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FROM: jhusom <jhu@med.edu>
SUBJECT: Girl/Girl ANALINGUS Database - August Update DATE: Wed, 07 Aug 1996 06:51:10 -0700
ORGANIZATION: HCF - Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Date: 7/1/96

Number of films in database = 81

Q: What is girl/girl analingus?
A: This is a scene where one girl licks the asshole of another girl.

At the beginning of the database, I will list the MUST SEE films in the database. These are the "class A " films that you should definitely rent/purchase (rating system described below). As always, please fell free to ADD to the database by posting "g/g analingus additions". I will include your name in the next database update as an author. This database will be updated MONTHLY. I will post the updated version on or near the 1st of the month.

no.email.address (Dr. G)
an178584@anon.penet.fi (King Rice)
paladin5@aol.com (Paladin5)
pat4747@delphi.com (Patrick)
an187423@anon.penet.fi (Sleepless in Seattle) alain_bourassa@itr.qc.ca
an390907@anon.penet.fi (Beast (the 1st)) pkelley@primenet.com (Patrick)
idreamofu@aol.com (IDreamOfU)
an390907@anon.penet.fi (Nick Nahme)

RATING SYSTEM (Class A, B, or C):

Class C Most common. This is when the a babe's face is buried between the cheeks of another's. You obviously know that the tongue is near the asshole but have no clear cut view of tongue action (if any). Sometimes you may see a tongue flicker but you basically feel a little ripped off by the camera or actresses. Can still be hot if done right (e.g.. Vanessa & Cody in "Sodomania 10.")

Class B Less common. This is when you have a clear cut, well lit view of the "licker's" tongue going over the asshole of the "lickee". No penetration is seen.

Class A RARE (but highly sought after). This is when the tongue can be seen to penetrate the anus and the whole scene is not at all faked. It is noted (unfortunately) that when this occurs on video that it may last all of 3 to 5 seconds unless you've really lucked out on your rental.

anal adventures #2 bodacious buns
anal climax
anal romp
buttslammers #10
coming of nikita, the
dirty twins
don't get them wet
encino man
girls will be boys #1
girls will be boys #2
girls will be boys #3
guttman's paris vacation
jail babes
lesbian bitches
loose ends #5
loose ends #6
loving lesbos
once upon a madonna
party doll a go go
sex asylum #4
snatched to the future
taking it to the limit #2
where the girls sweat #1


976 bust
aerobisex girls #2
american buttman in london, an
anal adventures #2 bodacious buns
anal asian
anal climax
anal romp
anus and andy
asian anal
assy sassy #2
bend over babes #2
best little whore house in hong kong
beyond thunderbone
bruce seven's favorite endings
butt light #2
butt sluts #1
buttslammers #1
buttslammers #2
buttslammers #3
buttslammers #4
buttslammers #7
buttslammers #10
buttwoman #2 behind bars
coming of nikita, the
dirty thirties, the
dirty twins
don't get them wet
dream girls
edge of heat, the
encino man
every woman has a fantasy #2
fantasy girls
girls will be boys #1
girls will be boys #2
girls will be boys #3
going down
guttman's paris vacation
hard to thrill
haunted nights
hindlick maneuver, the
house of strange desires
jail babes
kasha's friends
kittens #1
kittens #3
lesbian bitches
lesbian climax
lips on lips
loose ends #5
loose ends #6
love from the backside
loving lesbos
madison is a girl's best friend
mystic pieces
new girlfriend, a
no man's land #7
oldie but goodie
on your honor
once upon a madonna
only game in town, the
party doll a go go
pleasure hunt
power of nicole
private magazine video #1
rear action girls
santa comes twice
sex asylum #4
sex nurses
she's so fine
snatched to the future
sorority pink #2
star cut
supergirls do the navy
taking it to the limit #2
traci i love you
unions lesbiennes
where the girls sweat #2


Girls Will Be Boys #1 (review #1)
Chessy Moore, although, not the most beautiful woman in the world, must be one of the most anal. She DEEP tongues a girl's asshole (either Samantha Scott or Kandi Valentine). I mean deep this is an anal tongue fucking long deep and hard, the sound of her reaming this ass is kind of a sloshing sound. Amazing!!

