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Subject: Fetish Video Source List (focusing on ws, gs, and fisting)
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Date: Mon, 07 Apr 97 01:53:43
Organization: Purveyors of Fine Filth
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The following is a list of sources of fetish videos, mainly watersports, golden showers, and fisting, that I am trying to put together. I'd appreciate hearing anyone's comments on the businesses listed below (especially Kinky Kelly's). I have not personally ordered from any of these places btw, I'm just thinking about placing an order or two for now. The information that follows is derived from research that I have recently done on the Net for these kind of videos and from people's comments to a lesser degree.

Rex's Lounge (carry videos from Goosebump Videos)


Kinky Kelly's - Big selection!


Goosebump Videos - Decent selection; more "standard videos" than ws, gs, or fisting videos.


Tony's Place - Mainly images, however a few videos are offered.


FEMANIC Bizarre all-female videos - they have a few videos w/ ws. They are located in Europe btw; prices are reasonable.


NR1 Online Eurosex Shop - Located in Europe...good selection, however you have to pay to convert their videos over to NTSC for us folks in the states...shipping outside of Europe is kind of high too.

Calvin Productions - Good prices, however their videos are probably bootleg copies; quality is said to be poor. Avoid.


On-line Orgasms Video Mall - This place has something twisted stuff! BTW, they actually shoot a few amateur videos themselves so some of their material would be unavailable elsewhere I suppose.


1st Magazines - High quality European magazines with ws, fisting, you name it. They sell the magazines put out by Private btw. There prices are reasonable too; I'd like to order something from them sometime. Payment could be a problem for some people because they DO NOT TAKE checks or money orders (they are located in Europe)...you must use a credit card or send cash.




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