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From: Roger Pipe <rogrtipe@pacbell.net>
Subject: Roger Pipe Interviews Regan Starr (In a bathtub!)
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Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 20:53:00


Well, this is an interesting interview. We've just finished shooting Regan Star for the final scene of a pro-am movie and she's sitting here with me in the bathtub, naked. I guess we don't have to bother with the whole topless requirement this time around. Regan, thank you for taking time out to talk with me and your fans on the internet, and thank you for letting me sit here and enjoy a bath with you.

But you're not in the bath with me.

I know, but believe me, I'm enjoying it all the same.

Yes, and I'm enjoying some champagne and would love the company.

Maybe later. You just shot a scene with…(To the man about to leave the room.) Hey you, what's your name?

Jay- Jay Hitchcock.

Oh yeah, Jay Hitchcock. You just shot a scene with Jay, how was it?

Very good. His dick was very, very hard and quite bit. It grew a great deal from where it was when we started so I was quite surprised.

There were lots of hard dicks on the set, you just couldn't see them all.

Well, I was concentrating on the scene and they were all concealed in pants so I missed them. Think you could show me one?

After. We have to get this done first. Why don't you tell me where you were born?

I was born in the city of Orange in Orange County, California.

On what day?

June 27, 1976.

Which makes you twenty three years old at the moment.

And a Cancer.

These days, some people would agree with that statement, but we'll get to that in a bit. Did you grow up in Orange County?

I grew up in Orange for the first nineteen years, then I moved to Huntington Beach where I currently reside.

So you've been an Orange County girl your whole life.

Yep, my whole life.

What were you like growing up?

I was always a ham, especially if there was a camera around. I was always trying to perform and entertain. I was a cheerleader, I got the award for most outgoing one year. I was an athlete early on, varsity track and soccer as a freshman. Once I graduated, I still wanted to perform, more and more.

So you were an outgoing kid. Does anyone from high school know what you're doing now?

Everyone from my high school knows. I have gotten emails from half of them either congratulating me or condemning me.

Do you think they are surprised?

Yeah, they are all quite shocked. I was a role model high school student. I had my future all laid out. I was active, I was popular and I chose this as a lifestyle. I dealt with the nine to five bullshit for four years while going to school and I chose this route because it's a great industry for the most part. People are shocked because porn is such an in your face industry. It's real, it's sex being shown and people either love it or hate. Or they love it and say they hate it. It's very touchy. Like religion and sports, you don't talk about this stuff at the dinner table.

When did you get into porn?

I got in June of 1998.

So you've been in about a year and a half. You had four years in between high school and porn. How did you make such a big leap.

I worked a nine to five job and even tried being a waitress. I even made my way to some lead positions like office manager and such. The nine to five thing worked for me, but it wasn't what I really wanted. I didn't like waking up that early. I hated being confined to an office all day. I didn't like taking orders from people. So, I began waitressing and working at a bikini bar. That was the point where I swerved into porn. I was working at the bikini bar when someone approached me and asked if I would do web site work for them. I figured that strippers take off their shirts and I wouldn't have to hustle at a club, so I went for it. I did that shoot and from there, I sought out the business. I saw an ad for adult movie industry models. It was Regan Senter actually and I went to his office. He explained a little about the industry. I did most of my own job hunting and separated my affiliation with Regan about three weeks into my career. I am independent of any agency, and I like it this way.

What was your first role?

My first role was in a Johnny Toxic video. The always crazy Johnny Toxic. I played a naughty secretary and this girl and I got it on. He eventually joined in. If you can believe it, my first scene out was an anal scene and it was terrible. The movie was called Office Sluts or something like that and I got terrible reviews. They said that it didn't look like I was enjoying myself at all, which was totally true. At that time, anal sex was taboo to me. It was just an out hole for me. I totally froze up and it sucked. I hated it. To make things worse, I ended up getting taken advantage of for that scene. I got paid a rate that was as low a the cheapest girl/girl rate to do a three hour anal scene. I learned form that mistake and have moved forward. That's always been key for me, to learn from each experience and grow. The money helped as well. You just don't make that kind of money in retail or as a waitress or even in an office job unless you have a degree. At that point, I didn't have my degree, so working in this industry, even with the bad experiences was OK because I was making the money. My experiences got a lot better from the first one.

