at the same time as his Playgirl pictures.
Chris Champion (Donald Gutterman; August 1995)
Champion had already appeared in gay videos.
Brad Stone ("Voyeur Views"; August 1995)
Stone had already appeared in gay videos.
Mark Wolff (Mark Wolff, February 1995; "Reader's Fantasy Forum", June 1996)
Wolff had already done gay porn modelling.
John Colletti (_______ ; _____ ???)
No information on Colletti's gay porn/modelling career available.
Johnny Harden (_______ ; _____ ???)
Harden had already appeared in gay videos.
Jeff Quinn (_______ ; _____ ???)
Quinn's gay porn films had not yet appeared.
Rock Pamplin ("Man of the Year"; May 1976)
Pamplin's gay porn modelling career had not yet begun.
Maxx Grand ("Dream Lovers"; July 1996)
Grand had already appeared in gay videos.
Sonny Markham (Robert Davidson; September 1996)
Markham had already appeared in gay videos.
Claude Jourdan (Philip, "Real Men of the Month"; September 1996)
Jourdan had already appeared in gay videos.
Dart Davis ("I Do! I Do!", "Fantasy Forum"; August 1996)
Davis had been on the cover of the April 1996 issue of "Advocate Men" and done a JO video.
_______ ("Passionate Pilgrim"; Playgirl Fantasy Special, 1996)
He did the All Worlds hard-core film "The Magic Bed" and Vivid's "Centerspread 3."
Trevor Hansen (_______ ; _____ ???)
Unknown if he had appeared in videos yet.
Derek Cameron (_______ ; _____ ???)
J.W. King (James Waldrop, January 1981)
King had probably not yet done gay porn.
Bob Blount (_______ ; _____ ???)
Blount did gay porn probably around the same time as his layout, although the date of the layout is not clear.
Tom Farrell ("Rob Sawyer"; November? 1991)
Farrell's gay porn career had yet to begin.
Chris Carmen (_______ ; 1993?)
Carmen's "Inches" layouts appeared 2-3 years before his Playgirl layout.
Corey Savage (Leo Marentette; 1991?)
It's not clear whether Savage's layout appeared before, during, or after his gay porn videos.
Eric Howard ("Make Your Boyfriend a Centerfold" winner; 1989/90)
It is not clear whether Howard's Playgirl layout appeared before or after his nude gay modeling work.
Rick Woods ("Couples" model, October 1996?; "Real Man of the Month" Derrick Massey, August? or September? 1996?)
Woods' gay porn layouts probably appeared before and during his Playgirl stint.
Jean Robert Lecocq (Jean Robert Lecocq, March 1981; "The Best of Playgirl 1981", November 1981; "Playgirl's Sexy Men", Playgirl Portfolio, July 1982; "Playgirl's Sexy Men", Playgirl Entertains, October 1982)
Lecocq was also a Colt model at the time.
Alec Powers (Chad Austin; late 1980s?)
Unknown if he had done video work yet.
_______ , (Justin Sinclair, "Voyeur View: Road Thrill"; Nov., 1996)
This model has done many gay porn layouts prior to his appearance in Playgirl.
Tony Piagi (Tim Pearson, "Fire and Nice"; October 1996)
Piagi had already appeared in magazines and videos before his Playgirl layout.
Alan Reeves (Alan Edwards; April 1995)
Reeves had already appeared in videos.
Tony Cameron (Anthony Wagner, "Real Men of the Month"; October 1996)
Cameron had already appeared videos.
Marcello Reeves (Marcos Regis, "Caught Off Guard"; March 1996)
It is not clear whether Reeves had done videos yet.
Brandon Reevet (Jean Castaing; 1996?)
It is not clear whether Reevet had done videos yet.
Stud Michner (_______ ; early 1990s?)
It is not clear whether Reevet had done videos yet.
_______ ("Lace Invader"; _____ ???)
Unknown whether he had appeared in videos and magazines yet.
Chad Michaels ("Reader's Fantasy Forum"; August and September 1996)
Unknown whether he had appeared in magazines yet.
Steve Hammond (_______ ; February 1988)
Hammond's videos were probably in release in at the time of his layout.
Vinnie Marino (_______ ; February 1988)
He had already done video and magazine work at this time.
"Cody Lee" (E.J. Cruse; March 1996)
He has done gay escort work in San Francisco.
_______ (Lucky Davis, "Real Man of the Month"; September 1996)
He stripped and JO'ed at SF's Nob Hill gay strip club in 1996.
Tom Harnett (_______ ; _____ ???)
It is unknown if Harnett had appeared for Colt yet.
Michael White (_______ ; _____ ???)
Tony Lattanzi (______ ; _____ ???)
_______ (Eric Howard, "Make Your Boyfriend a Centerfold" winner; 1989/90)
He subsequently appeared in gay magazines and now is a gay stripper.

THANKS EVERYONE FOR ADDING TO THE LIST! If you can find more information, or dates, or whatever, please post it! :) EVERYONE is welcome to add to the list!

See ya...

Tim #1
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