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Subject: Cum-Swap List Update
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 97 23:15:35

Here is an update of movies that have babes cum-swapping from mouth-to-mouth. This list was compiled from inquires on the subject by myself and others in "alt.sex.movies" and "rec.arts.movies.erotica" and in personal communications.

You may have responded to the gerneral request to add scenes to the list and recognize your post. I'm not trying to deny anyone credit for their post but courtesy dictates that I not put your personal message/name in the newsgroups without your permission...............and I just didn't have time to ask for everyone's permission. I've given only one e-mail address that I know of.....and that by request.

If you have a scene/movie to add or can give a better description, please e-mail me and I will add it to the list. Please try to be specific and not "......duh, I think it was one of those "Buttman" movies." (You'll see that we already have some of these.) A brief but moderately graphic description is always appreciated by everyone also.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed. --

"Can any of you movie experts give me some titles where girls share cum mouth to mouth ???" Thus, the list as follows........................

A new movie - Witches Are Bitches - when Anna Malle and another girl spit cum into each others mouths a few times. it is pretty hot! [Ed. note - Anna Malle licks cum off of the belly of (unknown to me) brunette and lets it dribble into the brunette's mouth. A little tongue play but no serious kissing afterwards.]
The two that cum to mind off the top of my head are "Jailhouse Cock" (Tiffany Million/Tiffany Mynx) [see below] and "Dirty Little Mind (Tiffany Million/Rebecca Wilde?)

[Ed. note]"Jailhouse Cock" (1993) has Richie Razor cuming on the right butt cheek of Debbie Diamond (not Tiffany Mynx....I wish). Tiffany Million then licks it off her ass, holds it in her mouth and Debbie shifts around and positions her head and mouth directly under Tiffany's. Tiff then lets 2 to 3 long dribbles go into Debbie's mouth. They have a little tongue play (which could have been more erotic) and then laugh wickedly (like they do through most of the movie).

Try Anabolic!!!

Their Francesca Le (a goddess) compilation has her swap with Misty Rain in the first scene. [Ed. note: what's the title??]

One of their Nasty Nympho's tapes has another Francesca/Misty(?) swap. [Ed. note: Which Nasty Nympho??]

Just saw Gangbang Girls #17 (I think) where two girls do a LOT of swapping at a poolside GB. (Ed.note: see further below)

Two cute (Hungarian?) girls share it in one of the "World Sex Tour" tapes. They look like twins and they are on the box cover.

Try "Pick-Up Line #4"...An Ed Powers Line... Vol. 4 features a really hot scene with Lana Sands and another brunette double teaming Peter North...they both end up with a load on their faces, and share what gets in their mouths with each other...really fuckin hot!
In Cumm Brother #11......

Rodney comes all over the homeless woman's face, and she takes it with a great deal of humor. Wolf eventually comes on Nadia's stomach. This is the great part. We have a nice close shot of Nadia slurping up his goo, then dropping the whole mess in one neat plop into the blonde's mouth. Then she passes it back. This is the best scene of the movie.

The dungeon scene in "Sandy Insatiable" has Sandy receiving a small load (due to Rocco mostly missing the mark) in her mouth and leans over and dribbles two to three drips into Sidony's mouth followed by a little open mouth kissing (then fade).
My favorite so far was in "Jungle Fever" with Rocco. He does a dirty blonde and a brunette. The sex is pretty good but at the finish, the two women are lying on top of one another (tit to tit). Rocco then explodes into the upper woman's open mouth. What's great is that as he delivers 5-6 good shots, some of the cum goes into her mouth while the rest drips off her face and onto the lower girl's face. Then the upper women leans over and drools her mouth-load out into the other's and they mess it around a bit. Very HOT!
"Little Miss Blue". The opening scene has Tammi Ann and a brunette doing two guys. The sex here is hot and the finish again is awesome. Tammi Ann kneels before the two guys (really beggin' for it!) And they each cum onto her face and into her mouth. (The volume of cum is good but not monster). Tammi then runs over to the brunette and lets it dribble out and down to her face/mouth. Then Tammi leans down and kisses her and then spreads it around a bit. I loved the eagerness that both women show in this scene.
"Butt Banged Cycle Sluts" Towards the middle of the movie there is a fairly good cum swapping scene. I don't know the actresses. Overall the movie is good for many facials.

[additional...] The girls are Tabitha and Kimberly Kyle. Marc Davis cums in (and he gets it all in) Kim's mouth who then stands up and goes over to tabitha, who is lying on her back on lounge chair by the pool in John Stagliano's backyard, and drops it all in her mouth and then they share it back and forth.

