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From: Evan McGuiver <evan1229@usa.net>
Subject: Solveig information/interview
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 23:39:12
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While constructing my three sites (Janet Jacme and The Daily Dish at http://www.jasminesfriends.com and the celeb spot at http://ffolks.fsn.net) I saw some discussion about Solveig here and the origins of her name.

I did an interview with her recently that probably bears repeating.

She's the first black female to develop and star in her own line and she's smart, 20-something and has her designs on one day having an all-in-one company to call her own.

She's Solveig and she sat down recently with the Dish for a 21/2 hour interview. Here she is totally uncensored: Solveig.

Turns out Solveig is related to 40s black film maker Oscar Michaeux, who made silent movies starring brothers and sisters before it was accepted in Hollywood. We began our interview by asking her about that relationship, and later got into her likes and d islikes, her preferences for women and her opinion of several black stars, and during our interview Lana Sands called and Lene Hefner stopped by.

Each had a little something to add.

Solveig also talked about blacks in porn, Dominique Simone returning for her first scene in three years in Solveig's upcoming Solveig's Way 2. Read on, pilgrim.

Are you related to Oscar Michaeux?

Yes on my mother's side. I always get it wrong, but it is my grandfathers's cousin or uncle.

Did you see his old movies?

I have seen clips, documentaries, most of 'em are at archives in universities. Some can't even be found.

Did he influence your start in film making

No, not at all. They held annual shows in his name at Paramount in Oakland and I attended them with my family.

What got your started with such a strong business acumen?

I wanted to do something different other than just being a girl doing scenes...and featuring...so I have always wanted to be this entrepreneur and and I always have great ideas, so a friend, (black male porn star) Santino Lee, helped me out with this idea I had. I came up with "Solveig's Way" (her new movie line) because I am into doing my own thing, very independent

What made you get into the biz?

Nothing MADE me get into the biz. I always wanted to.

What can we get on the website (www.solveigonline.com):

Fans can order all my movies and special movie the way they want it. I really focus on SWAY (Solveig's Way) now but they are members and have titles they can order.

What's up with SWAY1?

I have Nina Hartley as a special guest and the rest are brand new girls in their first scenes. Everything in SWAY is real. No set up scenarios at all. A lot of spontaneity also.

What's up with Part 2

Dominique Simones's a special guest, doing her first scene after 3 years with Joey Rose, Peebles, Summer Breeze Trish Emerald and myself.

All fresh and first time scenes. Guys are Alex Sanders, Santino Lee, Mark Davis, Sean Michaels, Zachery Addams, TT Boy

How to get it?

Through the fan club or any video store that buys Exquisite Pleasures material. It is $40 autographed w/slick (while they last) and as you know they run over 2 hours.

How do you ensure the setups on SWAY are real and spontaneous?

Well first of all I get to know the girls prior to the interview so there are no surprises, ,meaning avoiding any bad situations. Also I want the girl to work with anyone that she is comfortable with. The same for the guy. They have to have natural chemistry. I take it to a level no one has time to do be it seeing pics, talking on the phone, meet, whatever it takes. Some girls just trust me and leave it in my hands.

The spontaneity is just letting the camera roll

Lets' change gears for a sec. I read you love animals. You have any pets now? And I read you love to cook. What meal can you do best?

my babies (laughs, nah they are my two cats, Uno and Cherrie....Hmm best meals, I cook a good cornish hen meal, also various steak meals, lamb, fish (my favorite). I cook things I don't even eat. I have to keep my shape!

Your name means from a powerful estate. How did you come up with that name and is it your real one?

I had a very good friend who was older than I whose name was Solveig. She was friend for a very short time then I lost contact with her. She helped me make some serious decisions in my life. (She was) very pretty inside and out, not so much the name was special to me, but she was and never will be forgotten, so no its' not my real name but my real name is also French

Where are you from. Where'd you grow up?

born and raised in Los Angeles. West LA area, born in Hollywood and now I live here, too

You talked about your figure earlier. What do you do to stay in shape? You're also listed as 34C. You don't seem that top heavy.

My breasts have finally developed to a C and are now much bigger than most of my pics. And peeps think I had an augmentation but I didn't. And trust me I don't work out like I'd like I really want to. I just really drink like1- 3.5 liters of water or more per day or even more, stay away from dairy yeast or pasta. No fried foods, but I loved candy a s a kid.

