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From: Tim Evanson <tevanson@erols.com>
Subject: (GAY) GayVN Awards!!!
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 12:14:58
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica

The 2nd Annual GayVN awards are over, and here's some inside dope!!!!!! (No, I did not attend, I just got a bunch of emails and phone calls from people who went. So take this as second-hand rumor and innuendo...but then, that's the best kind, isn't it? :) )

Best Video -- "Dream Team"
Best Director -- Jerry Douglas, "Dream Team" Best Screenplay -- Jerry Douglas, "Dream Team" Best Non-Sexual Role -- Jerry Douglas, "Dream Team"

Best Actor -- Blake Harper, "Animus"
Best Supporting Actor -- Thomas Lloyd, "Animus" Best Sex Scene -- Sam Crockett and Chad Kennedy, "Technical Ecstasy" Best Oral Scene -- Jason Branch, Blake Harper and Bruce Hill, "Asslick Alley" Best Group Scene -- (TIE!) "Betrayed" and "Thick as Thieves" Best Threesome -- Tanner Hayes, Zak Richards and Jack Simmons, "Animus" Best Amateur Video -- "New Meat 11," Allen Allan Prods. Best Foreign Video -- "Lucky Lukas," Bel Ami Best Bi Video -- "Mass Appeal"
Best Specialty Release -- "Hellraiser 3," Taos Entertainment Best Alternative Video -- "Party, Porn and Politics" (Allan Gassman, dir.)

Best Cinematography -- Todd Montgomery, "Absolute Aqua" (Falcon) Best Music -- Francois Gerard, "Wet dreams" (Kristen Bjorn) Best Art Direction -- "Sodom"
Best Sex Comedy -- "moan"

And now the dirt, rumors, and news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ZAK SPEARS IS RETURNING TO GAY PORN!!!!!!!!!! Spears, who showed up looking healthy and a little less blond-highlights than usual, is going to return to gay porn in a Chi Chi LaRue video later this year.
  • Jerry Douglas movie? Was that Bob East and Jerry Douglas talking about Douglas' next film? Maybe! This would be Douglas' first film in almost 18 months, and would mark his return to Odyssey Men, if that rumor is true.
  • "The Practice" star Camryn Mannheim was present for the awards!
  • Yes, Bel Ami super-stars Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston were in attendance (as was director George Duroy) to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. Johan was ebullient and social, talking up a storm and saying hello to everyone. Lukas was shy and quiet, letting Johan take the lead. A "pool party" hosted by the two super-stars was so crowded, the venue had to be CLOSED OFF by security. Everyone -- porn star and industry insider alike! -- wanted to meet them, kiss them, and fuck them.
  • The "barebacking scandal" -- As you may know, two videos were nominated that had barebacking scenes: "Pueris 19" (VidKid Timo) and "Bareback 2" (Dick Wadd Videos). This, despite the fact that Mickey Skee -- one of the show's coordinators -- and others have said they would never promote or mention or review or otherwise be associated with bareback films. When the presence of the two nominees was noted, Skee made a long statement in his column on the RAD Video site, announcing an anti-barebacking pledge campaign and more. A letter was included in the packet, signed by only 26 individuals, taking "the pledge." A separate pledge sign-up poster was in the "Silent Auction" area, but it's not clear how many people were signing it. Please note: There was no "Safe Sex" award this year.
    • HIV-positive porn star Cole Tucker said, while on stage, that he could not "tell anyone how to live their life." But, he said, the industry should be socially responsible and not do bareback videos.
  • Last year, Mickey Skee's "No Ego Productions" won the "Best Safe Sex" award at the GayVNs. (That Skee was a show coordinator last year apparently didn't seemto be much of a conflict of interest to the show producers.) There was some consternation among industry insiders, because a) the video hadn't been released or distributed at the time of the GayVNs last year, b) Skee was involved with the video and he was a show coordinator, and c) it was unclear if No Ego Productions actually gave any money to AIDS charities. So, this year, No Ego released their financial statements in the GayVN packet.


There were about 800-1,000 people in attendance at this year's show. Maybe half did not pay their way but received comp tickets. About half as well were from the straight porn industry.

The show started VERY VERY late, although no one is sure why. Slated to have dinner served 7:30 or so, people were not even let into the ballroom until almost 10pm. Rumors flew that the show producers were not ready, that the fire marshall had ordered fewer people at each table, that David Forest's pre-party had gone on too long -- but no explanation was ever given. In addition, ticket lines -- for press, will-call, etc. -- were confused. People stood in the wrong line for HOURS, with no AVN staff in evidence to help guide the hundreds of people milling about in the hotel anterooms.

The Aid for AIDS "Silent Auction" was a HUGE success, however. Tickets to the Johan and Lukas pool party went for $1,200 each! Donations were also being taken for various AIDS charities. Odyssey donated $1,200, performer Peter Dixon donated $500, but it was Video 10 that blew everyone away with a HUGE $18,000 donation!

The show began at about 10pm, and to their credit the show's directors really pushed it along at a quick pace. Almost all the musical numbers were cut, except for two. A "Forest Men" dance number had members of the audience shouting "cut the dancing!" A Chi Chi LaRue dance number at the end was performed with about two-thirds of the audience out in the anterooms, smoking. Show host Bruce Vilanch was OUTRAGEOUSLY funny!!!

Other news:

  • Former Bel Ami and Czech Mate porn star Pavel Novtny was BLOWING PEOPLE AWAY all night long. For one thing, the man is a legitimate 6'6" tall -- and he towered a solid foot above the 5'6" porn stars in the crowd. He's stunningly handsome in person, and performers were mobbing him to try to meet him, kiss him, and proposition him.
  • Performer Jeff Palmer was drunk off his ASS (and has braces now).
  • Uber-agent David Forest was freaking out all night long. Apparently, someone had faxed the INS and LAPD, claiming that "illegal immigrant, HIV-positive sex star Jeff Palmer" was attending the AVN show. Forest was horrified that his premiere star might be hauled off in handcuffs during the show, and his nerves were frayed badly.
  • Lots of stars seemed drugged out and/or drunk off their asses. Many performers were openly smoking pot in the bathrooms and even in the ballroom. Danny Lee was so high on something that people murmured about it as he went floating past.
  • Vince Rockland is taking a break from the industry to finish college. Rockland is majoring in biology. He had no news on Hal or Shane, other than to say they're fine.
  • An apres-show sex party was held after the show, and sizzling-hot performer Jack Ryan went about telling everyone. (Jack himself didn't attend, saying he was way too sleep-deprived.)
  • A Chi Chi LaRue after-party was held at the Sky Bar in the super-swank and exclusive Argyle Hotel.

Tim #1

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