Girls Will Be Boys #1 (review #2)
This tape's main star has to be Chessie Moore. In it (about the second scene) Cheesie delivers about 3 5 minutes of Class A analingus to a redhead. Chessie is without a doubt
the queen of g/g analingus.This tape is an all girl movie. Hard to remember but I think there is Class B and Class C butt licking also by others. Another scene with Kristara Knight and another blond, although minimal butt licking, is very hot. Kristara has a HUGE cunt!

Girls Will Be Boys #1 (review #3)
First scenes feature Chessie Moore, first in a 3 way product "demonstration" where she does some tongue fucking, then the second where she does this and some major analingus, complete with squishy sounds, to a redhead. The rest of the movie is boring, as are the camera angles, except the second last scene with the two blondes, and the last part of the last scene where a new and very lovely brunette starts into the main performer. But the scene ends and it says "to be continued...". GWBB2 I hope is better than 1. GWBB3 was much better than this. After I reviewed GWWB3 I was e informed that 1 and 2 were more on the sensual side. Part 1 failed on this count.

Girls Will Be Boys #2 (review #1)
This one is much heavier than the previous volume. After a few G/G anal scenes Chessy Moore and Krisstarah Knight get together. Krisstarah licks Chessy's butt hole. Then Chessy proves she is no anal wimp. She puts four fingers from each hand into her anus and opens it up wide, while Kriss licks pussy. At one point, Krisstarah adds three of her fingers for a total of eleven fingers at once in Chessy's ass. In goes a double headed dildo with Kriss holding one end in her mouth and ass fucking Chessy with the other end. As they move to a double double head dildo fuck (puss and ass), Chessy offers to loosen up Kriss' asshole. She procceds to perform a major anal tongue fuck on Kriss, then open Kriss's ass with her thumbs.Hot Scene.Next is Susan Vegas and Satina. Satina does a couple of minutes of brown tonguing, then its Susan's turn. This is how a rimming should be shot. The lighting and camera work is perfect. Susan looks great cleaning Satina's sphincter. She even cleans the inside by sticking her finger in then sucking that finger clean.In this all girl analer these two scenes set the standard.

Girls Will Be Boys #2 (review #2)
This tape, for the g/g analingus lover, is a flip flop for 1st or 2nd place as one of the best of this type. Again we see Chessie Moore deliver about 3 5 minutes worth of Class A analingus, this time to Kristara Knight. We also get to see what an incredible large anus Chessie has as she leans back on the bed and inserts three fingers *from each hand* into her asshole and stretches it open for Kristara to insert yet another finger or two (pretty nasty). Kristara does a little Class B & C on Chessie but really works her over with two dildos. But we're not finished.....the last scene in this tape show an asian begin kissing the butt cheeks of a (wig laden) blond bent over the back of a couch. She starts licking toward her anus, finally reaches it, and gives some well lit Class B for about a minute then takes a plunge with her tongue several times (Class A, but not as well illustrated as above...still good). The blond then turns the hispanic babe over on all fours and licks lightly over her asshole, then sticks her finger in her asshole and (watch closely) at one point puts the finger in her mouth. She then services the asian babe with a strap on.

Girls Will Be Boys #3
Regarding the analingus....I remember the scenes are hot IF you've never scene g/g analingus, but if you've seen the two above, you're not nearly as impressed with this one of the GWBB series. This is basically because the scenes are not filmed as graphically as #1 or #2. Chessie and a huge boobed (as Chessie) hispanic black get it on (mostly Class B in this one.) We see some of the more recent starlets in this flick as well. Flame (for those of you who love her) also is in this and gets her butt licked (Class B) by a wig laden blond.