Eighteen months into your career, about how many movies have you done?

I would say I have done over one hundred and seventy five movies so far.

If someone reading this has never seen you in anything, is there something you would recommend they take a look at?

Yeah, there is a movie called 'Seven Deadly Sins' from Vivid. It won a number of awards and I even got nominated for Best Supporting Actress. I think it's a movie that everyone should see. Ren Savant's editing is incredible and so was the direction. I would also recommend my old favorite by Al at Snatch Productions called Glamour Sluts. I'm on the cover of that one and it's a great movie because I get to work with one of my favorite people, Brian Surewood who is as sweet as an apple. We had a great scene in that one. Those two would be the ones I would recommend the most. Also, Ripe and Shane's World Las Vegas thing. I don't know what number that was, but we went to Vegas and had and all girl fuckfest.

Any others?

Oh yeah, the scene I just shot. I have no idea what the name of the movie will be, but it's for Xplor and this new director guy, he was great. What a hottie.


Yep, I kept looking over at his cock the whole time and as soon as this interview is over, I think I might just see just how big it is.

You mentioned that your first anal scene didn't work well. Was that the first time you had ever tried anal sex?

Yes, the first time I took it up the butt was on camera.

Have you changed your mind about anal since then?

Oh yes, I love anal sex now.

Excuse me? Did you just say you would love anal sex right now?

Yes, right now, I would like to have anal sex with you. Right here.

Can we finish this first?

Sure, but then I want to have anal sex with you.

Wait a minute. You want to have it with me, or I get to have it with you? There is a big difference.

You can have it with me.

How tall are you?

Five foot seven.

You're currently a brunette, but you were blonde for a long time.

Yes, I was blonde for my whole career until very recently.

Why did you decide to change?

I changed because my hair was not liking the bleaching process. It was starting to break off. I decided to go with a color that would be safer for my hair since I'm trying to grow it long.

It looks nice this color. What are your measurements?


All natural?

Oh yes, natural breasted, see?

I see, but I need to feel.

What are you waiting for, I already asked you to fuck me in the ass. Feel these.

Yep, those are real, and damn fine. Are you going to keep them natural?

Yes, I want to stay natural. They keep getting bigger every day. I don't know why, but I am not about to complain.

You mentioned Brian Surewood, do you have any other favorite males to work with?

Dave Hardman is a favorite of mine, so is Pat Myne although I haven't worked with Pat in six to eight months. Those are my favorites.

What about ladies?

I love working with Blair, she is a sweetheart. I dig Fiero, the tall redhead. She loves women and reminds me of the redhead in Boogie Nights, because Fiero is so mother like and nurturing and nice that she made our scenes wonderful.

Are there any directors you like working for who bring out the best in you?

I love working for Ren Savant at Vivid. He is terrific. Also Jim Powers, he is a character and he brings out the best in everyone because he is so hilarious. Those are my two favorites.

You were in one of the Violation of movies for Jim, right?

I have yes, but I've never been violated, so Jim, I want a Violation of Regan Starr to get done.

We just finished a scene. Everyone had tests, but we also used a condom because one of the performers felt safer with it on. Do you think in general, the industry is doing enough to keep safe from HIV problems?

They are doing as much as they can. If more people used condoms, it would be safer. I think that would be a good step, if the whole industry went to condoms only. Only because of the number of people in our industry who have sex outside the talent pool. I know we are doing more now, but are we really doing enough. Half the people in the industry are swingers and they have sex with people who aren't tested. I only have sex with people who are tested, on or off screen, but that doesn't protect me enough because I work with people who are very active outside of work. A step towards condoms only would be awesome because it is an extra layer of protection.

Do you have a web site and a fan club to tell everyone about?

Absolutely. I have a web site at www.reganstarr.com and a fan club.

You can find the address on my web site if you want to write a letter by hand.

Is there anything that you won't do on film?

I don't like to be hurt and beat up on film. It's one of the only things I don't like.

I've been avoid this up until now to keep things light, but I guess it's time to go there isn't it?

