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This is a list of items in the mass media that tell of a physical swap or change into the opposite sex.

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Gender Change Fiction List

Post #12, 4-6-96

The following is a list of published material, ie movies, tv, comics, etc, that involve gender change. This is only a list for stories where a physical change takes place or seems to take place. It does not included cross-dressing. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this list. If you have any material to add to this list, or corrections, please send it to me (ppichet@atw.fullfeed.com), and I'll include it the next time I post. I will keep all submitions of material anonymous.

  • The following list contains SPOILERS * .


Adult Adventures Of Jeckyl And Hide
Rated X, (C) 196?
Jeckyl is male, while his alterego Hide is female.

All of Me
Rated PG, (C) 1984, 93 min, Comedy, On Video Cast: (Roger) Steve Martin, (Edwina) Lily Tomlin A dying woman's soul is accidently placed in a man's body, which she has to share with the original owner.

Adult, Japanese, Animated
Bodyswitching machine allows a teenager to control body of sexy classmate.

Cleo Leo
Rated R, (C) 1989, On Video,
Cast: (Cleo) Jan Hamilton, (Leo) Scott Baker Chuck Vincent low budget film of reincarnation. Plot is much like that of Switch.

Critters 2
Rated PG-13, (C) 1988, Comedy Horror Sci-Fi, On Video One of the aliens twice turns into a beautiful woman.

Dead Again
Rated R, 107 min, (C) 1991, On Video
Cast: (Mike) Kenneth Branagh, (Grace) Emma Thompson Turns out the hero and herione were the opposite sex in thier previous lives. Brief.

Rated R, (C) 1984, On Video, Cast: (Codille) Barbi Benton In an attempt to ambush the hero, a magician transforms a male guard into Barbi Benton.

Dr. Heckyl And Mr. Hype
Rated R, (C) 1980, 100 min
A Jeckyl and Hyde spoof, with many transformations, including one gender reversal.

Dr. Jeckyl And Ms. Hyde
Rated PG-13, (C) 1995, 89 min, Comedy, On Video, Cast: (Jeckyl) Tim Daly, (Hyde) Sean Young The original Dr.'s great-grandson turns into the villianous Helen Hyde.

Dr. Jekyll And Sister Hyde
(C) 1972, 94 min, British, On Video,
Cast: (Dr. Jekyll) Ralph Bates, (Sister Hyde) Martine Beswick The Dr's latest brew turns him into a woman with muder on her mind. Nicely done, with a plot that involves Jack the Ripper, Burke and Hare, and more.

Eternal Evil
(C) 1987, On Video
A couple stays alive by stealing other peoples bodies. Things did't work out right in the last swap, and both of them end up in women's bodies. Not revealed till the end of the film.

Exchange Students
Japanese, Made For TV Movie
Two high-school kids take a tumble down some stairs. In the process, their personalities switch bodies.

First Power, The
Rated R, Horror Thriller, On Video
The spirit of an executed serial killer possesses people, including a bag lady, and a nun.

(C) 1990, On Video
A guy's girlfriend is run over by a lawn mower. He rebuilds her using body parts from hookers. He is later killed, and she brings him back using the body parts that were left over. Brief, at end.

Frankenstein Created Woman
(C) 1967, 92min, British, On Video
Cast: (Frankenstein) Peter Cushing, (Christina) Susan Denberg Doctor Frankenstein revives a dead girl, then puts the soul of a hanged man in her body.


A mad scientist is turned into a (mostly) female reporter.

Give Me Back My Skin (or Rendez-Moi Ma Peau!) French, Comedy, Subtitled, On Video,
A man and a woman get into a car accident with a witch, who takes out her anger on them by switching their bodies. The whole movie deals with their predicament.

Goodbye Charlie
(C) 1964, 117 min, Cast: (Charlie) Debbie Reynolds, Harry Madden A playboy is reincarnated as Debbie Reynolds.

Hidden, The
Rated R, (C) 1990, On Video
A body-switching alien moves from a male body to the body of a stripper.

Man From S.E.X
(C) 1980?, On Video
Mad scientist transforms 'the strongest man in the world' into a beautiful girl. Another scene has the hero about to go to bed with a beautiful girl, only to discover it's a male enemy agent in disguise. (really bad movie)

Myra Brekenridge
(C) 1970, 94 min, Cast: (Myron) Rex Reed, (Myra) Raquel Welch Rex Reed gets a sex change and turns into Raquel Welch, then is turned back again.

Night of the living babes
(C) 1987, 60 min
A brothel madam threatens to turn two men into babes (doesn't). Later she turns a sex change ray on herself and becomes a man. Brief, at end.

Rated PG-13, (C) 1993, 93 min, On Video Cast: (Orlando) Tilda Swinton
Film of Virginia Woolf's 1928 novel in which the main character becomes a woman, and lives for centuries.

Prelude To A Kiss
Rated PG-13, (C) 1993, 106 min, On Video Nervous bride Meg Ryan swaps bodies with an old man on her wedding day.

Rei Rei
Animated, Japanese, Adult, English Subtitles, On Video When the girl he lusts after turns out to be fond of girls, he wishes he was a girl and...

(C) 1989, Rated R, 110 min, Horror, On Video A executed killer gains the ability to possess people. He briefly possesses two woman and a little girl.

Siren of Bagdad
(C) 1953, 77 min
Cast: Hans Conreid, Virgina Mayo
Magician turns his male assistant into a beautiful harem/dancing girl to spy on the evil Vizier.

Something Special
(C) 1986, 86 min, On Video, aka "Willy Milly", Cast: (Milly & Willy) Pamela Segall
A girl turns into a boy with the help of an eclipse.

Rated R, (C) 1991, On Video
Cast: (Amanda) Ellen Barkin, (Steve) Perry King Chauvinist is sent back to earth as a woman.

(C) 1994, 94 min, Cast: Karen Duffy
A man is unwillingly used as a guinea pig in an attempt to transfer minds into new bodies. His mind gets put into the young girl's body, but she escapes and joins a revolutionary group.

Rated PG-13, (C) 1985, On Video,
Cast: (McNulty) Art LaFleur, (McNulty, girl) Alyson Croft Time travel works by possessing the body of an ancestor in the past. A male cop, McNulty, possesses a little girl to give the hero a message. Brief.

Trancers 2
Rated R, (C) 1991, On Video,
Cast: (McNulty, girl) Alyson Croft, (McNulty) Art LaFleur McNulty is in most of this serial as a secondary character, possessing the teenage version of the little girl he possesed in the first film.

(C) 1940, 83 min, B/W, On Video,
Cast (Tim) John Hubbard, (Sally) Carole Landis Film version of Thorne Smith novel. Man and wife switch bodies with help of a magic statue.

Vegas in Space
(C) 1993, On Video
Male space cops use a sex change pill to transform themselves into women to infiltrate Vegas in Space, a planet of all women. All of the Vegas women are played by men in drag.

Vice Versa
Rated PG, (C) 1988, 100 min, On Video, Cast: (Tina) Swoozie Kurtz, (Sam) Corinne Bohrer Father and son swap bodies via an Tibetan artifact. Later a man is swapped with Swoozie Kurtz of Sisters. Very brief.


Rated XXX, On Video, Pub Video Corporation Of America About a couple who can turn themselves into other people.

Chamelons Not The Sequal
Rated XXX, On Video, Pub Video Corporation Of America About a couple who can turn themselves into other people.

Deal With The Devil
Rated XXX
The devil gives a guy a mirror that will allow him to turn into anybody. He turns himself into a woman to get his secretary into bed.

Denim (possibly denim feel the fit)
(C) 1991, Rated XXX, Pub Legend Video A man is sent back to earth as Tracy Wynn.

Double Exposure
Rated XXX, On Video, Pub Bad Girls Video Guy Changes Sex After orgasm.

Dr. Jeckyl And Ms. Hyde
Rated XXX, On Video, Pub Las Vegas Video About the same as Adult Adventures of... above, but a little more (actually a lot more) sex scenes.