Danaca Ray licks Ginger Lynns asshole. Short, OK lighting

Pleasure Hunt
Lillie Marlene rims Ginger Lynn

House of Strange Desires
c: 1985
Gayle Sterling lick asshole. For blowjob fans Tamara Longley does several real nice BJs all ending in very good oral cum shots (in the mouth not facials).

Supergirls Do the Navy
c. 1985
I don't remember this one but my notes say Kristra Barrington licks Carol Cross' asshole. Probably minimal contact.

Santa Comes Twice
c. 1984
Gina Valentino licks Roxanne Rolands asshole.Good close up.

Going Down
c. 1985
Minor ass licking Summer Rose on Jessica Wilde.

Once Upon a Madonna
c. 1986
Erica Boyer does an excellent rim job on Patty Petite. Very well shot. Very good penetration (ie tongue into asshole).

Beyond Thunderbone
Bionca rims somebody.

Don't Get Them Wet
c. 1986
Viper gives a rim job to girl. She licks her finger as it emerges from the asshole. The finger goes back in then emerges again only to disappear into the girls pussy. Viper can be very nasty.

She's So Fine
Shanna McCullogh licks asshole. I don't recall if M or F.

On Your Honor
c. 1989
Megan Leigh and Bionca rim each other. This is from a trailer.

Loose Ends #5
c. 1989
Barbie sticks her finger into her ass then slides in into her pussy. She licks asshole. Bionca licks asshole. Several scenes like this in this tape. Not sure if the lickies are M or F.

Star Cut
(c1985, compilation tape?)
Elaine Southern licks asshole.

Oldie But Goodie
(my title)
c. 1978
This appears to be a 16mm loop tranfered to tape. Sharon Mitchell (looking barely 18) gives an extended rim job to another girl. I am not a big fan of Sharon Mitchell but she
was quite beautiful in this loop.

Love from the Backside

  • compilation tape Penny Lane goes mining for brown with her tongue.

The Dirty Thirties
(Vol #?? c1987 = compilation tape)
Patty Petite is ok in this film but she is shown much better in a compliation tape I've seen. BTW, Sahara puts a 12" long dildo all the way into Jennifer's ass. Ron J. is porking Sahara's ass at the same time.

Butt Light #2
c. 1990?
Sandra Scream licks Leilani's ass. No tongue penetration. Well shot though.

Hindlick Maneuver
Nikkie Wilde receives real nice buttlickings from Lois Ayers and Viper.

Anal Climax
P.J. Sparks really tongues Candice Heart's rosebud.There are several really good scenes in this tape. Most notable is Madison taking Sean Michael's dick from Melanie Moore's asshole for the cumshot (ass to mouth).She then says to Melanie "Now that's nasty".

Loose Ends #6
In this tape Megan Leigh seems to live to stick her tongue in someone's asshole. She buttlicks Bionca to within a inch of her life. She does the same with Brittney Morgan. Not once,not twice, but three times. The junk yard scene has her being analed with motor oil(?) as lube. Megan also pulls a dildo from Bionca ass and puts it in her mouth.

Jail Babes
Megan Leigh again shows her liking for the taste of brown, but she's not the only one in this all girl vid. Megan spends quite a while making sure that Kristina King's butt is spotless. Brit Morgan cleans Brittney's hole after removing anal beads with her mouth.There is also a nice double hand (eight fingers) workout of Tianna's pussy by Jeanna Fine (I sure like her better as a brunette then a blonde).

Buttslammers #1,2,3,4,7
All of these Buttslammer ("BS") videos will have moderate amounts of Class C, lesser amounts of Class B and usually only fleeting (if any) glimpses of Class A butt licking.
Of those that I've seen, the one scene most memorable is in BS#1 where Tiffany Mynx gets Class B'd rather well by (? name) beautiful blond in some warehouse as they spy on two other babes who are getting it on. You get to see Tiffany's face and see the other babe's tongue slide across and up the crack of Tiffany's ass at the same time. I've always wondered why the director doesn't just yell out "A thousand bucks to the girl who sticks her tongue in the other's asshole while I've got my camera in close up!!" (my wish!). In BS #3 Melanie Moore does about 10 seconds of Class B then plunges her tongue into Debbie Diamond's pristine asshole for another five seconds before the camera cuts away.

