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Subject: Mr. Web Review interviews porn starlet Asia Carrera
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 01:31:21
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OK, you all know I'm geeked here. I'm like Asia's biggest fan. Like another porn star, the lovely Sinnamon, I find Asia to be wickedly intelligent, funny and witty. She's proof that the ditzy bimbo reputation or stereotype needn't always be applied to porn stars.

Before we get to the Q&A, a little background. Asia was born in New York City Aug. 6, 1973 and was raised in New Jersey. The oldest of four siblings, Asia was always an intelligent young woman.

She scored 1,440 on her Scholastic Aptitude Test and played the piano twice at Carnegie Hall by age 14.

By 16, she taught Colloquial English at Tsuruga College in Japan. Asia went on to double major in business and Japanese at Rutgers University and later joined Mensa, a society of other individuals with high intellect.

Lucky for us, intellectuals like sex, too.

Asia measures 36C-26-36 and is 5-81/2. She's one of the few stars (porn or mainstream) who will admit to having plastic surgery, unlike the recently altered Britney Spears and Mariah Carey, who swear their newly ample cleavage popped up out of nowhere.

Asia's had two nose jobs, liposuction on her cheeks and abs and inner thighs, plus one of the best boob jobs in porndom (she'll talk about it during our interview).

Asia is currently semi-retired from making movies, but any porn star who claims to have Warren Buffet as an idol (Buffet is a stock picker), well, they get points in our book.

So, by now, you may wonder, what's a girl like that doing in porn. Well, her parents -- a German-born mother and a Japan-born father -- pressured her to succeed so much that Asia ran away from home at 17 and landed in a foster home. Short of cash and with no real place to go, Asia started college, not so much for the education as for the room and board.

She started bartending to make money but quickly found out that dancing makes you a lot more. The dancing led to some modeling gigs after Asia sent her picture in to some men's magazines. She asked about doing pornos while doing a shoot and was given the name of Bud Lee, now her husband.

"I know some of you still think I'm settling for less than I could achieve in life," Asia says, "but all I can say is this: I'm happier than I've ever been in my life, and I don't consider that settling at all!

"I have a fun job that provides me with the time and money to do all the things I love, like playing piano, drawing, writing, and working on my web site! I've slowly lost the hard edge and the 'fuck-the-world' attitude I had as a runaway, and gained a love for life that I never had before. I save and invest for the future, and I'm going to finish my degree at my leisure. After I'm done with adult, I'll be a mom, or a stock analyst, or knowing me, probably both. And when I die, I'm leaving behind a trust fund to provide help and shelter for abused and homeless children, so a little piece of me will live forever!"

Asia recently sat down with The House Of Truth for a featured Q&A.

Q. Glad to know you love your boob job. What size did you move to (i.e. 34A > to 36D)? What are they filled with?

Ii went from a 34B to a 36C, and they're saline. Half over and half under the muscle, so they hang more naturally.

Q. Your boobs still look supple and real. Some girls go way overboard and get these boobs that are way out of proportion. What do you think drives them to do that?

Bigger boobs equals more money as a feature dancer. I'm not a dancer, so I was more interested in the aesthetics of the boob job than the financial returns they might provide. I also want to be able to walk around in public on my own time without everyone stopping and staring at my chest.

Some girls don't mind that. They like the attention, and they like being a sex symbol 24/7. Hey, different strokes for different folks :)

Q. What made you decide to jump from a nice 36B anyway?

I held off on getting my boobs done for a long time, because I know a lot of you love natural boobs, but then I started working out and losing weight, which made my boobs get really small and droopy. Ew!

I still held out, 'cause I was scared about the surgery stuff, but once I couldn't stand to look at myself in the mirror anymore, I screwed up my courage and did it. Now I'm kicking myself for not doing it ages ago! I LOVE my boobs! They are so awesome. I play with them all day long, just to make sure they're ok (laughs) and I walk around topless at home and on set because they like to get fresh air (laughs). I don't get paid any more for bigger boobs, and I don't dance on the road, so the only difference is that now I feel better about me.