Earth Girls Are Sleazy
(C) 1990, Rated XXX, On Video, Pub Soho Video Lots of body switching with a crystal.

In The Jeans
Rated XXX, On Video, Pub Moonlight Productions A couple swap bodies with the aid of a monkeys paw.

Sexual Limits, The
Rated XXX, Pub Video Corporation of America Man changes sex after orgasm.

Sweet Revenge
Rated XXX
Jerk is reincarnated as a female.

Unnatural Phenomenon I & II
Rated XXX, On Video, Pub Western Visuals Character changes sex every 28 days.


Akai Hayate
Japanese, Animated, English subtitled, On Video A man goes into hiding, by putting his spirit into his sister's body.

Carol Burnett Show, The
I believe its a spoof of Dr Jeckyl and Sister Hyde.

Camp Mini Mon (From The Comic Strip cartoon) Episode, Animated
A personality switching spray switches the human girl with frankinstein jr, she is also later switched with the werewolf boy. The girl witch and the invisible boy are also switched.

Chojin Locke
Japanese, On Video, Animated
Locke is an ESPer that can trnasform himself into many people, male or female. He uses the body of a female nightclub singer in early episodes but usually appears as a teenaged boy.

Chip 'N Dale's Rescue Rangers
Episode, Animated

Chip exchanges bodies (just bodies not heads) with the girl mouse, Gadget.

Cream Lemon
Title "Maningyo" (Evil Doll), adult, Japanese, 25 min, Animated, Volume 2 Part 3, (C) 1988
Hiromu is turned into a female, controled by a supernatural being.

Danger Mouse
Animated, British
A villain gains DM's confidence by turning himself into a little girl with a pill. Penfold, DM's sidekick accidently takes one at the end of the show.
Title "There's a Penfold in my suit"
The "swapping stone" causes a king and his daughter to switch bodies, and at the end of the show Penfold is in the body of the princess.

Darkwing Duck
Episode, Animated
An accident switches Darkwing and his daughter.

Dobie Gillis
Maynard drinks a potion which turns him into a monster, then into a duplicate of Dobie's dream girl. Dobie decides to drop the girlfriend and date Maynard, but at the end of the episode he changes back.

Doctor Who
British, Sci-Fi, On Video
Title "Hand of Fear"
An alien hand regenerates its body, modeling itself after the first person who comes in contact with it. That person is a women, and its later revealed that the alien was originally a male.
Title "Trial of a Timelord part 2"
The doctor is shown footage of his companion Peri with an alien's (a guy in a fish suit) brain. Turns out to be a trick. Brief.

Eerie, Indiana
Title "No Brain, No Pain", Episode 15 Marshall exchange minds with a woman. Nothing much happened, after all it was a family show.

Fantasy Island
Title "The Big Switch", Episode 131
Cast: (Laura) Katherine Helmond, (George) Vic Tayback A husband and wife switch bodies. Its to teach the husband to better understanding women.

Fredies Nightmares
Title "Your Body Is My Body, Babe", (C) 1990, On Video Cast: (Mara) Gwen Banta
Freddy possesses the body of a female channeler.

Friday The 13th, The Series
Title "The Secert Agenda Of Mesmer's Bauble", Aired 5-1-89, Cast: (Angelica) Vanity
Guy turns into a female rock star, Angelica with the help of a cursed crystal.

Flintstones, The
Title "Monster Fred", Episode 118
A mad scientist switches Fred and Wilma, and Barney and Betty. Brief.
Title "Jealousy", Episode 163
Gadzo dresses Barney up to look like a girl. (But I don't think this counts as a transformation).

Get Smart
Hans Svensen, a research scientist working with hormones, turns out to be a beautiful brunette.
Episode, Cast (Charlie Suzy) Angelique Pettyjohn Agent 38 is a women that has a man's voice. (not sure if this counts)

Gilligan's Island
Title "The Friendly Physician", Episode 65, Cast: (Igor) Mike Mazurki

Mad doctor switches castaway's minds around. The Professor swaps bodies with Mary Ann, Skipper is swapped with Mrs. Howell, and Ginger swaps with the mad doctor's hulking assistant Igor.

Goodby Charlie
Pilot, Cast: (Charlie) Suzanne Sommers, John Davidson A half-hour version of the Goerge Axelrod play that managed to be even worse than the movie.

Gummi Bears
Episode, Animated
A magic hat gives the wearer the form of anyone whose name they utter. The evil duke becomes the twin of the young princess.

Highway To Heaven
Title "Change of Life",
Cast: (Mark) Victor French, (Linda Blackwell) Anne-Marie Martin God grants Mark's wish to trade places with a female movie star.

Hitchhiker, The
Title "Petty Thieves",
Cast: (Pearl) Marie Laurin, (Micky) Steven Railsbeck A man is transformed into the girlfriend that he betrayed. Brief, at end.

Just Desserts
A Twilight Zone meets Fantasy Island-style series pilot starring Joel Grey. In one thread, a womanizer is made female as punishment.

Kimagure Orange Road
Japanese, Animated
Kyosuke, his sister Kurumi, and his grandfather switch bodies between the three of them. Brief.

Looney Toons
Title "The Big Snooze", Animated
During a dream, Elmer Fudd is transformed by Bugs Bunny into something reminiscent of Rita Hayworth.

Magical Talruuto-Kun
Japanese, Animated
Talruuto-kun, a baby demon, on different occasions uses sex swapping juice to transform Honmaru into a girl. In one episode he joins a female vollyball team, in another he's transformed into a beautiful harem girl.

Marginal City
Japanese, Animated
Joker can be either male or female.

Mighty Mouse
Episode, Animated
The female mouse and the evil cat switch bodies (don't remember the names).

Japanese, Animated, English Dubbed, On Video Episode 1
An inventor's sister changes the programming for his body suit. When he puts it on he finds himself looking like a flying supergirl.

Monty Python's Flying Circus
Episode 17 (The one with "Da Bishop" sketch) The gumbys turn into girl gumbys. Very Brief, at end.

Title "Lily Munster Girl Model", Episode 33 Cast: (Grampa, Female) Nina Shipman, (Eddie, Female) Kimberly Beck Grampa uses a magic potion to become a beautiful woman. Eddie accidently drinks it as well and becomes a girl.

Muppet Show
Host Harry Belafonta, Skit "Pigs In Space: Dissolvatron" Doctor Strange Pork switches Ms Piggy and the captain. He also switches Kermit with the girl from the band (don't remember her name).

My Favorite Martian
Uncle Martin exchanges bodies with his landlady Mrs. Brown.

Ogenki Clinic
Japanese, Animated
Includes an episode involving sex-change.

Out Of This World
Evie turns her mother into a man so she can go to a reunion party for someone she turned into a statue. Episode
Her best friend can't get a date to the prom so Evie turns herself into Stevie.

Japanese, Animated
One character changes genders quite freqently, Although its hard to tell.

Please Save My Earth
Japanese, Animated, English Dubbed
A group of teenagers find out they are the reincarnation of some scientists from the moon. One boy is the reincarnation of a woman.

Episode, Animated
Wimpy and Olive switch bodies. Very brief, at end.

Quantum Leap
Title "8 1/2 Months", Episode 42, Aired 3-6-1991 Sam leaps into a pregnant teenager. Title "Another Mother", Episode 20, Aired 1-10-1990 Sam leaps into a divorced mother of three. Title "Dr. Ruth", Episode 87
Sam leaps into Dr. Westheimer
Title "Liberation", Episode 86, Aired 1-12-1993 Sam leaps into an older housewife, during women's lib. Title "Miss Deep South", Episode 36, Aired 11-2-1990 Sam leaps into a beauty pageant contestant. Title "Raped", Episode 58, Aired 10-30-1991 Sam leaps into a young rape victim. Title "Revenge", Episode 90, Aired 2-23-1993 Sam leaps into a woman in prison.
Title "Song for the Soul, A", Episode 67, Aired 2-26-1992 Sam leaps into a amateur black female soul singer. Title "What Price Gloria?", Episode 12, Aired 10-25-1989 Sam leaps into a gorgeous secretary.

