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From: "Steph" <steph@adultdvdtalk.com>
Subject: Funny moments in our chat with Antonio Passolini
Newsgroups: rec.arts.movies.erotica
Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2000 00:27:12

While I should probably post the informative adult movie stuff (i.e. the whole beginning of the chat) - the humor is what made the chat with Antonio Passolini cause certain chatters to fall off their chairs and pee in their pants. The transcript, in its entertaining entirety, is here: http://www.adultdvdtalk.com/redesign/chat/passolini_transcript.asp

Funny Moments with Antonio (taken completely out of context):


Antonio: And even now I sometimes have a problem telling an actress, "okay, so then these five guys are going to fuck your ass and then come in your mouth. Cool?"


Darkmage: Hey here's a question... what the hell was up with the ventriloquist dummy during the g/g scene in hell?

Antonio: I had that dummy...Danny O'Day...as a kid. And I saw him in a prop house and thought how great it would be to defile his memory.

Antonio: So I did...

Antonio: I kept telling her, "Choke him! Hit him!" And she just looked at me.


ADT: Oneloa says: What is the next project that you're working on?

Antonio: I'm doing a kiddy show for adults called "Cap'n Mongo's Porno Playhouse. It's kind of a tribute to Pee Wee and a show I watched growing up in Dallas called "Slam Bang Theater," which, come to think of it, is a good title all by itself. You'll like it. There's a talking weasel.

Steph: you can't go wrong with a talking weasel

Antonio: Never.

Antonio: Named Lloyd.

Steph: Lloyd Bravo? ;)

Antonio: Yes!!!!

Antonio: Lloyd Bravo: Marsupial ...or rodent ...or whatever.

Darkmage: So, Mr. Passolini - Did the name Lloyd just jump out at you, or did you pick the lesser of two weasels?

Antonio: The lesser of two weasels.

AnthonyC: Antonio, will Funhouse be a stylized freakshow or something a bit more down to earth?

Antonio: The former.

AnthonyC: Excellent! Can you give away any ideas for themes in any scenes, (maybe with gloves?) ;)

Antonio: I will try to throw in some gloves for you, Anthony. Big black meat cutter gloves.

Darkmage: I can see it now: "Step right up! See the freaks of the world, assembled for your viewing pleasure! See the Bearded Clam! The Trouser Snake!... etc."

Antonio: "The Amazing Skullfucker!"

Morrigan: hot, nasty clown sex

Antonio: There is a clown in this show.

Antonio: His name is Fucko.

Morrigan: YES!

Antonio: His cock is always out and he's drunk and hates women.

Morrigan: Gee, sounds like every man I know, Antonio

Antonio: An homage to certain gonzo directors.


Antonio: Well, what about all the vomitorium porn and the triple ass to mouth extravaganzas? Do those qualify as out there?

Steph: triple ass to mouth qualifies as unhealthy

Antonio: In some third world countries, it qualifies as "dinner.'


Antonio: Out of all the shows, and being an old NPR fan, and a former drug fiend, I'd say it would have to be Cokie Roberts. I mean, who would name their kid "Cokie."

Antonio: ?

Antonio: "Hey Cokie, got any blow?" ...

Antonio: Actually, Cokie is quite the brain. Nina Tottenburg, another NPR Washington wonk is also quite hot...at least her voice is. But the hottest newswoman is Lynn Vaughn on CNN headline news. She can try to hide those enormous jugs, but I'm a trained professional....

Antonio: And those cheeks and those lips. She's become a wanker phenomenon.

Steph: Antonio do i sense a news porno in your future?

Randy: Yeah! A news porno with a hot weather girl!

Antonio: Sorry. I got carried away.

Morrigan: oh, yeah and the interns could blow the cameramen

bad2dabone: call it...Presidential Kneepads

Morrigan: and the film would be all jumpy

Antonio: Today's forecast is wet and humid and dripping...oh wait, that's me!

Randy: They always make jokes about what those news people wear under the desks....

Darkmage: Or who is under the desks...

Antonio: Or what.

Darkmage: Good point. We need more sheep under the news desks.

Antonio: Like a koala on ludes.

Randy: "Let's turn to 'What's under the Weather-man?"

Antonio: Hi, I'm Brent Sadler with the 7 o'clck news. I have my cock in a koala's mouth.

Darkmage: Hah! It must be sweeps week.

Darkmage: "I'm not wearing any pants. Film at eleven."

Antonio: Hi, I'm Bernard Shaw. Not the playwright. And there's a large Iraqui on top of me right now.

Darkmage: Boy, talk about being between Iraq and a hard place...


Steph: well, if you really are that director guy...

Antonio: Okay, I admit, this was a scam tonight. I'm the fat black lady who does the Pine-Sol commercials.

Randy: Oh my gosh, that's YOU!? I'm SUCH a big fan!

Antonio: Passolini hired me to do this tonight. He's off shooting up in Motel 6 by the airport.





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