Your feelings on the pressures of plastic surgery for women in porn?

I think women should do what they feel is best for them. They must feel good about it for themselves ONLY. Don't let the business run you. I have never been pressured before because everyone likes my breasts. Lana Sands has been before.

Speaking of feelings, how does you family feel about what you do?

They didn't know about it until I was far in it, like in my 3rd year. And they know now but they trust and believe in anything I do b/c I have this survivor mentality. They understand but my mom doesn't especially care for the details. Yeah, and my sis helps me with stuff when I get bogged down and she has seen everything. She gets a kick out of it.

How much longer do you think you'll stay in the biz? And how many films will you churn out a year?

I don't do many films for other companies...hell, I haven't worked for many out there anyway. Not b/c I don't want to, but I guess I want to salvage my anals and facials for my own line. and I am more particular now and most companies don't wanna put up with a girl who wants to choose her own partners, etc.

I have no particular date to leave the biz but I want to get further behind the scenes, have my own distribution and editing bay one day. So I guess that will eventually stop me plus I want my own family one day.

Who are your faves to work with? Why?

You know I really don't have favorites to work with but I have handle on my closest friends in the biz. I like working with peeps who have lots of energy and are down and dirty, horny and ready , too.

Like who?

OK, you're gonna get it out of me , huh? I have had great scenes with Devlin Weed, Santino Lee, Jake Steed; girl-girl with Dee, Winter Lane (never released)...(others are) Mark Davis, Sunset Thomas and recently Lexington Steele. Super scene. I can't even wait to see it. It's not released yet. Just shot a month ago for VCA, "Encore," The camera guy and prop guy had their jaws dropped.

A lot of people look at porn as a glamour world. You agree?

Hmm, glamorous....I didn't take that route. I was more on the business end. You can see that I don't have many if any box covers. Most companies didn't like that about me, but hell I ain't gonna change for them. But some girls felt that was more important for them. Probably low self-esteem.

Are you talking about implants and the like?

You can add that, too But a lot of girls get plastic surgery on their faces. Plastic surgery is pretty addicting.

We read porn is overrun by gangsters and drug dealers.

Well back in the day (70s, 80s) I hear true stories about Italian mafia being silent backers for production companies. Probably since everything was on the east coast at the time.

Tell us about your custom video series. What is and isn't in bounds? How much?

I have gotten a request for an enema even (shit) in the toilet. I'm not going there. Anything you see me do in a video is available. Scripts or not it doesn't matter. I just did one with TT Boy for a fan. It was cool. Had some script to it.

A little word association. I name a star and you respond...Lana Sands

She taught me a lot of underground ropes in the business that no one knows about. I love her to death. Like a sister. Out of biz for 2/12 years I believe. She has a column in the magazine XXL. She has a son...man is he beautiful and a big flirt, to, taking after her. She is engaged


Just me her at this year's CES but she is very friendly and bubbly but before I met her I always thought she was totally gorgeous. Still is but you can tell she's in the married lifestyle and relaxed as hell. I think it's good she is happy. Persia said she'd do my sway. Even states so on her site so I guess she's serious.

Sean Michaels

Smiling. He is great to brainstorm with. He knows what he wants and believe me he will get it. He is very busy and sometimes forgets, but he means no harm. Now he has his sis helping so things are smoother. He was so happy for me. He said he will do a scene for my line anytime I need him. And as you know Sean works for no one but himself.

He was the first guy in the biz to give my break doing pro. Makeup on girls.

Janet Jacme

I dunno Janet very well, only that her and Heather Hunter hang out. She is real mellow. That's about all I know because she was pretty much of the biz when I came in.

What about Jan's legacy and her big butt kick out thing?

Ha ha. Never knew about that one. She actually in person she is tiny unless she had a dramatic weight change. I have heard guys are disappointed when they see her in person featuring b/c her body doesn't look the same as in her videos I don't know.

Heather Hunter

SOLVIEG: She and I vibed pretty well. And I really appreciate her for opening doors for women of color. I just thought she would a lot more going on after 11 years. No pun intended.