In "Prague by Night #2" Rocco (Seffretti....who else) cums a large amount into one babes mouth who quickly rolls over and drops a little less into another babe's mouth who then rolls over and drops it into a 3rd babe's mouth who then (you guessed it) rolls over and drops a very small amount into a 4th babe's mouth [has someone been swallowing?]. (Sounds very erotic but the girls appear rather expressionless and have a "going though the motions" attitude ...........yeah, but what motions !!)
"Rocco Unleashed" has a multi-cum swap (some of these phrases are pretty stupid aren't they) that starts with Heather Lee (who else?), P2M (maybe A2M) and goes to several others, one of them, I think, is Kim Chambers. Starts off with lotsa goop, pretty nasty stuff. However, the tapes's kinda lame in most other respects...
"Secret Urges." - Tiffany Mynx and another chick. The other chick does a P2M money shot then swaps with tiffany.
Hardcore Schoolgirls #5 has a nasty swap. Can't tell you the performers names. It's the first scene.
"Gang bang girl 18" -- Just wanted to send you a correction on this. In GBG 18 Pearl Diva is solo with the gang bang guys. The second scene has Nikki Brantz and Sabrina Johnson.Sabrina feeds the cum to Nikki and then gives Nikki the "sperm wet fart".
In Quebec Perversity #4, "Pamala" and another girl take on four guys. Good scene (the whole video is good). Pamala takes all four cumshots into her mouth, one at a time, then drop them into the other girls mouth. Lots of spermy kissing, too. There is another scene with Pamala with cum swapping, also. And yet another scene where the other girl take several cumshot on the face and in the mouth, then Pamala licks it ALL up (not just pushing it around) and put it into the other girls mouth. Lots more spermy kissing.

This video also has a real nice lez scene (and I'm not all that fond of lez) and a very nice solo by Pamala (she is in every scene). All the performers are enthusiastic and seem to be having fun, recommended.

[Ed. note: Just saw it. VERY good amateurs. In the last 4 cum-swap scenes there is a significant camera break in two of the scenes.....but do doubt they're real because of all the others. IMHO [a very hot flick even if you can't understand a word of French!]

From: <A HREF="mailto:rkingdom@aol.com">rkingdom@aol.com</A> (RKingdom)

Please excuse the commercialism. I have put together a collection of all the swapping scenes I know about.


A new collection from the maker of "Kinky Kumshots". "Kum swappers" is a collection of cum swapping scenes only. Each scene is a cumshot scene and "Kum Swappers" includes over 60 scenes of two girl, one guy(or more) cum swapping. This two hour VHS tape is all cum swapping, all the time. You can order your own copy of "Kum Swappers" for $40.00.

[Ed. notes - my apologies for the commercialism too. I figure if you're interested in this list you may be interested in this tape. We would be interested in hearing a review from anyone who takes the plunge to buy it.]

Nadia Moore and Lexi Ericsson swap a little in "Pickup Lines 5."
Tricia Devereaux and Chloe not only swap some in "Gang Bang Girls 17", they lick it off of each others' assholes.
Tricia Deveraux takes three oral cumshots and spits each back into the face of its deliverer in "War Whores."

I lifted this off of a Jenna Jameson thread in a.s.m.:

She (Jenna) does a cum swap with another gal in "Smells Like... Sex." Actually there is a camera break but it looked legit. Also gets a facial at the end of the flic.

Gang Bang Girl 17
Cloe Nichole to Tricia Deveraux and back, several times. Also they each licked cum from the others asshole.

Gang Bang Girl 18
Sabrina Johnson to Nikki Brantz. Sabrina also gives Nikki a cum-ladden fart then Nikki licks the cum from her asshole. (I've seen this scene mentioned but the actresses have been mis-identified.)

Try Private's *Virgin Treasures #1* for some cum-swapping from a cute little Asian girl who takes a rather large load in her mouth, sucks on it a bit, then dumps it into the mouth of a woman below her. The Asian sucking the cum in her mouth is a gorgeous, sultry sight, and the cum falls a good eight inches or so before landing squarely into her mouth.

That young lady is the ever beautiful, most stunning girl ever to grace the porn screen ... Kitty Yung! And, I agree that she did an awesome job with that cum swap.

One video with one good scene is "Biff Malibu's Totally Nasty Home Videos #1" from Anabolic. Fun video, enthusiastic sex. Unfortunately, that's the only cum swapping scene I've found on video to date.

One to beware of is "Paul Norman's Cum Swappers" from Zane. The title and cover blurb are misleading, there's NONE of it going on, although it's not a bad a video-- high energy, with some fairly gymnastic sex. In fact, I don't recall a single scene with two girls in it. Disappointing from that standpoint.

End 04/09/97


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