Private Magazine Video #1
About the third scene of this flick (which incidentally is a great movie), there are two babes which are suppose to be farm girls.They get it on with some pretty good Class B ass licking.This is well lit, moderately close up, and actually last about a minute (amazing considering most cameras cut away from this after about 5 to 10 seconds).

Powers of Nicole
This is an old flick which I had to include because I use to really have this thing for Nicole Black (the star). This had two pretty good Class B scenes although it being old, it is was not as well lit as I would like. One scene is a g/g bit between Nicole (with her long black hair) and a somewhat "butch" babe. After the typical g/g muff diving, etc., the short haired babe says "Let me sit on your face and you lick my asshole"......and that is just what Nicole does. We can't see her actual asshole but it is obvious from the angle that this wasn't faked. Last about 45 seconds.The second scene had a three way with Mike Horner, Nicole Black and Lily Marlene. Mike is humping Nicole doggy style on the living room floor and Lily starts to lick Nicole's asshole. This goes on for about 2 minutes (pretty good) and Nicole is saying "Yes, yes...lick my asshole." In the end Mike pulls out and unloads onto Lily's waiting face and pulls her mouth onto his "pussy wet" pole (Hot!).

Dream Girls
This is a compilation flick.There is one very good scene of Nina Hartley and the beautiful black porn star Sahara. This is accomplished a little dreamlike with Nina and Sahara in a jail cell, but Jamie Gillis is locked outside and is not able to get in to the girls. Both Nina and Sahara are very willing partners. Nina does all the work. She gives some great muff diving (as she is so good at) to Sahara. Then Sahara, on her side, throws her leg over Nina's head and Nina spreads her ass cheeks and whips her tongue up and down that beautiful black female asshole several times (*good* Class B).

Snatched to the Future
Watching "Ms. Wonder Tongue" (Sandra Scream her long tongue has been discussed in ASM before) lick up and down Angela Summer's ass (Class B) *really* got my balls off.
Didn't last long enough though about 20 seconds. This was a great g/g flick.

Where The Girls Sweat #2
There was a good deal of Class C and a much lesser amount of Class B (no Class A) in this flick. The best scene was when Madison had a blond (??name) babe bent over some gym equipment, spread her cheeks and licked directly over her ass hole two or three times. Wish it had been a little better closeup....but you can't have everything. This was a pretty good g/g movie (but Tiana wore this stupid multi colored wig through about half of it.....looked like a clown... *DUMB!*). Even so, I recommend it. There's a prettyhot scene with Tiana (wigless), Missy Warner and K. C. Williams (who I think is a classy, *hot* babe).

Taking it to the Limit #2:
Given her past involvement with g/g analingus, it was not at all surprising to see such activity in the Bionca/Bruce Seven production of TAKING IT TO THE LIMIT 2. In a threesome preceding the five way toward the middle of the tape, Careena Collins seems totally engrossed in the anal orifice of Barbara Doll. After working Doll's hole with a knobby, swizzle stick of a dildo, Collins buries her face in her playmate's behind. The [implied] analingus that follows really belongs to Class C, but the action gets better later on. The scene that stood out in my mind appeared second to last on TAKING IT TO THE LIMIT 2. After she's left alone with Heather St. Clair, Bionca gets out the latex gloves and lubricant for some hardcore anal play. She fingers St. Clair with what amounts to the "legal fist" by community standards (four fingers inserted to base of the thumb), using four fingers on the ass, four on the pussy. When Bionca pulls out, the camera catches a good glimpse of Heather St. Clair lying flat with her ass in the air and legs folded back to the shoulders. Best of all, her asshole remains somewhat dilated. Bionca goes for Class A rank with a thourough rimming and tongue penetration, punctuated by spitting episodes in which she spits into St. Clair's hole and works the saliva in with her fingers and tongue.

