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From: BritPOP NNTP <britpopmp3@iname.com>
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Subject: Re: Playboy, PH models in hardcore?
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 99 00:24:21

There are a several good sources for information on the Playboy models that you might want to check out.

First is Andrew Crossett's women of Playboy index. He keeps track of all the US Playboy models going back to 1973, and also lists how much flesh each model displays.

Also worth checking out, particulary if you have a "did she ever" question, is the Playboy Mailing list, which is one of the primary ways Playboy fans communicate with each other. http://pages.infinit.net/dodo1/PMLresources/

Other good Playboy resources are Jim Dean's PMSTATS text list, http://www3.sympatico.ca/jimdean/pmstats.txt, which goes all the back to the early sixities.

Last, but not least is the Playmate Power Search, which is a searchable database for Playboy collectors, similiar to the IAFD, which is maintained by Glamour.net.
http://glamournet.com/eop/m3s/pps.html. Note www.Glamour.net generally breaks the news of Playmate film appearances first, including the few hardcore appearances that Playmates have done.

While none of the above resources specifically break out which Playboy models have done hardcore like Rameguy old list did, there is such a wealth of Playboy resources out there that virtually everything you would want on a Playmate is covered, if it is known to the wider internet community. Also, please note that very few Playmates ever venture into hardcore anyway, and any discussion of the subject with hardcore Playmate collectors is likely to be frustrating, since many of these guys consider an exposed labia to be "very explicit".

Those of us who are Penthouse fans, have nowhere near the same amount of completeness in documenting our favorite models, which is one of the reasons why I decide to focus on PH models exclusively.(The other main reason is that since mid 1997, roughly 75% of PH models have done some form of penetration, either by fingering themselves, with toys, and increasingly boy-girl hardcore).

>spankinghank@aol.com (SpankingHank) wrote in <rame.946260011p7045@bash>:
>>I'm looking for information on videos and films (and printed material,
>>if the moderator will allow that clause to slip through) depicting any
>>women who have posed for Playboy or any of its Newstand Specials in more
>>explicit shots than Playboy shows. I'm also interested in information
>>on hardcore work by Penthouse models who aren't generally known for
>>doing hardcore work.
>Have you been to our website?
>hosts RAMEGuy's old copy of his PB/PH models who have done porn, while
>BritPOP over at Raincoater.net has kinda taken up (at least for
>Penthouse) where he left off:
>but then since ole' BritPOP is a bit inconsistent with his navigational
>systems (nudge, nudge) you'll need to visit the "porn star" pages, then
>to the"website reviews" and then finally to the "mag survey"

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