Yeah, that way we get it out of the way in time to have some fun after.

Before we get into the whole Rough Sex thing, I have to ask you, what's the deal with you and Max?

Max Hardcore is a good friend of mine and I don't think I will ever talk badly about him because he always gave me the respect I deserved. His scenes are always rough and the scenes he did with me are probably among the roughest of anything he has done. However, we had an understanding that it was fake and we were acting. There is a big difference between acting and realism. Max was rough, he was kinky and he pushed the limits, but he was also able to stop the cameras and be Max off camera while I was taking a breather and preparing for whatever vulgarity might come next. I will never bad mouth Max because of the respect. He talks to me like a human being and like I have brains. He would never do anything to me that I didn't want him to do. There was nothing in those films that I wouldn't do for someone else.

There were some things you said in that scene as part of the play acting. Things about being twelve years old and that. It was over the top for a lot of people, how do you respond to that?

I don't think I would promote that sort of thing in a line that I would direct. I don't think it's something that I would do by choice. However, I was asked by someone who was directing and paying me for a scene to say certain things. It wasn't hurting me or anyone else and I wasn't infringing on anyone's safety by doing it. I don't know what someone might do after seeing it. If someone is really into fucking younger people and all. The things that I said in those films were to get people off and I could see how some men would be into younger chicks. Twelve is really young. If Max had told me to say I was sixteen, I think it would have been different because at that age people are having sex. At twelve it's kind of young, but I was saying it for effect.

Were you sexually active at young age?

The first time I had sex was sixteen. I guess that's pretty young. It was the night before I left for a church retreat and I did the nasty with a guy who is my best friend now.

How was it?

I don't even remember actually. He got me drunk on wine coolers and we just did it. People always say that the first time hurts, but it didn't hurt me. If felt like taking a crap, only out of my pussy, it was interesting. It wasn't like I wanted it to be in there for very long, I wanted him to cum and be done with it.

We'll get back to the sex life later, but we were heading towards a topic. We established that with Max it was all play acting, but you're in the middle of another situation that is a little closer to home, a little more real.

Right. I know where you're going with that, so I'll just take over. Anabolic has put out a second tape in their Rough Sex line. In the video the women are the victims and the men are the perpetrators. The men get direction to literally perpetrate and abuse women in the videos. Anabolic thinks that it's validated because they say that they talk to the women about the video before hand. They say that the women are told that they are going to be smacked and yelled at then asked if it's still OK. The difference between this sort of film and one by Max Hardcore is that Max is the type of person who will go with what you are feeling. He may ask kinky things of you, but he will not intentionally beat you or hurt you emotionally without a very strong indication that he is acting. With Rough Sex 2, where my scene appeared, they called me a week before the shoot to ask me if I would be interested in this sort of film. Having done Max's films, I figured I wouldn't mind being pinched, spanked or talked dirty to. That's pretty common in porn. Every video you see is rougher than at home sex. It's for effect and for the audience. I really don't think Anabolic is putting out a positive vibe to the audience because they are filling their movies with women crying and being hit full force by men twice their size. Even though they talk to women before the scene, the women don't expect to get the shit kicked out of them. No one wants that, so why would they have a video that is completely real and in your face. It's absolutely wrong and I stand by my statement that even though they told me what the video was going to be like, they didn't tell me it was going to be physical abuse and that I shouldn't do it if I was sensitive or faint at heart. They should have said, hey Regan, this is absolutely real. Mickey G is going to strangle you. Mickey G is going to pick you up by your hair. He is going to throw you to the floor and make you cry. He is going to do all these things and we are going to keep filming. If they had said this to me, do you honestly think that I would have agreed to film with that company? I would have walked my ass out. I had no idea that the video was real. I had no idea that I was going to walk out of there traumatized and crying. They have a disgusting line and I think that it should be banned. I think it's completely wrong.

Obviously, you aren't going to be working for Anabolic again.


Since then, you have become the center of attention in this controversy. You are the only girl who has spoken out against this series, do you think you are the only one who was upset by it?

