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From: Sergej Kravinoff <KraventheHunter@hotmail.com>
Subject: Top 10 List of Max Hardcore's Biggest Scores
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 97 11:21:22
Organization: Spiderweb


There was a thread in this newsgroup a while ago called "Why Does Max Hardcore Fuck Such Ugly Women?". To summarize the discussion one of the reasons seems to be that he plays a lot tougher than most women are willing to do. Another reason may be, as Mike South tells us in a recent posting, that he pays low. The choice between working for Max who's known for his misogyni and pays less on the one hand and say Ed Powers who treats them better and pays better should be easy for most informed and rational women, but then again I'm sure that porn starlets' career choices are not always informed and rational.

Despite this, Max has over the years scored with several upcumming top starlets. I've tried to make a list of those which in retrospect would amount to his biggest scores (in doing this I've had a lot of help from the reviews at the AMRI, in particular those written by the prime Max connaisseur Herbie the Dentist):

  1. PAISLEY HUNTER. Max has done this gorgeous woman at least three times (Casting Call #13, Hitchhiker #12, Hardcore Schoolgirls #2). I've only seen the one from Casting Call. She's adorable in a red velvet dress. Max looks like he's fallen in love (ever seen that elsewhere?) and he can't help letting go an internal anal cumshot as she rides him RAC: who can blame him?

  2. KAITLYN ASHLEY. The Scene from "Anal Adventures #6: Video Games" is a classic, one of Max's all time best. You may find reviews of this excellent video by both Herbie and Rog at the AMRI and I have little to add.

  3. LITTLE CINDERELLA. In at least four titles: Max #9: Where Danger Lurks", "Max #11: Tunnel of Lust", "Casting Call #17", "Casting Call #18". I haven't seen any of these, but I've seen plenty of her elsewhere. She is no doubt the princess among this kind of tiny and skinny blonde women (Candi Connor, Barbie Angel etc) that Max seems to have a special crush for. And she's not only a Max girl but very much a star in her own right.

  4. TAMMI ANN. Also in "Anal Adventures #6: Video Games". Tammi is dressed as a hippie girl who gets assfucked by first Max and then Tim Lake and then dp'd. I read an interview with Max where he said that Tammi intitally didn't want to do anal but that he managed to persuade her. After getting over her inhibitions she quickly rose to stardom.

  5. VANESSA CHASE. She's done Max at least twice, in "Anal Adventures #8: Full Throttle" (which I haven't seen) and in a scene which I've seen only on the compilation tape "The Hardcore Collection #8. You may find my very positive opinions on the scene from HC#8 in my review at the AMRI.

  6. ALEX DANE. In "Casting Call #14", so they say. I haven't seen it. But she's wonderful.

  7. TIFFANY MYNX. In "Anal Adventures #3: Behind the Lines". This is another classic. Max picks her up outside a library and the scene includes inter alia a magnificent tunnel cum shot. I fully agree with Herbie in rating this one among the top 10 tunnel shots ever seen. I've read that Tiffany was not very happy with the scene afterwards; that's a pity, because this is something to be proud of.

  8. CORT KNEE. She seems to enjoy working with Max. She's done it at least four times, in "Anal Auditions #1", "Max #10: Dirty Deeds", "Max #12: Spread Eagle", "Hitchhiker #17". Unfortunately I've not yet seen any of these, but I've seen her elsewhere a she's no doubt a conquest to be proud of.

  9. ROXANNE HALL. Another Max regular, still a star in her own right (unlike Davia Ardell, Candi Connor, Barbie Angel, Lovette etc). I've managed to track down no less than six titles: "Anal Adventures #11: Grand Prix", "Cherry Poppers #6", "Max #11: Tunnel of Lust", "Hitchhiker #7", "Casting Call #9", "Casting Call #16". I've only seen the two first-mentioned. The scene from Grand Prix is very good. She looks better than ever and there's good chemistry between her and Max.

  10. KITTY YUNG. In "Assmaster #6" and "Assmaster #8", so they say. I'd like to see them.

Those that were close but didn't make the list: Chrissy Ann, Nikki Brantz, Alexandra Silk, Kim Chambers, Marilyn Martin.

Conclusion: Max does not only fuck ugly B-girls!


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Some selected followups:

From: Rogrtipe@ix.netcom.com (Roger T. Pipe) Subject: Re: Top 10 List of Max Hardcore's Biggest Scores Date: Tue, 14 Oct 97 10:40:26
Organization: Netcom

On Wed, 15 Oct 97 11:21:22, Sergej Kravinoff <KraventheHunter@hotmail.com> wrote:
<Snip of good post for space>

Did you forget Kylie Ireland? Perhaps the "biggest" star to go with Max. [...]

[...] From: pkelley@primenet.XXX.com (Patrick)
Subject: Re: Top 10 List of Max Hardcore's Biggest Scores
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 97 01:44:01
Organization: Here Not There

You can add Tammie Monroe in AnalVision 6. Anna Mallie in Full Throttle and at least two more that I have seen on comp tapes. Stephani Swift in Max Hardcore 13 - Hombre and Max 4 - The Harder They Come. Vixxen in Casting Call 4 and Cherry Poppers 10. Illana Moor (not that well known in the US) in Hardcore Schoolgirls 4, Casting Call 17. Celine Deavoux in Hardcore Schoolgirls 5. Dina Pearl in Puritan 7 and Max World 7. Channone in Max Hardcore 9. Ashley Shye in Hardcore Schoolgirls 4, Hardcore Schoolgirls 5, Anal Auditions 3, Hitchhiker 16, Casting Call 17. J.R. Carrington in a bunch (titles on request).

While not all these might make your list, it still shows that a rather large number of very nice women have done scenes with Max. It also shows that many have gone back for more of Max's Special Treatment.



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