Ranma 1/2
Series, Japanese, Animated, English Dubbed, On Video A teenage boy is cursed to become a girl whenever he gets hit with cold water. It takes hot water to change him back.

Record of Lodoss War
Japanese, Animated, English Dubbed, On Video The Grey Witch inhabits the body of the male thief (Woodchuck) after occupying a female body for a large part of the series.

Red Drawf
Title "Balance of Power", Episode 3
The hologram, Rimmer, turns into Krissie Kochanski to trick Lister into not turning him off.
Title "Body Swap"
A female officer's memory record is downloaded into lister's body. Brief.

Title "Faces of Eve", Episode 9, Aired 5-9-1994 Criminals find a device that will transform them into someone else. There are two scenes in which they turn themselves into women.

Smurfette and greedy smurf (I think) switch bodies. Brief.

Star Trek
Title "Return to Tomorrow", On Video
Spock's mind is put inside of nurse Chapel's body. Brief, near end.
Title "Turnabout Intruder", On Video, Cast: (Janus Lester) Sandra Smith
A bitter and envious ex-girl friend of Kirks switches bodies with him, in order to take his command.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Title "Host, The", Episode 197, Aired 5-11-1991 An alien symbiont switches to a female host. Breif, at end.

Tail Spin
Title "A Baloo Switcheroo", Animated
A magic body switching idol, switches Becky and Don Carnage.

Tales From The Crypt
A scientist catches his wife in bed with the cable guy, and swaps their heads. Brief, at end.
It turns out the male ex-government assassin went into hiding as a house wife.

Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills Episode
The four main characters trade bodies along gender lines.

Twilight Zone
Title "The Fugitive"
The alien turns into a duplicate of a little girl so the people who have come for him, wont know which one to take. Brief, at end.

Episode, Animated
Taz's sister wishes she was like her brother and switches bodies with him.

Tek War
Title "Alter Ego"
A man uses a "Morph Mask" to disguise himself as gorgeous female, in order to deliver a message to Jake. Brief.

Television series of Thorne Smith book in which man and wife switch bodies.

Urusei Yatsura
Japanese, Animated, On Video, English Dubbed Title "Beware the Earmuffs!", Episode 47 A bunch body switching as a result of mind exchange earmuffs. Title "The Groom's name is Ryunosuke", Episode 91 A sex-change gun switches the gender of a boy and a girl. The only problem is there's only one charge left in the gun. Title "Attack of the Protozoa", Episode 143 When two boys get stuck in a garden of Eden, one of them starts to slowly turn into Eve.
Title "Hardselling Happiness!", Episode 195 One person gets the power to change anyone he touches into a girl, another get the power to change anyone he touches into a boy.

Weird Science
Title "Feminine Mistake, The", Episode 17 Lisa makes Gary and Wyatt appear to others as girls, to teach them about the opposite sex. (not really a transformation) Title "Gumpy Old Genie", Cast: (lisa) Abe Vigoda Lisa is acciently turned into an old man. Title "She's Alive", Episode 1
Wyatt is turned into a girl. Very brief at end. Title "Quantum Wyatt" or "Occupational Hazard", Episode 40 Gray leaps into a middle aged phone-sex worker. Brief, at end.

Title "GenderBender", Aired 1-21-1994 Cast: (Marty, Female) Kate Twa, (Marty, Male) Peter Stebbings A serial killer changes gender after each kill.


Black and White
By Michael Jackson
The end of the video is about a minutes worth of face morphing. Most of the morphs are across gender.

Toughen Up ?
By Olivia Newton John
A group of secretaries gang up on their womanizing boss and transform him into one of them.


Names for commericals are made up.

Birthday Wish
Aired 1989 (I believe)
A man uses his birthday wish to turn his friends into beautiful women. But one candle stays lit, so all but one friend turns into a woman. The one who doesn't is left wearing a bikini.

Rachel Hunter Potion
Product Keystone Beer, Aired 1993-1994 Ralf invents a spray that turns ordinary beer into keystone and anyone into Rachel Hunter. He uses it on his dog, his nagging boss, and his neighbor Burt.

Transporter Accident
Product British Power, Cast: (Kirk) William Shatner As Kirk and a female yeoman are being beamed up, Scotty has an accident with the transporter and Kirk switches bodies from the neck down with the yeoman.

BOOKS, By Author

Anthony, Piers
Title "And Eternity", (C) 1991, Pub Avon, isbn 0-380-75286-7 Last book in the incarnation series. Two women are alternatly changed into men and try to rape each other. Title "Crewel Lye", (C) 1984, isbn 0-345-34599-1, lcccn 84-90936 A magical trap switches the hero and heroine. Title "Unicorn Point", (C) 1989, isbn 0-441-84563-0 A boy and girl swap bodies. Very brief, at end.

Arnam, Dave Van
Title "Starmind", pub Ballantine, (C) 1969 Accident results in left side of a woman's brain, and right side of man's brain transplated into a host body. Woman has to come to terms with a male body. Sequal "Greyland".

Arnason, Eleanor
Title "To The Resurrection Station", Pub avon, (C) 1983, isbn 0-380-75110-0
At end of book, the mind of a man that was stored in a robot's body is reincarnated into the body of a woman.

Baudino, Geal
Title "DragonSword", (C) 1988, isbn 0-451-45081-7 During a war, a wizard turns the other sides elite soldiers into young women. Several of them also appear in the two sequals "Duel of Dragons", and "Dragon Death".

Baum, Frank
Title "Land Of Oz, The", (C) 1904, isbn 0-486-20692-0 All of Oz is looking for princess Ozma. It turns out that a wicked witch had transformed her into Tip, a boy, in order to hide her. Glinda changes Tip back into Ozma at the end.

Benford, Gregory * NEW ENTREE * Title "Across The Sea of Suns"
During a long space voyage some crew members alter their forms. The hero and his female friend alter their genders.

Berlyn, Michael
Title "Integrated Man, The", (C) 1980, isbn 0-553-13999-1 A man out for revenge, his original body is killed and he survives only as several personality chips. These chips can be slotted into anyone fitted with the right interface on their neck and the dead man's personality takes over. At one point a chip is inserted into a young woman and has sex with a man with another personality chip in him.

Blumlein, Michael
Title "XY", (C) 1993, isbn 0-440-21374-6 A dancer in a topless bar and a customer change bodies after a loud noise. There is a lot of confusion in the girl's mind as she only knows she is a man.

Brosnan, John
Title "Opponax Invasion, The", Sci-Fi A master thief changes himself into a woman to escape detection.

Busby, F.M.
Title "Breeds Of Man, The", (C) 1988, isbn 0-553-27008-7 An attempt to cure a plauge with genetics, creates a race of hermaphrodites. They switch gender one a month.

Butler, Octavia E.
Title "Wild Seed", pub doubleday, (C) 1980, isbn 0-385-15160-8
A man and woman exchange sex's. Brief, at end.

Capobianco, William Barton and Michael
Title "Iris", pub bantam, (C) 1990
Isbn 0-553-28822-9
One scene where a male mind is put in control of a female body. At end, a female mind is transfered into a male body when she is fatally injured.

Card, Orson Scott
Title "Planet Called Treason, A",
The hero is mutating, he develops breasts and secondary female characteristics, but does not go all the way.

Carter, Angela
Title "Passion Of New Eve, The", (C) 1977 A man is surgically changed into a woman against his will.