Obsession, who so many confuse with you

I really like her. and she deserves more than she's gotten in the past from the business. I'm glad rob (Dee's husband) is guiding her in the right direction, now.

Nina DePonca

Oh wow she is beautiful. She was house dancing around here. I hear that from guys. She has a longtime boyfriend, I guess, but I would love to get ahold of her.


Very sweet, but don't let her fool you, very naughty too. I loved that she like me (fucking) her.

Of all the movies you've been in, what percentage of them would you say you really came in and how hard is it to cum in front of 8 cameramen and prop people anyway?

I put them (camera crew) out of my head. Most of the anals and DP are real cum scenes. ... Yeah, you can't be guaranteed from a stranger guy to have good wood. I will ONLY if they bring a new girl under very detailed circumstances. I will hire a new guy if he has a new girl to bring the scene basically.

When did you get into girls and does that cross over into real life or is just on film?

I have been into girls before guys. I was like 5 years old. I will not work with girls not into girls. I hate that.

First sexual experience?

umm, besides the scholl playing with my ex-best friend. I was really curious. And talked to her about it. To make a long story short, she invited me over, asked me to bring some champagne and a porno and it started in the bathtub. I was 19 (I don't drink now, though)

And 2 years later, at 21, you were in porno?

Laughs. If you want to say that. the age thing is kind of screwed up though. But I'm not telling.

Favorite body part, both sexes

A guy, his eyes I think. And smile. A woman? Her sex appeal is iimportant. Thighs!!!

What's your favorite part on you? Why?

I like my phat coochie!!! And my mole.

What sites do you visit most?

Deja news, rogreviews, geneross, tabithaluuv, wnba ( I have two exs that are female basketball players, not on any team now), yahoo, xxxpersia.com,

Do you watch much porn? Does watching yourself on film excite you or bore you?

Umm, I like watching guy masturbation vids...every now and then. I'm not really a porn watcher, but I've got to tell you when I was editing my SWAY2 I got really hot.

Are you trying to make people rush out and buy it? When is SWAY 2 out?

August 4....not really trying to make 'em, but spreading the word.

Your views on masturbation. Do you much?

Yep, a whole lot! I love mutual masturbation It is mental and deep.

You've got 3 days straight with nothing to do and nowhere to be. What do you do?

Damn, I wish. You got me there.

Busy, busy lady. OK, what do you think the state of black film isnow? Getting better? Worse?

It's better in some ways that performers have their own lines, but I'm not into all black series.

Because of limited audience potential (blacks only make up 13 percent of US Pop)

If there's a theme why it should be all black, that's cool, ...also some titles peeps don't like (hos, etc) But all black lines do well. They have for awhile.

What's up with some whites not wanting to work with blacks, though, especially some white starlets avoiding black studs?

They are scared it will ruin their careers. They have been brainwashed I guess. I know ones that are like that but (fuck) black guys behind closed doors. I have seen for myself. Most of them are not racist. (Lene Hefner walks in) (Lene) says the reason she has not done black guys is because Vivid caters to a lot of Midwest conservative guys and (Vivid) won't let her do them. Basically it is in the companies control. She loves black men! She is going independent coming back and will be doing black guys.

That age old question. Is it more about "the motion in the ocean" or the length of the wand?

umm I like big dicks with girth but small ones can do the job sometimes, too.

Especially in anal, I like big dicks. It makes a big difference here.

How do you prep in anal for the first time?

Well, I didn't do any prep. Just dived right in. I was really wanting to.

What lengths do stars go through to make sure they are clean during anal scenes

Most girls do it for the money so it is hard....umm diet, for me anyway. I hate enemas. They make it worse.

Are you dancing anywhere soon or making appearances?

Next year in 2000 I will feature all over. Stay tuned to my site for that. I will be in Vegas at the Gentlemen's Fan Fare in September. I have a booth #27. Sept 3-5 I believe.

How do you feel about how Hollywood poos-poos on porno yet turns out films like Eyes Wide Shut?

I hear that was not a good movie. I haven't seen it.

What's in the future for you?

hmm, a distribution/editing bay co. for the adult industry and of course a couple before that a few more lines . Doing more with my makeup artistry. Going back to school to do prosthetics, finish college and have a family with children.

Bye guys,
Evan McGuiver

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