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From: Listkeeper<Listkeeper@nym.alias.net>
Subject: Big Clit List 01/16/98
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 99 15:43:05

THE Big Clit List
by "The Listkeeper"
January 16, 1999

The listkeeper is actively seeking ANY information pertaining to movies or still pictures featuring women with large clits. E-mail (SEND NO SPAM!) to send your questions, comments, potential new listings, movie titles, or other information to the list! Expect a prompt and discrete reply. Thank you for helping this list function as the finest free data resource for big-clit erotica seekers!

The most recent changes are indicated with "*"

TRULY HUGE clitted Actresses (length 5cm or 1cm diameter!):

Vanessa Del Rio (footage from 1986 and later)
Kai (Gulfcoast Erotica)
Superklitty (believed to be Susan Kaminga, bodybuilder)
Cajun Delight
Cort Knee
Melinda Lee
Miss Good Pussy (exotic dancer)
Chance Ryder (quite masculine features)
Holly Ryder
Kim (videos by tom@macjam.com)
Kitana Steele
Lotta Topp

Actresses with BIG clits (3cm to 4cm):

Nadia Accuro
Bridgette Aime
Lady Antoinette
Clitera (exotic dancer)
Liza / Angel / Leeza Cruz
Delta Force
Morgan Fairlane
Cori Gates
Ginger Graham
Megan Hoffman
Iris (Gulfcoast Erotica)
Cindy Jones
Nikki King
Kitty Loren
Mary Lou
Cindy Love / Teresa Tease
Jody Maxwell
Gayle Michelle
Mimi Miyagi (1995 and later)
Alicia Monet
Melissa Monet
Isis Nile
Dorothy Oh
Alexis Parks
Samantha Reel
Gina Valentino
Dawn Whitham

Honorable Mention:

Sue Ann
Katilyn Ashley
Leslie Bovee
Alex Dane
Teri Diver
Chyna Doll
Carla Ferrari
Lolo Ferrari
Alexis Firestone
Samantha Fox (the porn star from 70s and 80s)
Deidre Hopkins
Candy Kane
Veri Knotty
Krista Lane
Lisa Latour / Mila
Dyanna Lauren
Missy (Gulfcoast Glamour)
Cassie Nova
Eartha Quake
Cajun Queen
Raven Richards
Candy Samples
Becky Sunshine
Helga Sven

Actresses with clit sizes I've not verified (your comments requested):

Angelica Fox in "Full Moon Fever"
Unnamed actress (with Dolly Buster and dwarf) in "The Way of Sex"
Francesca Ray (in Italian Porn)
*Randi Ravage in "Cum Stoppers 2" and "Double D Housewives"
Ruby in "Going To The Extreme"
Unnamed woman in "Laughlin River Run 1997"
Gabrielle "Sodomizer #5"
Lana Woods
Sandra Somers in "Big Boob Bangeroo #8"
These are a few of the best movies: (Check you favorite adult film database for complete listings)

Anal Addiction 2, 3 (Ryder)
Anal Intruder (Topp)
Becky Meets Superklitty (Becky Sunshine and Superklitty)
Bi and Beyond (Chance Ryder)
Big Top Cabaret (Topp and King)
Big Top Cabaret 2 (Topp and King)
Bust Lust (Topp)
Cumm Brothers #15 (Court-Knee)
Deep Inside Vanessa Del Rio
Devil In Miss Jones 3 (Del Rio)
Dicktation (Ryder)
Dirty Dirty Debutantes #9 (Kitana Steele)
Dirty Kinky Mature Women #17 (Kitana Steele)
Dirty Kinky Mature Women 18 (Tavia)
Dr. Lust (Del Rio)
Exxtra Parts (Chance Ryder)
Fashion Sluts #4 (Mahogany)
Fresh Hot Babes #3 (Kitana Steele)
Gayle Loves Double Penetration (Michelle)
Girls of Double D (Topp, King, and Cruz, multiple editions)
Heart Throbs (Valentino)
Horny Henry's Sexual Relations: Mother & Daughter (Kitana Steele)
Hypnotic Sensations (Michelle)
Kinky Roomates (Michelle)
Life In The Fat Lane 5 (Cajun Delight)
Loopholes (Michelle)
Loose Caboose (Lee)
More Dirty Debutantes #70 (Kitana Steele)
My 500 Lb Vibrator (Ryder)
Pleasure #4 (Topp)
Porked (Topp)
Prince Of Beverly Hills Comes Again (Lee)
Pussy Showdown (Debette)
The Rising (Lee)
Satisfiers of Alpha Blue (Maxwell)
Video Virgins #25 (Mahogany)
Watch Debette Do It (Debette)
Wet Shots: Vanessa Del Rio 3
Wet Shots: Vanessa Del Rio 4

Notable Web Sites / E-Mail Addresses:

newsgroup: alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.female.genitalia.large
http://www.bigclit.net (Allegra's Pictures)
http://www.muscleerotica.com (Dawn Whitham)
http://www.welcomed.com/clitboard/index.html (The Clit Board!)
http://www.neighborgirls.com (videos of Kim)
http://bethany.detroitgirls.com/temple/ (Pictures & Links)
http://www.vanessadelrio.com (Vanessa Del Rio)
sensualchik@aol.com (Holly Ryder)
End of list.


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