Chalker, Jack
Title "Identity Matrix, The", (C) 1982, isbn 0-671-44481-6 Alien body-swappers switch main character with 13 year old girl and later with 21 year old woman.
Title "Downtiming the Night Side", (C) 1985, isbn 0-812-53288-0 Time travel similar to "Quantum Leap" except the bodies travelers jump into are temporal "nobodies" created by time for the time travelers. The main character spends the last half of the novel as various women.
Title "Cerberus, A Wolf in the Fold", (C) 1981, isbn 0-345-31122-1 A spies mind is copied into a woman's body. He is than sent to a world where people swap bodies.
Title "Medusa, A Tiger by the Tail", (C) 1983, isbn 0-345-29372-X A man sent to a planet where some shape-changing occurs naturally and involuntarily. At one point he is captured and transformed, against his will, into an emptyheaded bimbo. Title "Midnight at the Well of Souls", (C) 1977, isbn 0-345-19769-5 Most of the characters are transformed into different species. A male villain is turned into a female giant cockroach, another male is turned into a mermaid, and a girl is turned into a man. Title "Exiles at the Well of Souls", (C) 1978, isbn 0-345-31239-2 In an experiment, a man is briefly turned into a woman. Later, two men are turned into women as a means of disguise. However, they are turned into male aliens a couple of days later. There's also a race where all individuals are born female, and when get older turn into males.
Title "Quest for the Well of Souls", (C) 1978, isbn 0-345-31120-5 Toward the end, a bunch of people (including some males) are turned into almost identical beautiful women. Title "Twilight at the Well of Souls", (C) 1980, isbn 0-345-30926-X Some minor, mostly off-camera sex changes. Title "Web of the Chozen, The", (C) 1978, isbn 0-345-33959-2 A virus turns humans into an artificial alien race. 80% of the men are turned into female aliens, although that doesn't happen to any of the main characters.
Title "Demons of the Dancing Gods", (C) 1984, isbn 0-345-30893-X The protagonist becomes a "were", and transforms into a duplicate of whatever is closest to him at full moon -- male or female. Title "Vengeance of the Dancing Gods", (C) 1985, isbn 0-345-31549-9 The male protagonist temporarily swap bodies with a wood nymph. Later, the villain moves his mind into a female body as a disguise.
Title "Songs of the Dancing Gods", (C) 1990, isbn 0-345-34799-4 Besides the changes that ocurred in previous books, in the end of this book the hero is turned permanently into a wood nymph and his wife is turned into a man.
Title "Horror of the Dancing Gods", (C) 1995, isbn 0-345-37692-7 One of the characters is a girl who, as result of a curse, had her sexual organs transformed into male genitals, but kept the rest of her feminine body.
Title "Spirits of Flux and Anchor", (C) 1984, isbn 0-812-53320-8 A young man has his sexual organs turned into a woman's, keeping the rest of his masculine body. Later, the reverse happens to a girl.
Title "Lords of the Middle Dark", (C) 1986 A girl brainwashes herself to believe she is a boy who was turned into a woman.
Title "Pirates of the Thunder", (C) 1987 There's a character who is a creature that "absorbs" another being, becoming an exact duplicate of it. It appeared in the beggining to be a woman, and later becomes a man. It will change identity and sex a lot of times throughout the series. Title "Warriors of the Storm", (C) 1987 Various people get transformed into different species, and sometimes change sex. One woman become a male alien, and a bunch of others become members of an all-female race where the leader of the tribe becomes male.
Title "Masks of the Martyrs", (C) 1988, isbn 0-345-34309-3 More of what happened in previous books. Here, a couple of males are turned into female aliens.
Title "When the Changewinds Blow", (C) 1987, isbn 0-441-88081-9 There's a part of the book where a girl uses an illusion to appear to be a young man.
Title "Echoes of the Well of Souls", (C) 1993, isbn 0-345-38686-8 A woman is turned into a male alien, and meets a female alien who was originally a girl. Toward the end. Title "Shadow of the Well of Souls", (C) 1994, isbn 0-345-36202-0 A married couple is transformed into identical twin female centaurs, and the villain is transformed into a female "Daisy Duck"-like alien. Also, one of the protagonists learns to body-switch at will with his girlfriend. Title "Gods of the Well of Souls", (C) 1993, isbn 0-345-38850-X The male protagonist spends most of this book in a female body, and in the end is stuck in it by mistake. Also, one male villain is turned into a slum girl as punishment.

Chilson, Rob
Title "Rounded with Sleep", pub Questar A man's personality is downloaded into a woman's body for a short time. He declines an offer to see what sex is like from the other side.

Delany, Sameul R.
Title "Triton", (C) 1976
Main character has a sex change to a fully functioning female about

halfway through the book.

Dyer, Alfred
Title "Symbiotic Mind, The", (C) 1980, 0-7091-8275-9 A dying man ends up in the body of a girl in a hospital. At the end, she gets spontaneously pregnant and he moves into the female baby (no Y chromosomes available).

Emshwiller, Peter R.
Title "Host, The"
Set in a future where rich people can rent lower class body's. A lower class man gets trapped in a rich woman's body. Title "Short Blade", (C) 1992, Pub Bantam, Isbn 0-553-29417-2 Sequal to "The Host". A man trapped in a woman's body leads the revolt against a corrupt society.

Effinger, George Alec
Title "When Gravity Fails", (C) 1986
Set in a cyberpunk-style future where surgical sex changes are common.

Fall of the Tower, The
Samuel R. Delany, (C) 1964, Sci-Fi, isbn 0-553-20309-6 One character briefly becomes a woman while visiting an alternate realities. Another character is from a race that changes sex at a certain age.

Farmer, Philp Jose
Title "Traitor To The Living", (C) 1973, isbn 0-812-53766-1 There are two sex changes at the end of the story, both male to female.

Farrar, Stewart
Title "Forcible Entry", (C) 1986, isbn 0-7090-2640-4 A dying man takes over the body of a young woman, pretends amnesia, but is discovered and attacked psychically by her boyfriend and Jesuit priest. Set entirely in modern-day Dublin.

Foster, M.A.
Title "Morphodite, The" , (C) 1981, Sci-Fi, isbn 0-87997-669-1

Laboratory created human has the innate ability to seek out and destroy conspiracies and can change it's physical appearence under certain conditions. Each time it does it changes sex. Sequels include "Transformer", and "Preserver".

Gardner, Craig Shaw
Title "Bride of the Slime Monster", (C) 1990 It turns out that Captain Crusader has been hiding as a woman.

Gerrold, David
Title "Day For Damnation, A",
Cybernetic implants allow "telepaths" to swap bodies. The protagonist of the series has intercourse with a former male friend in the body of a woman.
Title "Man Who Folded Himself, The", (C) 1973 Man travels to other time lines, including the ones in which he is female. (I don't think there are any transformations) Title "Moonstar Odyssey", (C) 1977
About a society in which people "choose" into one gender or the other at puberty.

Hawke, Simon
Title "Timekeeper Conspiracy, The", (C) 1984 One of the timekeepers who went bad uses future technology to transform himself into Mme. DeWinter then travels back to revolutionary France.

Heinlein, Robert
Title "Number of the Beast, The", (C) 1980, isbn 0-449-13070-3 It is revealed that Andrew Jackson Libby Long has been resurected from the dead into a female body.
Title "I Will Fear No Evil", (C) 1970, Pub Ace, isbn 0-441-35917-5 Rich man's brain is put into a young woman's body.

Herbert, Frank
Title "Dosadi Experiment, The", (C) 1983, isbn 0-425-06236-8 A man and woman swap bodies for a short time.

Hoffman, Nina
Title "Thread that Binds the Bones, The", pub AvoNova, (C) 1993 One of a family of magicians so angers another that she changes him into a young girl.

Lackey, Mercedes
Title "Oathbound, The", (C) 1988, isbn 0-88677-414-4 As a punishment, an illusion is put an a man to make him appear as a hooker. Later, a deal with a tricky demon makes the illusion real.

Laumer, Keith
Title "Time Trap", (C) 1970, isbn 425-01871-7 The hero and heroine switch bodies.

LeGuin, Ursula K.
Title "Left Hand of Darkness, The", (C) 1969, isbn 0-441-47812-3 About a man who spends time on a planet where the locals are asexual, except once a month they assume a gender. Its somewhat random which gender they become.