Q. Tell me about starting out with your website. The pitfalls. The ups and downs.

The biggest headache was browser compatibility - I'd slave away on updates and new looks for my site, only to find out that half the people couldn't see the pages with their browser, or their monitor size would make my pages look all screwy.

The other problem is bandwidth - adult sites are bandwidth hogs, and bandwidth is expensive. I moved from server to server for a while, because I'd overload them and slow them to a crawl, or I'd get booted for hogging all their resources. Knock on wood, I found someone who has been hosting me for three years now at a very reasonable rate, but if he hadn't come along and rescued me, i could very well have lost my site.

Q. I would imagine you get a ton of email all the time. I'm sure you get asked the same questions tons of times. How much of it can you answer and what do fans seem to want to know most?

The percentage of emails I answer has steadily declined over the years, as my free time is limited, and I get asked so many of the same questions that I would go completely nuts from spewing out the same responses ad nauseum. I still read every email I get, but I only respond to about 25% of them, give or take, depending on how busy I am that day.

I get a lot of questions from newbie webmasters, amateur investors seeking stock tips, wanna-be pornstars, girls who want makeup tips, and all sorts of other topics.

Q. Popular question, then, does Asia really get off on film?

I am incredibly lucky, because I happen to be one of the 20% of women that climaxes vaginally, instead of clitorally.

I come quickly, easily, and multiple times, so basically a guy has to be pretty darned lousy to not make me come. On the rare occasions where the guy was TOTALLY lame (maybe 5 times out of 300 total), I realized how crappy this job can be for other girls, because faking happy moans and groans for hours when you're miserable, uncomfortable, and under hot lights realllllly sucks!

Guys in the industry like working with me, and I suspect it's because each guy thinks he's the only stud who makes me come so much - Shhhhh!) You can watch the goosebumps spread all over my body, my nipples get hard, all my muscles tense up, and my hands and toes start clenching and flexing. (another part of me flexes too, but you can't see it - you have to feel it).

I've never met anyone as orgasmic as me, but I've always been an overachiever... Actually, I wasn't able to come vaginally until I was about 19 or so, and I couldn't come clitorally until about 21 (and still only with my trusty little Pocket Rocket), so I guess this is my reward for malfunctioning for so long! I'm making up for lost time!

Q. Where do you think the industry is headed? Porn makes so much money now and it seems like all genres have been done.

I don't know. It seems like they're pushing towards circus acts and extremes, but they can only do that for so long before we all get shut down and sent to jail, y'know? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Q. Your thoughts on this bukkake porn and fisting and all of the other stuff in that direction.


(I laugh).

What do you see in the future for women in the biz? Will they get behind the camera more, on the business side?

Yes, many of the girls who started as talent years ago are now moving behind the camera as a graceful exit from their pornstar personas, without completely stepping away from the industry.

There are a lot of smart, creative women moving into the director's chair now, and that will pave the way for many starlets in the future, should they wish to go in that direction. Since the female talent is kinda considered to be washed-up at about 30 years old, it's always a good thing to have viable options like directing/producing available to us when we decide to hang up our g-strings for good.

Why do you think there aren't more women behind the scenes? A lot of people believe that's where the real money is made.

There are a lot of women behind the scenes, Toni English, Jill Kelly, Juli Ashton, Ona Zee, Christi Lake, Shane, Veronica Hart, Candida Royale, myself, and that's just off the top of my head. But as we were joking on set the other day - "if you wanna know who's making all the money in the adult industry, we'll give you a hint - they're not here on set!" meaning, nobody on the cast or crew is making a killing off these movies - we get one paycheck for our day's work, and that's it.

It's the manufacturers, distributors, and executive producers who make all the money, because they can sell, and resell, and resell these movies in 142 different ways, in every conceivable media format, and shuffled around into endless compilation titles.

But to become one of those moneymen who bankroll the movies, you have to have a bankroll to begin with, and when you're only getting a lousy day rate, it's hard to save up the kinda bucks you'd need to get a production company off the ground.

I read on your internet site that you don't do the dance circuit. Why not?

I'm sure fans would love it. I'm too shy. I'm most comfortable at home in front of my computer.

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