Asian Anal
The Class B rating applies to a g/g analingus done by a dark haired gal (sorry, forgot the
name) to Mimi Miyagi in Asian Anal.

Dirty Twins
I'm not sure of this rating system, but in "dirty twins" from MAGMA, with those lovely German twins, one of them gets really great tongue penetration into her sister's asshole. She has a very long tongue and knows how to use it. Nice deep tongue into her sister's pussy, also. Pretty neat, seeing twins tongue fuck each other. Excellent camera work. BTW, I strongly suspect that the sisters fisted each other, of course, it's cut from the US version. We see a four finger insert but as the thumb is tucked in to place the scene is cut. The scene changes and we see the other sister insert a bunch of fingers, then a cut and we see her hand just out of the pussy. Don't you just hate censorship?

Anal Adventures #2
Bodacious Buns VCA 1991 two stars = Melanie Moore and Nasty Natasha. They do a fairly average girl girl scene. Not my favorite but notbad. It starts with Natasha licking Indura's pussy and then rimmingher asshole and tongue fucking it. Natasha lies on the floor andlicks puss while Indura uses her stocking foot to play withNatasha's ass. Natasha flips over with her head on the sofa andIndura rides her face then asks for an ass licking which she gets.Indura offers her panties to suck on and Natasha obliges then Indura sucks her own undies before returning the favor of lickingNatashas puss and cute asshole. She spreads her legs wide to get headin there and thumbs the butt a bit but never penetrates it. They rubpussies for a while and then they're done. They both promise noto tell and the scene ends. OK as g/g scenes go but cool on my scale of measure.

Assy Sassy #2
(1994 or 1995 release ?)Rex Borski Rosebud production. In the first scene a short hair brunette looking a little like a butch give the blonde girl a rim job with some spitting on the asshole This would be a class B in your rating system.

Lesbian Bitches
1994 Rex Borsky Video 75 mins.Juli Ashton gives class A in the first scene to a blond, very enthusiastic. About 15 20 seconds worth. Not very deep but deep enough to be sure of class A. Juli Class B's (camera's fault, as the scene is very spontaneous) throughout the last scene, on a beautiful redhead and a brunette. VERY enthusiastic and exciting. Probably totals about 10 minutes of just rimming. Also pretty good anal g/g film imho.

Loving Lesbos
1980 60 mins film.First scene has two blonds. One gets enthisiastic Class C from doggy
position.Second scene has Class B that lasts about 3 4 minutes in a good close up. Then more Class B when they switch and the one that gets rimmed is on her back/shoulders with her legs around her ankles. The rimmer gets her finger in the other girl's pussy and sticks her tonge out into the asshole region, which is so hairy the tongue disappears. Lasts about 10 seconds. Because of the hair could qualify as Class A.Third scene has a blond bending over doggy, while a brunette sticks a finger in her pussy and then takes long loving Class C almost B licks of her asshole. Lasts about 10 seconds. She also gently bites her cheeks. A scene that runs between all these is between Lysa Thatcher and another blond (maybe Crystal Dawn). At one point Crystal licks Lysa's pussy while finger fucking her ass, good camera shot. This note is included for Lysa fans. Peter van Aarle didn't think this was a great flick, I liked it though, absolutely non violent; no butt slapping etc, and good music like Zepplin and stuff in the background.

Butt Sluts #1
Class C analingus (ie no clear tongue penetration) preformed on madison by uncredited actress.Occurs in 3 scenes each lasting about 20 seconds

Encino Man
Class A action here!
Taylor wayne licks and penetrates Tianna's asshole in 3 scenes each lasting 20 30 seconds.
this is a definite MUST SEE for analingus fans!