Lee, Tanith
Title "Death's Master", (C) 1979, isbn 0-87997-741-8 Has a character who changes into a woman several times throughout the book.
Title "Don't Bite The Sun", (C) 1976
The incarnation of Death transforms a man into a woman

Leiber, Justin
Title "Beyond Rejection", (C) 1980, Sci-Fi, isbn 0-345-29054-2 The mind of Ishmael Forth is transfered into the body of the deceased spacer, Sally Cadmus. Sequals include "Beyond Humanity", and "Beyond Gravity".

MacBeth, George
Title "Transformation, The", (C) 1975, isbn 0-575-01920-4 Sebring wakes up to discover he has become Alcestis, the woman he loves.

MacDonald, Gregory
Title "Fletch and the Widow Bradley", (C) 1981 Mr. bradley had a sex change which is discovered at the end of the book.

Maine, Charles Eric
Title "Timeliner", pub Bantam Books, (C) 1955 Man's consciousness is bouncing back and forth in time. Eventually, he ends up back in his own time except in the body of his wife.

Mark, Ted
Title "Pussycat Transplant, The", (C) 1968 Girl goes to a doctor for an abortion, but ends up with her brain transplanted into a male body. Eventually, she gets transplanted back into a female body.

McIntosh, J.T.
Title "Transmigration", (C) 1970, isbn 380-02375-075 The consciousness of a man travels from body to body after his death, some of them female.

McQuay, Mike
Title "Memories", Pub bantam, (C) 1987, isbn 0-553-35888-5 A drug enables a man and woman to time travel by posessing bodies in the past. At one point they make love then switch bodies to see what it is like from the other side.

Merwin, Sam
Title "Chauvinisto", Jr., pub Major Books, (C) 1976 By the 22nd century, women have won the battle of the sexes and are in charge. When a man kills one of the women, he is surgically transformed into a woman and sent to work in a whore house.

Miller, Richard
Title "Snail",
A former Nazi officer goes through a bewildering variety of transformations. He spends a few chapters as a beautiful woman.

Moorcook, Michael
Title "Count Brass", (C) 1973, isbn 0-425-07514-1 Hawkmoons lifeforce is used to animate a female champion.

Peirce, Hayford
Title "Phylum Monsters", (C) 1989, isbn 0-812-54894-9 The main character's "anima" is transfered into the body of a beautiful woman while working with an ancient Martian mind.

Pollotta, Nick
Title "Doomsday Exam",
Magic backflash at end swaps the FBI team (sorta X-Files but with big guns) around. Only for a few pages, no real development and not a major part of the plot.

Pucetti, Roland
Title "Death Of The Fuhrer, The", (C) 1972 Hitler's brain is transplanted into the body of a beautiful girl.

Quinn, Seabury
Title "Alien Flesh", (C) 1977, Illus Stephen Fabian, Pub Oswald Train
American accidentally kills the beautiful daughter of an arab sultan. He says that if he could, he would have taken her place. The sultan summons his wizards who transforms the man into a perfect likeness of the sultan's daughter. Eventually, she accepts her role.

Rhodes, Russell
Title "Styx Complex, The", (C) 1977
Nazi surgeon invents a compound which makes the human body like clay. He used it on himself to transform himself into a beautiful woman who uses the secret formula as a youth potion for the very rich.

Rucker, Rudy
Title "Master Of Space And Time", (C) 1984, isbn 0-671-55997-4 A reworking of the three wishes story using gluons (a scientific particle). At one point the hero turns himself into a beautiful woman and actually makes love as a woman.

Sheckley, Robert
Title "Mindswap", (C) 1986, isbn 0-586-06695-0 One small episode has our hero escaping the bad guys by hopping into a young girl living in an undersea complex.

Silerberg, Robert
Title "Son Of Man", (C) 1971, isbn 0-345-28884-X During one part of this strange book, the hero is turned into a woman.

Simmons, Wm Mark
Title "When Dreams Collide", pub Questar, (C) 1992 Virtual reality dungeons and dragons simulation you enter a sensory-deprivation tank and are wired in to the game. One of the gamers gets out of the tank to find himself in the wrong body. Brief, at end.

Smith, Susan
Title "Changing Places", (C) 1986, Teenage Fiction Teenage boy and girl get into classic "you don't understand my life" argument and switch places over night by computer "fairy godfather". Not a sexy story (it was written for teenagers) but not too bad.

Smith, Thorne
Title "Turnabout", (C) 1931, isbn 0-345-28725-8, lcccn 79-55331 Husband and wife switch bodies.

Snodgrass, Melinda
Title "Wildcards X, Double Solitaire", (C) 1992, isbn 0-553-29493-8 About how Tachyon deals with being a woman. A continuation of a story in 'Wildwards 9'.

Spector, Craig and Skipp, John
Title "Cleanup, The", (C) 1987, isbn 0-553-26056-1 Man with reality-bending power changes a mugger into a beautiful woman so he can experience the horror of rape.

Stine, Hank
Title "Season Of The Witch", (C) 1968, Adult, re-released, Author Jean Stine, (C) 1994, ISBN 1-56333-268-X As punishment, a rapist is put in the body of his victim and left to get on with his life.

Tarr, Judith
Title "Fall Of Princes, A", Pub TOR, (C) 1988, isbn 0-812-55644-5 In order to resolve a war, one of the leaders is transformed into a woman so she can marry her rival and unite the two realms.

Vidal, Gore
Title "Myra Breckinridge"
Basis for the movie of the same name.

Vance, Steve
Title "Planet of the Gawfs", (C) 1978, isbn 0-8439-1113-1 Two mutants swap bodies near the end of the book to defeat the Secret Evil Master Of The World (tm).

Varley, John
Title "Steel Beach", (C) 1992, isbn 0-399-13759-9 The main character in the book starts off male and changes sex approximately half way through. Various other characters have had sex changes too.

Vogt, A.E. Van
Title "Man With A Thousand Names,The", (C) 1974, pub DAW, isbn 0-87997-502-4
The hero swaps into several bodies including that of his girlfriend.

Wallace, Ian
Title "Croyd", (C) 1967
Croyd is traped, sharing the mind and body of a positute.

Yates, Alan
Title "Coriolanus, the Chariot", (C) 1978, isbn 0-441-11739-2 pub Ace
A troupe of shape-shifting actors accept a new apprentice. As part of his training, he is given the drug which allows the shape-shifting, then is unwillingly transformed into a woman for some of his roles.

Yermakov, Nicholas
Title "Jehad", Pub signet, (C) 1983, isbn 0-451-12688-2 A man's mind is transfered into a woman's body when he is killed and he co-inhabits it with her mind. There is a lesbian scene, and a straight sex scene.


Busby, F.M.
Title "First Person Plural", in "Universe 10", Editor Terry Carr A man wakes up one day in the mindless body of a woman in a mental hospital. He than lives every twice, first as her, than as himself.
Title "Getting Home", in (possibly Azimov's SF) The consciousness of a man bounces from person to person until it eventually finds where it came from. Title "Road Map", in "Getting Home"
A man dies, to find himself reincarnated with the memories of his former life intact. He finds himself 50 years in the past, reincarnated in the body of his future wife.

Collyn, George
Title "Mix-Up", in "Weekend Book of Science Fiction", pub Harmsworth Publications, also in "New Worlds SF" Nov 1964 A teleporter accident switches the brains of a man and a beautiful movie star. Even after a cure is found, they decide they like the change, get married, and raise a family.

Culbreath, Myrna and Marshak, Sondra
Title "Procrustian Petard, The", (C) 1977, in "Star Trek: The New Voyages 2"
A siren's song traps the Enterprise in orbit around a deserted planet. While trapped, many of the crew have their gender reversed.

Ellison, Harlan and Canon, R.C.
Title "Unwinding", in Unearth magazine #8 Winter 1979 A man wakes up in his girlfriend's body. The story was part of a competion where one writer started the story, and another finished it.
Title "World of Women", in "Fantastic SF", issue Feb 1957 A man infiltrates an all-female planet by wearing a female body suit which is entirely too real for the hero.

Garris, Mick
Title "Chocolate", in "Hot Blood, Tales Of Erotic Horror", Editor Jeff Gelb and Lonn Friend, (C) 1989, isbn 0-671-66424-7 A man periodically experiences flashes in the life of a woman.