I talked to a woman on set, I can't remember her name. She was one of the women in the scene with me, part of the extra work and she had said that it is rough and that it was very emotional and difficult for her to do. She also said that she was able to go through with it, but that she would never do it again. I may be the only one speaking out about it, because I feel that it's right to speak out and be honest, but these other girls who are doing it aren't all happy. If they like it, fine, let them do it. I just want to protect those who are in the industry and who are normal and who don't want to be abused in a video. I want to keep women from doing the same thing I did and end up getting hurt.

Have you spoken to Mickey since the scene.

Yes I have. When I saw him on a set it scared me. Even though it was just a scene, he was the perpetrator. I ended up leaving the set, unable to finish the scenes I had scheduled. I have been honestly traumatized by this.

Would you be open to sitting down and talking with him? Maybe let him explain his end to you?

Sure. I think that would be great. I've even seen the director, whatever his name is now. He's changed his name again because even he doesn't want to be associated with this kind of trash. He wants to keep his name reputable and Rough Sex is trashing it. I've seen him on other sets and it's really upset me. I've almost had anxiety attacks. He sugar coated the whole thing when explaining it to me. In his eyes, maybe he feels he was honest, but he did not explain the whole thing to me.

Anything more you want to say on this subject?

I just hope that people like Chris and his wife over at Anabolic are not taking any of these remarks personally. It's not personal against them at all. I just want them to know that this sort of line is not cool in our industry. It may be getting a lot publicity now, but only because it is such a negative contribution to our industry. I hope they don't think this is a war. It takes two people to fight and I'm not fighting. I'm just telling the truth about what happened to me.

That was so serious, we need to lighten things up. If you were on the Flintstones, would you rather have sex with Fred or Barney?


How come?

Because Barney has a bit more of a feminine side. He is a bit more submissive than Fred. I think Fred has some penile issues. He's probably really small or can't keep it hard for very long. Barney is probably great in bed and hung. I mean, have you seen the size of his feet?

Was that the stupidest question you've ever been asked in an interview?

Actually I am relieved that you asked that, things were getting too heavy.

OK, if you're done with that, I'm done. Let's move on to more happy topics. Obviously, this didn't run you out of the business. What have you got planned for the future?

I plan to keep doing movies. I hope to work for the same people I have worked for in the past because most of my experiences have been positive. It's an unfortunate circumstance that some of the companies use them a certain number of times, then don't use you again. I made some great friends and would like to do more work, but also for new companies. If there are people reading this who would like to shoot me, I can be reached through my web site. I would also like to start doing more girl/girl scenes because that seems to be my personal preference lately. I'm still willing to do anal scenes and even gang bangs, but lately I've been really into the girl/girl stuff.

Do you plan to do some of your own stuff at some point?

Yeah, hopefully. I want to start a girl/girl line and do some really romantic scenes. That will make it more real for the viewers so it's easier to get the audience off. If it's more real, then people watching know the girls are really doing what they like to do. I want to do some soft stuff with rose pedals, beautiful lingerie and real scenarios. Hopefully, that will be out in a few months.

There will be news about this on your web site I assume?

Yes, news about them and access to them as well.

Does your family know what you're doing?

I was very honest with them for a while. Then I said that I would stop giving them details about it, to save them from the hurt. Your parents never want to see you do something that could potentially damage you. They don't want to see me do something that could wreck my chances of mainstream film work. I'm just enjoying the ride though. I don't know what the cards have in store for me. I hope that some things outside the adult industry open up for me, but while I'm in it, I am going to do it to the fullest.

Are you dancing at all right now?

Some tours are in the works right now. I am going to hit the road with a girlfriend to do some shows. Information on that will be on the web site as well, so people can contact me there for dancing info.

Now, you said you were a cheerleader, so somewhere in the closet you have the uniform?


So you can go get it and we can shoot a blowjob scene tonight?

What happened to you getting in the tub and fucking my ass?

Oh yeah. Would you like to say good bye to the fans first?

Actually I would. I want to say thank you for your support and that if there is anything you want to talk to me about, please contact me through the web site. Most importantly, I want to say to my friends and fans to protect yourself. Be safe emotionally and physically or you will be eaten alive.

OK, then I'm done, thank you.

Thank you Rog, now get the hell in here and finish this.



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