The Coming of Nikita
A Euro flick with the performers speaking English. The guys mainly say "blow me" a lot. The women are mostly quite attractive, with natural breasts. Some really good facials too, and a gorgeous blond gets DP'd and facialled in a kitchen. The main feature here is ass to mouth, which happens repeatedly with no edits, usually several times during the same scene. Typical example: A woman gets fucked in the ass, then the guy comes all over her asshole, then reinserts for a couple more deep thrusts. Then he pulls out, she turns
around and licks and sucks him for about a minute. A nice sensual lesbian scene is pretty good too, with some analingus for good measure. There is good breast play, though one performer has implants. She gets her pussy licked while getting DP'd with several fingers. Good stuff, good camera angles, and worth the rent, I think. There's even a story. (Summary= Very clear, deep penetration. Class A. One scene in an otherwise all A2M

Sex Asylum #4
Christy Canyon gives Leanna Foxxx a 20 second class A (w/ clear penetration).They both seem to really enjoy it. A MUST SEE for Christy canyon fans!

976 bust
uncredited blond gives 15 seconds on class B to busty Milo.

Anal Romp
This is an all girl video from Lipstik Video, features quite a bit oforal/anal activity. I haven't seen this much since "Chicks, Licks andDirty Tricks". Fortunately, the girls are somewhat prettier than the onesI've seen in the latest batch of Lipstik Video productions. This ispossibly a classic G G analingus video. I will definitely be purchasingthis one for repeated viewing. Here is a lick by lick summary (4 scenes total).Scene #1: Shonna Lynn uses a pussy to anus licking technique on PaisleyHunter's cute nether regions. This 'B/A' scene lasts for about 25 seconds.Scene #2: Faith LaVette administers the same pussy to anus lickingtechnique on a brunette who looks somewhat like Victoria Andrews. This 'B/A' scene lasts for about 60 seconds. Then Faith licks her anus in a'B' scene that lasts about 15 seconds. A dildo is inserted into thebrunette's anus and Faith licks her anus and the dildo as it goes in andout. This 'B/A' scene lasts for about 15 seconds. After the dildo isremoved, Faith, who really seems to enjoy what she's doing, licks thebrunette's anus off and on for another 17 seconds total. This is all 'A' activity.Scene #3: Faith, again, licks a blonde's anus for about 70 seconds in anasty 'A' scene. There is lingual penetration attempted here. Too badthe blonde is only average looking. The blonde then licks Faith's anusfor about 10 seconds in a 'B' scene.Scene #4: An Asian woman licks Faith's anus for about 30 seconds in a'B/A' scene.

Lesbian Climax
Rex Borsky/video/All girl, All Anal
Some nice looking women in this one. Somewhat more mechanical than Lesbian Bitches or Under the Pink. Very little build up to the action. Lots of fisheye and good angles and lighting. Best scenes are the last two, with 4 and 3 girls, respectively. The 4 girl scene had some analingus, but Under the Pink still had the most out of the Rex's I've seen. The last scene has a huge strap on featured in a major butt fuck from the top. Amazing fact:
Alicia Rio is NOT in this one! Anyone see Lesbian Bitches 2 yet?

Unions Lesbiennes
(from Euro Amateur Reel) First 2 scenes feature the same 2 performers, an ok blond and a brunette. Nothing much happens, mostly kissing and hugging. Third scene is interesting,with a very dykey looking brunette with short hair and small tits does a wigged woman with slightly larger tits. Starts slow with kissing and breast licking, builds up to the dykey one giving her partner a good licking, pussy and ass, then strapping on for a missionary table fuck while she sucks her partners breasts. I liked it, but the first 2 scenes were dull. I think it's film, but could be video transferred to film. Aren't there any good lesbian Euro films?

Buttslammers #10
Plenty of CLASS A analingus here involving several girls in this all girl all anal feature. A MUST SEE for all g/g analingus fans!

