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OK, here is the interview I did last week with Tori Welles. If there are other questions you wanted asked of her, email them to me and I will ask during the follow up she promised to do with me




ROG: Hello Tori, thanks for agreeing to do this sit down interview. How are you today?

TORI WELLES: Pissed. Pissed at the fucking ex husband of mine.

I take it you've seen the ad for the video in AVN?

Yeah. Did you like that? Could he have gotten a better picture of me? The asshole. It is pretty much what I thought it would be, but his little saying was very clever. Smartass.

Well, that's pretty direct. I think we can all assume that this anger is directed primarily at the release of the video. Before we go on, I want to clear up a question that I have had from the start, and that many of my readers have mentioned as well. Is there a model release for this tape?

Norman has tons of releases on me. We were working on a Swedish television show, and most of those releases covered long time periods.

So, there really are no legal questions regarding this video. He CAN release it?

I guess. There is nothing I can do about it. The legality is not what bothers me. This is, like, embarrassing for me, it's a side of me I would never let anyone see before, do you know what I mean?

Embarrassing how? You did all these things right?

I did, but I used to separate myself a little bit. I mean, I never considered myself one of the "nasty chicks" in the business, regardless of what I was like off screen. I did what I did in my private life, but my professional name, was different.

Different how?

I wasn't like a prima donna, you know how I am. I didn't have that attitude, but in my own head, there were limits on what I would do on screen. My contract was always "No anal" and "No Ron Jeremy", I just didn't want to be associated with the gnarly side of the business, and not just for me, but for my future. Later on I could 'see my shit was really clean compared to..."

And some of the stuff on these tapes is different than that on screen image?

This stuff is like all the stuff I talk about to people who know me. I talk shit about the things I do, and like done to me, but never in front of a camera. So no one was ever sure when I was just fucking with them. You know, that was just for private tapes so we could look back when we're old and say 'We were kind of crazy, weren't we?'

So, the obvious question is, if you are embarrassed, why tell people about what might be on these tapes.

It's going to be out there, there is nothing I can do about that, and people are wondering why I'm pissed. Well, I answer them and question that. Fuck that, you ask me a question, I'm going to answer it.

OK, but when we were developing the script for "In Search of Tori Welles", you wanted people to see you do things you never had done before, anal, interracial, even a gang bang. Isn't this just another way for people to see that side of you?

Anal and interracial are one thing. That was stretching my on screen image quite a bit, but a lot of the stuff we shot goes further than that. I don't know yet, what all he plans to put in the tape, but there is some stuff that goes way beyond that.

Like what kind of stuff?

There's some violent stuff that I'm sure he is going to have to edit out.


Not violent like, that I didn't like it. Violent, like, it was exciting, game playing stuff. Bondage, blindfolded and shit, like I didn't know who was doing me.

Wait a minute, didn't know who was doing you?

Yeah, I wouldn't know sometimes for weeks, until I would sneak a peek at the tapes when he was out running errands. Only then did I get a glimpse at the guys who did me.

That sound pretty wild. But fans know you fuck strangers on sets all the time. That's hardly the kind of thing that will ruin your image. I doubt if a lot of fans are going to be upset to know this sort of thing.

Yeah but, come on Rog, not everyone wants to know that their favorite porn star can take a fist up her pussy.

A fist?

Yes, believe me, that was many hours of working it, fucking, tons of lube, but yeah.

Still, eww, not my thing.

Hey, you can ask anyone who has been with me, I have a tight one, so it took a lot of work.

I'll take your word for it, unless you want to give me a chance to find out for myself. But that stuff isn't going to be in any US version of the tape anyway, so what kind of thing is really going to shock anyone?

Come on, you've seen my tapes. Anyone who has seen one can tell you that me going "Oh yeah, deeper in my ass" is not somewhere I would go before. I would be screaming "Ow" if someone stuck a finger up there. I remember how humiliated I was in my last two movies for Vidco. That pervert Jamie Gillis couldn't get off unless he had a finger or something in my ass, so I was like "Oh God, just stick in there so you can cum already." So this is already going to be a huge leap.

Something else that seems to be bothering some people is that you made these tapes after you and Paul Norman divorced. What were you doing making these kind of tapes with your ex-husband?

Norman and I were best friends before we got married. We got married and hated each other. That's why we got divorced. Because once we got married we thought we couldn't be who we were. We thought we had to conform to society's views of what a husband and wife should be. I took out my piercings, started wearing cotton clothes with bows that matched and tried to be what my mom and others thought I should be. It was only later that I realized I could be who I was and still be better than most of the little Stepford Wives out there. We stayed together to give our kids the kind of home environment we didn't have, but we didn't like each other. It was just bad. We had too much growing up to do and had babies too early in the marriage. Now that I have grown up, I thank God I have my children. Then after we separated, it took us a couple of years, but being as close as we were before we got married, then going through all that made us even better friends after we were married. So we would be out, partying and ideas started flowing through your heads. He and I could do sick things that couple's couldn't do. I always had great trust in him.