Haber, Karen
Title "Simbody to Love", (C) 1990, in TimeGate II:Dangerous Interfaces,
editor Robert Silverberg, isbn 0-671-72017-1 A female scienist, copies her personality into a male cyberspace body. She's looking for a simulation of Michelangelo she created.

Hamlet, Ova
Title "Nosepickers of Dawr", in Amazing/Fantastic July 1981 Heavy-handed Gor parody, with some type of transformion. breif at end.

Heinlein, Robert
Title "All You Zombies", in "Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag, The",
(C) 1959, Pub Gnome, also in "Fantasy & Science Fiction" March 1959 Classic time-traveling short story of a man who is both is own father and mother.

Heym, Stefan
Title "Wachsmuth Syndrome, The", (C) 1972, in "Playboy", issue Sept 1972,
also in "The Queen Against Defoe and Other Stories" All the men in the world are turning into women. Eventually, only one male baby is left. Will the human race survive?

Hogan, James
Title "Identity Crisis", (C) 1981, in Stellar 7, Editor Judy-Lynn delRey,
pub DelRey
In the future, you can have your consciousness operate a body in a different location (cuts down on air travel). Guy uses a female body to follow his wife who he thinks is being unfaithful.

Ingalls, Rachel
Title "Blessed Art Thou", in "I See A Long Journey" A monk claims to have had sex with God. Shortly after this announcement, he becomes female and pregnant.

Landis, Geoffrey A.
Title "Paradigms of Change", in Interzone no. 53 Nov 1991 A virus turns XY cells into XX cells. There are several intertwind tales, including a bit about Pope Joan, and a story about a redneck radio jock turned female.

Lee, Tanith
Title "Day in the Skins, A (or the century we were out of them)", (C) 1984
in "Habitats", (C) 1984, editor Susan Shwartz An explosion on the alien world kills or injures all but 150 of 5000 colonist. A mind storage device is used to rotate people into the uninjured bodies, giving everyone a day the skins.

Leinster, Murray
Title "Be Young Again", in "Future SF stories", issue July-Aug 1950 A youth potion has some unexpected side-effects.

Masteron, Graham
Title "Changeling", in "Hot Blood, Tales Of Erotic Horror", Editor Jeff Gelb and Lonn Friend, (C) 1989, isbn 0-671-66424-7 About a gender changing curse that is passed from man to man.

Phillips, Peter
Title "She Who Laughs", in "Galaxy SF" April 1952 Disembodied consciousnesses of a husband and wife try to reanimate their bodies - she gets to the male one first.

Quinn, Seabury
Title "Lynne Foster is Dead!", in Weird Tales magazine Nov 1938 Vol 32. #5

The short story basis for Quinn's later TG book "Alien Flesh".

Rainbow, Tom
Title "Science Fiction Of Sex Change, The", in Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine, Issue July 1985 It's not a story, but a discusion of sex change and how it might effect people.

Roth, Philip
Title "Breast, The", (C) 1972, in ?
A man is changed into a giant breast. (does this count as a gender change?)

Smith, George H.
Title "Ego Transfer Machine", in "Super Science Fiction", Date Feb 1959

Man invents a personality switching machine and uses it to take the place of the groom at a wedding. He misses, and hits the bride instead.

Snodgrass, Melinda
Title "Lovers", in Wildcards IX: Jokertown Shuffle, Editor George Martin, (C) 1991, isbn 0-553-29174-2 Dr. Tachyon is switched "jumped" with a young woman.

Turzillo, Mary
Title "Song Against the Dark", in Science Fiction Age, (C) 1995 features a Cambrian-era society in which some females turn male at maturity, losing intelligence in the process.

Varley, John
Title "Picnic On NearSide", in "Picnic On NearSide", (C) 1980, isbn 0-425-07120-0, also in "F&SF Magazine" aug 1974 In a world where bodies are made to order, Fox's friend decided to become a beautiful girl.
Title "Options"
Involves a woman changing into a man in a Lunar society.

Vinicoff, Eric
Title "Displaced", in Analog March 1987 A hi-ranking offical's personality is downloaded into a low-ranking prostitute in an attempt to force a male-dominated society to change. A bit preachy.

Wodhams, Jack
Title "There Is A Crooked Man", in Analog Feb 1967, also in an Analog
anthology, also in "Pacific Book of Australian SF" 1968 Advanced techniques allow brain transplants. A man and wife exhange bodies to write a book. A crook's brain is put into a filly to influance race track betting.

Wodhams, Jack
Title "Zwoppover", Visions of Tomorrow magazine no. 7 Police officer hunting down body-swapping alien finds it occupying a famous actress. He tricks it into swapping with him, figuring on enjoying her "easy" life. But he panics and has to locate it again and undo the swap.

Young, Robert F.
Title "Juke Doll", editor Judith Merril Man animates a female dance-hall girl for a while.

Title "Genderella", in "Hottest Blood" A boy wants to attract the attention of his best friend. With the help of his "fairy" Godmother he is transformed into a beautiful girl just in time for the big dance.

Title "Sexy Tricks with Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde", in "Oui", Nov 1979 Pictorial feast of Dr. Jekyll's transformation into Ms. Hyde.

Title "Splicer, The", in "Hotter Blood" Sequel to Hot Blood A man has the ability to re-edit things. At the end he re-edits a man into a woman.

Title "Enchanted Spring, The", in "Arabian Nights" volume 6, Editor Sir Richard Burton
Magic spring changes men into women. A prince has his rival led to the spring so he can marry the princess they both want.

Title "Tale of the Warlock and The Young Cook of Baghdad, The", in "Arabian Nights" volume 6, Editor Sir Richard Burton Vizier immerses himself in a cauldron of water only to surface in the ocean as a beautiful woman. A local fisherman nabs her and makes her his wife, and they have several children.


1984 magazine
Issue 3, Date Sept 1978
Dr. Jerkyll's formula changes him into a beautiful girl, she goes out for a night on the town and some cheap sex. Later, when the formula wears off, Dr. Jerkyll discovers that he is pregnant. Issue 3, Date Sept 1978, part 1 of 3 maybe 4 A CIA man, Idi Amin, uses some DNA transformation powder on his toilet paper and turned into a beautiful (mostly naked) white girl.

Action Comics
issue 20, pub DC
The Ultra-Humanite transplanted his brain into the body of a woman. This incarnation the Ultra-Humanite also appears in All-Star Squadron.

Adventure Comics
Title "Fantastic Spy", issue 303, Date Dec 1962 Chameleon Boy changes into a girl so he and Cosmic Boy can pose as a honeymoon couple to ferret out a possible traitor in the Legion of Superheroes.

issue 8, pub Marvel
Genie switches Aladdin and Jasmin.

Alpha Flight
Issue 45-68, Pub Marvel
Through a complex series of events, Walter Langowski, who can turn into the huge beast Sasquatch, becomes trapped in a woman's body.

Amazing Strip
Issue ?
In one issue a man gets some wishes from a genie and wishes for a beautiful girl to have sex with. Then he wishes he knew what it was like for a woman and he swaps bodies with the girl. During Sex his old body expires and he is stuck as a woman for a year.

American Flyer Funnies
Issue 2, Date 1972.
Dr. Ozone pisses off his lab assistant, who transplants the Dr's head on to the body of a beautiful girl. (Hippie counter-culture comic, might be hard to find)

Issue 5, Date summer 1990
Aliens use a ray to transform a couple of cops into beautiful girls in exchange for some beer.

Blood Syndicate
issue ?, pub ?
Masquerade is a woman who uses shape-changing powers to always be a man.

Camelot 3000
Pub DC, (C) 1982 1983, Limited Series King Arthur and knights are reincarnated in the future, and Tristan comes back as a woman.

Issue 4, Pub Image
As part of the Babewatch crossover, Chapel turns into a woman.

Cracked Magazine
issue ?
A Star Trek spoof in which Kirk slowly transforms into a sexy woman, after visiting the planet of change.