Anus and Andy
this is a compilation tape that provides class B and class C analingus

Bruce Seven's Favorite Endings
It looks like a compilation tape, but I think that's the intended goal and not really what the tape is composed of. It's a full two hours long, all girls, and all anal. I think there is evena bit of what you call "Type A" action, but I can't remember exactly. Regardless, there are still some really great scenes, but they could have made this one even better with some different camera angles and such at certain times. There are also a lot of dildo scenes, which I don't enjoy all that much myself, but I still think you would want to check this movie out.

Where The Girls Sweat
from Elegant Angel (Bruce Seven). The plot for this one involves an all girl fitness club. Every Bruce Seven video I've seen features generous helpings of girls licking each others assholes and inserting various objects. The girls look great in their workout clothes! If it's from Bruce Seven, it's worth checking out. Stars the usual Elegant Angel girls (Tianna, Bionca), as well as Porsche Lynn, Madison, and a REALLY cute girl who I've yet to see in anything else named Darla Derriere.

from Elegant Angel. All girl video that stars Tianna, Bionca, Nikki Wilde, Heather Lere, etc. Good looking girls who like to lick each others assholes. Lots of ass licking in this one. Nikki and Heather look especially nice in their threeway with Tianna. And of course, most any scene with Tianna and Bionca will include lot of ass licking.

Kittens #3
from Coast to Coast (company/subtitle?). I was unfamiliar with the actresses in this one except for Lynden Johnson. The first scene has some nice ass licking by two blondes in a bath. Also some good anal w/toys later on in a scene with one of the blondes from scene #1 and Dallas Starr (?). The rest is pretty standard g/g fare. All girl.

Lips on Lips
from Elegant Angel. In addition to some girl/girl ass licking, this one has a scene where Megan Leigh inserts a string of anal beads into Bionca's asshole then pulls them out and licks and sucks them off! Nasty! Also stars Traci Adams, Brit Morgan, Tianna. All girl.

Buttwoman #2: Behind Bars
from Elegant Angel.This is a hot one from Elegant Angel. Lots of licking and lots of large objects being inserted. Tianna (Buttwoman) obviously enjoys this sort of thing. The scene with her, Suzie Matthews, Tawny, and Melanie is hot! This one is probably the most intense Bruce Seven tapes I've seen. Tianna, Ari, Suzie Matthews, Tawny, Lia Baren, Mickela,Madison, Danyel Cheeks, Sunset Thomas, Flame, and others.

Aerobisex Girls #2
from Bruce Seven (I think on the Lipstick label). This one's a bit older than the previously mentioned Bruce Seven tapes, and IMO not as hot either. Still, there are a few good ass licking scenes. All girl.

The Edge of Heat
from Bruce Seven. This boy/girl tape includes a girl/girl scene with Christy Canyon and Heather Wayne that includes some analingus.

Bend Over Babes #2
from Evil Angel (John Stagliano). Stagliano's tapes feature mostly hetro sex, whereas the Elegant angel videos listed above are all girl/girl. Stagliano's tapes usually have ahigh quotient of hetro anal sex. This one does have one scene with alittle bit of girl/girl ass licking. Nice solo scene with BrandyAlexandre. She fucks herself nicely in the ass with a fairly large dildo. This is one of my favorite Stagliano tapes.

An American Buttman In London
from Evil Angel. Buttman goes to London in this one. Nice to see some new "faces". Somehot sex here too Buttman style. One girl/girl with licking.

Mystic Pieces
from Evil Angel. Good scene with Tori Welles licking Britt Morgan's ass while she (Britt)
rides Tom Byron's cock. I liked this scene thanks to Tori, but overall this isn't one of my favorite tapes.

Guttman's Paris Vacation
This is overall a very poor video, in fact if it weren't for one scene it would be a total waste. In that scene, Shawnee Cates performs some great analingus on a very noisy Jeanne Fine. Shawnee licks away very nastially and even gives her finger a quick lick
after sticking it in Jeanne's asshole. For me this one scene made it worth the price of a rental.

