Anal and DP Scene Listing
by Cluttered Mind
v 1.1 (January 1, 2001) - updated April 14, 2001

This is the culmination of a work that began back in 1994, when I decided I'd look for movies with these scenes from my then- faves. I started by soliciting information from the keeper of the a.s.m. DP List, connoisseur, and Peter van Aarle (though I doubt he remembers). But it would not have reached its current form without the great help of several sources. First, the IAFD was invaluable - I can honestly say that without that resource, this list would be a shade of its current self. Admittedly, though, there are a few errors contained within, so if they've crept over to this work, I'm sorry. Second, Den and the CAVR gave me nearly all of the comments beyond dps and facials. It's perhaps the most detailed source of information out there - so for God's sake, become a member (it's not like it's expensive). Third, RonK489385 graciously provided me with his personal list of dap scenes - he did, though, warn me to take it with a grain of salt, so I call upon all of you to make sure my dap listings are correct. Kafka555's list, though less complete, was also offered to me. Finally, Joey Markham - "Good night, Mr. Markham, wherever you are" - former keeper of the One-Time Anal List and Non-Anal Starlet List, helped prod me along for the few months before I published Version 1.0. Thanks.

Enough of that. Version 1.1 has about 6,000 new listings, most of which represents a year and a half of new scenes. Crazy, huh? Some of them, though, are just corrections or additions of older scenes - all in an effort to be as complete as humanly possible. This was done in Excel basically because it allowed me to sort by category, which was extremely useful, believe me. It is divided into 4 columns: Actress, Title, Comments, and (my nod to Joey) One-Time. The Comments section has several possible notations:

4f/8f4 or 8 fingers inserted
?x? number of anal scenes in film
(same goes for ?dp, ?f, etc.)
a2mass to mouth
dapdouble anal penetration
dppdouble pussy penetration
dpdouble penetration
d+d dpdick+dildo double penetration
(with the dick being the anal participant,
same goes for d+d dpp, d+d dap, etc.)
gsurination on actress
pissurination by actress

One comment: this list does include several scenes with no anal but with dpps (i.e. Teri Weigel in Encore, Victoria Paris in Two Women). In those cases, the comments will start with "only dpp"

This list is meant to include ONLY those anal and DP scenes where a male is performing the action. If I have inadvertently included any lesbian scenes (a slight failing of the IAFD), or if you have any corrections or suggestions to make, please e- mail me at

Thanks for making it this far. Now, on with the show!