Crazy Magazine
Issue Jan 1982
Man uses a magic lamp to wish for a beautiful girl, so the genie changes him into one. Then the genie suggests a big house with a pool. Granted, except he's now the french maid.

Pub Marvel
Cloud can assume a male or female form.

Don Simpson's Bizarre Heroes
issue ?,?
A character named the Negative Woman, is a male scientist who found a gateway to another dimension, only to return from it a seven foot tall radioactive woman.

Doom Patrol
issue ?, Pub DC
Rebis was a melding of a woman and a man. Wasn't very pretty to look at. (a hermaphrodite, not really a transformation) issue ?
Coagula uses his own powers to become a woman.

Dr. Fate
Issue 4, Date Feb 1989
Dr. Fate is a melding of 2 people, male and female. A crises causes an imbalance that changes Fate into a woman. Brief at end. (I've received conflicting information on if this counts)

issue ?, pub Comico
A villainess shapeshifter turned into a handsome man, wooed Morningstar, married her, got her pregnant, and finally changed back, saying "Surprise!"

Pub Marvel
Issue 12
Nigel Frobisher is momentaly transformed into his female boss. One Panel.
Issue 13
Nigel again momentaly becomes the image of his female boss. One Panel.
Issue ?,?,?
Nigel is periodically turnned into an older female crime lord.

F-III Bandit
Issue 2, Pub Antarctic
A story of a werewoman, he turns into a woman every time he sees a round light.

Fem Force
Title "In the Buff", Issue 18, Pub AC A young man uses his shape changing ability to pose as the members of Fem Force in a nudie magazine. Fem Force then gets him to pose nude as the woman who gave him the idea.

Freak Force
Pub Image
As Mighty Man, a shazam type superhero, dies in a hospital, he passes his powers to a female nurse. So when the nurse uses her new powers, she turns into Mighty Man. (does anyone know what issue the nurse gets the might man powers?)

Futaba-kun Change
Series, Japanese, pub Jump Comics
About a boy who turns into a girl when he gets excited. His father and sister also change gender.

Guy Gardner Warrior * NEW ENTREE *
Issue 42, Date May 96
Guy Gardner Warrior is turned into woman by his enemy Dementor.

issue 8, Pub Image
End of the Babewatch crossover, all of the men turn back to normal.

issue ? (first few)
Hawkman's mind is swapped into Hawkwoman's body, and Hawkwoman's mind is in that of an old man.

Heavy Metal
Issue May 1983, Pub MM
A young boy can't decide if he wants to be male or female, so a plastic surgeon decides for him by turning him into a beautiful girl.

Heavy Metal Havoc
Title "Hannibal 5: Flesh of the Orchid for the Cyborg", vol 9 no 2, (C) 1995, by Jodorowsky and Bess
A male cyborg agent is transmigrated into the bodies of several female animals and finally a female cyborg to infiltrate an army of women.

Horny Toons
Issue 1, Date 1980, Adult
College roommate can transform himself or his roommate into beautiful girls.

Justice League of America
issue 166-168, pub DC
Floronic Man switches bodies with Wonder Woman.

Justice League Task Force
issue 7-8, Pub DC
The Martian Manhunter turned himself into a woman for one adventure.

Legion of Substitute Heroes Special
Issue 1
The Color Kid is accidentally exposed to a virus which changes his sex.

Legion of Superheroes
issue 31, Pub DC
While Sean Erin takes a drug called Pro-Fem he becomes Shvaugn. At one point his supplie of the drug runs out and he turns back into Sean Erin.

Pub DC Comics
Title "Chain Gang" & "Grim Reality", Issue 13-14 To teach Matter-Eater Lad a leason, he is injected with Grandin Gender Reversal disease before going on a mission.

Lobo's Back
issue 2, Pub DC, Limited Series
Lobo in is reincarnated (temporarily) as a woman.

Mad Magazine
Issue (has superman on the cover)
A man puts money in a change machine and is changed into a woman. Issue July 1979 (does anyone know if these are the same issue?) A man uses a bus station change machine which changes him into a woman.

Series, Pub Malibu, issue 1-?
For 1500 years each time he dies, an archmage puts his soul in another body. When the mage is captured and he's killed, he ends up in a woman's body. And without the mage, he stuck as a woman. issue ?
NecroMantra is a male spirit in a female body (Mantra's daughter).

National Lampoon
Title "My Vagina", issue April 1979, by John Hughes A teenage boy wakes up one morning to discover that he has turned into a girl.
Title "My Penis", by John Hughes, issue (possibly before april 79) A teenage girl wakes up to discover she has male genitalia.

Project Sex
issue 1, pub Eros Comix
Has a character named Sex-Change Girl who can turn into a man.

Prophet Babewatch Special
issue 1, pub Image
Prophet makes a brief appearence in the past as Joan of Arc.

issue 1
Phantom Jungle Girl switches bodies with Cowboy Gorilla.

Ranma 1/2
Series, Japanese, Available in English, Dist Viz Comics A teenage boy is cursed to becomes a girl whenever he gets hit with cold water. It takes hot water to change him back. There is also an anime (japaness carntoon) series, and I beleive three animated movies.
issue ?
A villian named Herb has a similar curse to that of Ranma.

pub DC
The character Desire can assume male or female forms.

Secret Wars II
Pub Marvel, Issue #4
The Beyonder changes into a woman. One panel.

Shade the Changing Man
Title "Hermaphrodite" and "Shade Changing Woman", Issue 33?-36?, Pub DC
In the first issue of the series he takes possesion of a dead woman's body, but later can't change it into a male body.

Skin Tight Orbit
Title "Double Your Pleasure", vol 1, (C) 1995 Jana and Peter, former lovers, must exchange bodies to fix the spaceship. But entering his body proves an overly heady experience for the highly sexually charged Jana, with strange and dire consequences.

Title "Claire Kent, Alias Super-Sister!", issue 78, date Jan 1960 Female alien turns superboy into supergirl after he insults her driving/flying ability. Turns out to be a dream.

Title "The Turnabout Trap!", Issue 349, Pub DC, Date July 1980 Mxyzptlk makes a gender reversed Earth to torment Superman.

Dist Image
Title "The Past is Prelude to the Present", Issue 32 As a link to the next comic, Supreme and Kid Supreme are turned into women. Brief, at end.
Title "Changes", Issue 33
As part of the Babewatch crossover, Supreme and Kid Supreme are female. I believe Supreme is the only character which does not turn back into a man.

Teen Titans
issue ?, pub DC
Supergirl/Matrix is an artifically created being that has become different men on several occasions. For awhile, she had everyone thinking she was Clark Kent, including herself.

Uncanny X-Men, The
Title "Early Frost", Issue 314, Pub Marvel Emma Frost takes control of Iceman's body. And it turns out she has better control of his powers than he does.

Weird Science
Issue ?, Pub (I think Gemstone Publishes it) Mad scientist uses a sex change potion on his daughter's fiance so she won't be able to marry him. She gets back at him by using it on herself, and they get married anyway.

White Like She
Pub Dark Horse, (C) 1994, Limited Series, Issue 1-4 A black man's brain is transplanted into a teenage white female.

Yellow Dog
Issue 24, Date 1973
Hippy asks a Zemstvo the magician for some spare change, so Zemstvo changes him into a girl. (Hippie counter-culture comic, might be hard to find)

Title "Babewatch", Issue 3, Pub Image The start of Image's Babewatch crossover, a witch named Diabolique changes all the men the super-heroine Glory has ever met into women.

This issue has four different covers.

issue ?
Baron Karza switches bodies with the Kitty Pride.

issue 10, pub Palliard Press
Has a story in which a man named Tomar'Kog is turned into a woman by the god Hootabix to join his all-woman cult.


Source Ovid's "Metamorphoses", Panthos Greek After being raped by Neptune, Caeneus is granted the wish to become a man.

Source Ovid's "Metamorphoses", Panthos Greek The gods granted Salmacis wish that she would never be parted from Hermaphroditus, by merging them into one being.