No Man's Land #7
This all girl tape has a pool side scene with Lana Sands and Krista thatI found very hot. Some very nice ass licking by Lana in that scene.The rest has some good girl/girl stuff, but could have been better given the cast (Crystal Wilder, Kym Wilde). All girl.

A New Girlfriend
The scene in question contains Sabre (looking SO fine here!) gettingbent over on a couch and licked from behind by Debi Diamond. Soft, sexyscene! I wish more directors would take this approach, instead of alwaysturning "anal sex" into "anal assault".

Sorority Pink #2
College girls in heat! Megan Leigh, Bionca, Nina Hartley, Aja andothers. Not an all girl tape but includes a high quotient of girl/girl sex.

Every Woman Has A Fantasy #2
Nice FMF 3 way where Nina Hartley gets Kari Foxx's asshole nice andwet in preparation for MF anal sex. Pretty good couples tape if that'swhat you're looking for.

A roll in the hay with Alexandria Quinn and Jamie Lee offers somenice ass licking by Jamie. Not much else. All girl.

A couple scenes that include "tongue in cheek" play. Also, a coupleof girls that I've never seen before (don't remember their names).All girl.

Kasha's Friends
A girl/girl scene involving Lauryl Canyon and Brandi Wine. Lauryl is so cute as she bends Brandi over. See "A New Girlfriend" above. Also has a pre boob job Kasha.

The Only Game In Town
Cheerleader video with some analingus compliments of Madison, Jeanne Fine,Bionca, Carolyn Monroe etc. A hetro tape, but with lots of girl/girl.

Party Doll A Go Go
This Rinse Dream tape is kind of wierd (not sexually), but Tianna licks Madison's ass so well (MAdison's butt looks great here). Although theediting is pretty obnoxious, Tianna is so into it.

Sex Nurses
The three girl scene with Teri Diver, Debbie Diamond and Holly Ryder hasDebbie licking Teri's asshole (briefly) while Holly licks her pussy(Teri is standing up at the time).Bonus: Debbie and Holly are dressed as nurses.

Anal Asian
There is also an all girl tape out there called "Anal AsianS". This oneis a girl/boy tape. In one good scene, Rachael Ryan does some niceanalingus on a pre boob job Mimi Miyagi. The girls use some toys too.

Rear Action Girls
This older all girl tape features Nina and Little Oral Annie. One goodanalingus scene has Nina getting her fine ass licked. This was the onlymovie I've seen with Little Oral Annie in it, and frankly, I was ratherdisappointed.

Fantasy Girls
The scene in question has Angela Baron getting her ass licked byBarbara Dare. Angela's a bit too noisy in this one. The rest is standardgirl/girl fare. All girl.

Traci I Love You
Traci Lords' only U.S. legal over 18 release. This one was shot in Franceand includes a nice scene with Traci and another girl on a stage atsome sort of supposed sex club. Nice ass licking in this scene.Worth checking out as it's Traci's only legally available tape.

Best Little Whore House In Hong Kong
Up on a stage at some sex club, a guy and a girl are screwing withthe girl on top. Another girl (Elle Rio) comes up and starts lickinghis balls and her asshole.

Haunted Nights
Celeste does some rimming on Sahara Sands in the second to lastscene. The setting for this scene was in a laboritory in a basement.I wonder if the director ever considered that a bedroom might just besexier? Overall, I found this tape to have WAY too much dialog.

Hard To Thrill
Sandra Scream and Heather Hart in a bathtub. Heather is on the giving end.

Madison Is A Girls Best Friend
All girl tape. This features an un pierced Madison, and she looksreally good. Patricia Kennedy briefly licks her ass in one scene.

This one has a MFF 3way with Leena, Melanie Moore and Jonathon Morgan. Leena does some very nice ass licking on Melanie while she blows Jonathon.

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