Do you still trust him?

That's the thing, I trusted him, past tense. I thought these things would be kept private, and I am still hoping there is a little area, that will still be mine. I hope I did something in the past to at least make him feel some sympathy when he is editing these things to keep some of the super, super embarrassing shit out.

Like what? What is super embarrassing to you?

There are some things I am not going to go into with you, or with anyone, because they will not end up on the tape. My lifestyle is very different now. I am already getting shit from my straighter friends for what I did in the past.

But they would have given you shit for the project you were going to do with Vivid as well.

I was getting ready to go on another movie binge, you know, do a few movies, push the limits, and decided not to, because of how it is going to effect my life.

Wait a minute, you were all ready to push your limits when we were writing the script for the original comeback movie, the one before the Vivid project.

I'm completely aware of what I wanted to do with the video Rog, but you have to understand, I don't do things half way. I really wanted to do a killer project that did push my limits. When it became clear that was not going to happen, I lost all interest.

Speaking of that, there has been a LOT of speculation as to why the Vivid project fell through, what happened?

When I made the decision to come back to the industry, it was a tough call, but I was happy with the project for Norman. When that fell through, I was really shocked by all the attention. I admit, it I was stoked about doing movies, being involved, being number one, you know, being a star. Before, I was more than that, I was the wife of a producer, so even the people in the business end of things respected me, that was a great feeling. So, I was excited, it was nice to have people fighting over me to do a movie. I got all caught up in being a star again. Vivid, went back and forth, offering this, then countering other offers. It was very cool. You know, you don't want your boyfriend to get into a fight, you love it when they are fighting over you.

So, Vivid won the bidding war?

Well, I have always felt at home at Vivid. They are a great company. I wanted to take what I did with them a step further and make it a little nastier. I have really grown up a lot sexually and wanted people to see that. I was still totally excited at the time. Had they shot the movie right away, they would have a movie in me right now. But then, I started seeing what direction they were going, and it was not what I had in mind. I am one of those people who is all or nothing. I am either going to be a fucking porn star, or I'm going to live a completely different life. They didn't give me the freedom to do what I really wanted to.

Well, I think we all lost out on that deal. Moving on, I have to ask this. Is it true that one of the scenes on the tapes has you and Kaitlyn Ashley together?

Yes, that one started off innocently enough, but ended up pretty wicked.

You realize that between the two of you, my favorite porn stars for the past ten years are represented in that little pairing. No fair teasing, tell me how that one went.

It was so much fun. Kaitlyn is a buddy, always has been. I always thought that something might happen between us, but the timing was never right. We had gone over there to talk to Kaitlyn's boyfriend. He wants to get involved behind the scenes, so Norman and I went over with that in mind. I suspect Norman might have had more in mind from the start. Kaitlyn and I have always been buds and we have always been attracted to each other, but it never went any farther than that because there were always circumstances in the way. So, when there were no hold barred, she and I were like, "Fuck it, let's go."

Her boyfriend must have been loving that.

He was my DJ at a club a while back, so it was like a little family reunion for us all at first.

How wonderful for him. Come on, you are doing this on purpose, I need to know what happened.

There are definitely some things in there that will have to be edited, because we got into some sick little mind trips in that one.

I'm listening, go on.

You know, the usual, violence, weaponry, every day porn star shit.


I think I had a gun in my pussy at one time, but I can't quite recall. I guess you'll have to ask her. I haven't seen if that scene is even in the movie, but keep that in the back of your little head Rog.

How about we keep my little head out of this discussion ok?

At least until we watch the tape right Rog?

You're going to watch them?

Yes, Paul said that he would give me a copy to look over. At least he is going to do that for me. You're welcome to come watch it with me.

Don't fuck with me now.

I'm totally serious, then you can see the blush in my cheeks while I try and explain it to you.

I won't comment on your cheeks if you don't comment on any movements in my shorts.

Oh God, then you'll be in trouble. I'll have to wear a skirt with no underwear and accidentally bend over in front of you a few times.

I'll be sure to wear loose shorts.

I wouldn't worry too much, from what I know of reviewers, you won't have much to hide, but I'll wait and see for myself.

Bite me

Don't tempt me.

OK, anything you would like to say in parting?

Just that I understand why Paul did it. He's an asshole, we don't talk about this. We have to see each other because of the children, and they are a priority. He is a great father, so I won't do anything to jeopardize that, but I swear to God, if I lose anything in my personal life over this, I'll strangle him. No, just kidding. He is good at getting what he wants, but he will pay.


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