Iphis and Ianthe
Source Ovid's "Metamorphoses", Panthos Greek Iphis, a women, is raised a man. She is betroved to a woman, Ianthe, but on her wedding day Iphis is turned into man.

Panthos Norse
Loki changes himself into a mare and bears Sleipner, Odin's eight legged horse.

Panthos Indian
Vishnu changes himself into a beautiful woman, Mohini the Enchantress, in order to distract some demons. Shiva is so enchanted by her that he begs Vishnu for a repeat performance. When Vishnu complies, Shiva rapes her.

Panthos Indian
Narada enters a lake and is changed into a woman. Lives a life as a woman, then is shown by one of the Gods (possibly Vishnu) that the whole life was just an Illusion.

Source Ovid's "Metamorphoses", Panthos Greek Mentioned in passing as someone who alternated being man and woman.

Source Ovid's "Metamorphoses", Panthos Greek Teiresias is turned into a woman, after striking two mating serpents apart. Seven years later he repeats the process to change back.

Unknown (does anyone know the king's name) Source Mahabharata, Panthos Indian
A king had a hundred sons, then falls into a pool of water which turns him into a woman who also has a hundred sons. All of them die in a war, then one of the gods asks him which ones he loved more - the ones he fathered or the ones she mothered. His answer surprises and delights the god, who restores them all to life. The king decides to stay female.

Panthos Polynesian
A story about the first woman being made by the creator throwing a piece of furit to a group of brothers. The one that caught it, turned into a woman.


Killer Instinct

Spinal, a skeleton, can turn briefly into his current opponent, who may be male or female.

Mortal Kombat I,II,III (also Ultimate Mortal Kombat III)

Shang Tsung can turn into any of the other fighters in the game.

Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender-Bender Pub Micro Prose
Rex has to use the Gender-bender machine in order to infiltrate the female half of a planet which took the war of the sexes too literally.

World Heroes (also World Heroes 2)

Geegus who is normally a silvery naked sexless alien who can turn into silvery versions of any of the other fighters, whether male or female.

X-Men: Children of the Atom

Spiral has a move in which she turns into every other character in the game in quick succession; she hits her opponent once as each character.


Cyberpunk 2020

The sourcebook of the same name also has many references to sex-change.

Dungeons and Dragons
item "Gridle of Femininity/Masculinity" A cursed item that reverses the wearers gender. There is no clear way of changing back.
in Dragon Magazine
A character class called the Houri, had a spell which would allow a sex change with a kiss.

pub Metropolis Games
Involves the permanent transformation of a man into a woman.

Teenagers From Outter Space
item "Boy-Girl Gun"
The gun's beam reverses a persons gender. Another shot is required to change back.


None at this time


I have not personally delt with any of these companies. So I don't know what kind of service you might get from them. With a couple exacptions, this is just the result of a mild web search. It is not a endorsement, nor do the titles listed mean thats all they carry.

Best Video

Big Lizard Video
Ranma 1/2, Rei Rei, Trancers

Chamelons 1 & 2

Chamelon, Chamelons Not The Sequal, Denim, Earth Girls Are Sleazy In The Jeans, Sexual Limits, Unnatural Phenomenon I & II

Facets Multi-Media
Give Me Back My Skin

Picture Palace
All of Me, Cleo Leo, Critters 2, Dead Again, Dr. Jekyll And Sister Hyde,

First Power, Hidden, Orlando, Prelude To A Kiss, Ranma 1/2, Rei Rei,

Shocker, Switch, Trancers, Trancers 2, Vegas in Space, Vice Versa

Sapphire's On-Line TG Bookstore
http://www1.mhv.net/sapphire/sapphire.htm email an236635@anon.penet.fi
Nothing on this list, but I believe they do have a many non-mainstream books in their New Woman section.

Video Online Express (VOX)
Dr. Jeckyl And Ms. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll And Sister Hyde, Ranma 1/2, Trancers, Trancers 2

Viz Comics
I think they sell all available English Ranma 1/2 materials.


If you can comfirm if any of these belong in this list or should be taken out, I will make the appropriate changes. I do ask that you have personally read/seen the material in question.


Angel #9
A male sexist is reincarnated as a woman.

Swordsmen 1&2


A macho truckdriver dies and is reincarnated as a very attractive woman.


None at this time


Anthony, Peirs
Series "Robot Adept", (C) 1988
Someone said it has elements of body-switching, but counldn't recall the specific book in this series. There are a few scenes in which a male character inhabits the body of a female character and vice-versa.
Series "Cluster Series, The",

Banks, Iain
Title "Culture Series",

Bickel, Bill
Title "Widow and the Body Sitter, The",

Coryn, M.
Title "Chevalier D'Eon, The",

Curry, Avon
Title "Fetish Murder, The",

Delaney, Joseph H.
Title "In The Face Of My Enemy", (C) 1985

Flynn, Michael
Title "Nanotech Chronicles, The", (C) 1991

Ganter, Archibald
Title "Florida Enchantment, A", (C) 1891

Gautier, Theophile
Title "Mademoiselle De Maupin",

Gentle, Mary
Title "Golden Witchbreed",

Gentle, Mary
Title "Grunts", (C) 1991

Gould, Lois
Title "Sea Change, The",

Greenhalgh, Zahra
Title "Trickster's Touch", (C) 1989

Greenhalgh, Zohra
Title "Contrarywise", (C) 1989

Jennings, Phillip C.
Title "Tower To The Sky",

Lee, Tanith
Title "Book of the Damned, The",
Title "Books of the Flat Earth"

Paiva, Jean
Title "Lilith Factor, The", (C) 1989)

Pierce, Tamora
Title "Song Of The Lioness Quartet, The",

Reynolds, Mack
Title "Amazon Planet",

Ryman, Geoff
Title "Warrior Who Carried Life, The",

Scortia, Thomas
Title "Flowering Narcissus", (C) 1973

Shaw, Bob
Title "Call Me Dumbo",

Silverberg, Robert
Title "To Live Again",

Sweeney, Toni
Title "Variaition and Man",

Varley, John
Title "Blue Champagne",

Zelazny, Roger
Title "Lord of Light",


A novel where a vietnam soldier is kidnapped by gods, transported to another dimension and turned into a 13-year old elfen girl.


Dinner At Helen's
Author William Carlson, (C) 1973, in Strange Bedfellows, editor Thomas N. Scortia

Disconnect, The
Author Edward Byers, in Analog Aug 1982

Modern Egyptians
by Lane
A man immerses himself in a cauldron of water, only to emerge as a woman who gets wed to a local king. They also have a couple of children.

Third Sex, The
Author Alan Brennert, (C) 1989, in Year's Best 7, also in Pulphouse 3

Author Michael Flynn, in New Destinies IX

Whatever Gets You Through The Night
Author WT Quick, in Amazing Stories March 1990

in Dracula
About a young male vampire who discovered that the only way he could easily feed was to shapechange into beautiful young women.


Limited Series

character, in Stryke Force, pub Image Might be a female to male transformation.

character, in old Ghost Rider
Could turn into Virgo.

Dr. Strange
character, pub Marvel, issue ?
has been in Clea's body.

Dr Strange
issue ?
a villian traveling back in time possesses a woman.

Dusty Star
Author Andrew Robinson, in Negative Burn

Guy Gardner
character, rumor, in Guy Gardner Warrior In an upcoming issue Guy becomes a woman.

Lord Fanny
character, in The Invisibles
is a transexual

Marisa Rahm
character, in Dakota P.D.
A post-op transsexual.

character, pub Fleetway

character, pub Comico

Three-D Zone
title "Space Vixens", issue #16



served Apollo as a girl.


posed as Diana.


Venus turned him into an old women with beautiful hair.

Venus Castina

Turned the Scythians at her temple at Ascelon into women.

Yuma Indian

A mountain that would "sexually transform men".




Many of these works are out of print or where never in the mainstream, making them hard to find. So if you can provide additional information for the ones you do know about, it would be appreciated. This would include things like issue numbers, episode titles, who sells them, etc.


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